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December 13, 2012


We have introduced newer platforms since this post was published. Check out this user manual for Kite and Kite explainer videos here.

We all need a menu to monitor our positions once bought or sold. Admin positions window is where you can do it on Zerodha Trader. You can use the short cut key F11 to access the window or using the link displayed in the image below:

Open Admin Position Window


To show you as an example, I had shorted 85 qty of Indian Bank at a price of Rs.77.30 and covered it back at a price of Rs.77.35. When you click on Admin Position you get the following window, please look at the picture for explanation on what each menu means.

Viewing Admin Position Window


If you have bought/sold a contract, you can exit it by taking an opposite position using the buy/sell order window. So for e.g in this case I used the F2 key to sell Indian Bank, so I can use the F1 key to buy it back. But you can use Admin position window to effectively exit positions by using the Square off window as shown below.  Please make sure that you click on get positions button everytime you square off to update the menu.

Daywise/Netwise Positions

While trading, some of us prefer to look at Intraday positions in a different menu and the positions that we are carrying from overnight on another one. We have this facility as well available on ZT. Make sure that you keep it at Netwise by default, because then you risk a position not being shown, for e.g if you were holding 2 lots of nifty from yesterday and you sold 1 lot during the day, the Daywise will show your net quantity as -50 , but your overall position is actually + 50. So keep it Netwise by default, but you can use it as Daywise based on your convenience.

Square off using Admin Position Window


Use the Admin positions window to efficiently track your positions and when in a hurry to get out of all your positions, use square off window.

Happy Trading,


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  1. Puneeth Raj says:

    thank you sir

  2. Rama Prasad Naidu says:

    Through admin window, how can I square off positions with limit price as well as market price.
    Through Admin window,Can i square off positions at market price although already there is a limit order is pending to square off that position.
    Kindly explain.

  3. Nithin Kamath says:

    @Rama, look at the picture on how to square off positions.. If there is a limit order pending, you can square off provided you have sufficient margins in your account, otherwise you will have to first cancel the pending order and then square off from the admin position window..

  4. Mudasir Shora says:

    Kindly incorporate the option of squaring off intraday position in web based plarform,

  5. samphel says:

    hi ,

    do i have to mention the qty also while squaring off and when i’m not selecting the qty the it shows value 100 why it is so

  6. walter0202 says:

    Hi team,

    Please incorporate the square off option on zerodha’s web based platform too, as i trade from office and it is not possible for me to install the software.


  7. Avinash says:

    I have made a successful buy order on 30th of August and again on 3rd of September.
    I looked my Admin screen on 3rd of September and i can see my today’s order but can’t see the order i executed successfully on 30th.
    I had tried by selectng “netwise” and then “daywise”, both but couldn’t get to see my 30th buy order.
    So in my Admin Position screen, can i see only the trades that i did one the current day?
    How to see all the successful trades in my Nest Trader software?
    How to see my unsuccessful/Cancelled trades?

    • Nithin Kamath says:


      If you want to look at the trade book, check this blog, f8 is the key to open the trade book.

      Admin positions will show net open positions and you can’t track orders/trade placed.

      Cancelled or unsuccesful trades will be displayed in order book under cancelled orders. You can use the key f3 for order book and also read this blog for more.

      If you are looking at historical(anything before today) trades, you will have to see it in the backoffice and will not be available on NEST. NEST will show you the open positions though.


    • murt143 says:

      Admin positions window is a very good menu provided in ZT while monitoring intraday positions.
      But there is no column to show Breakeven price here.
      It will be very helpful if we have a breakeven price column for position held during intraday trading.
      Please Reply.
      Murthy P.

  8. murt143 says:

    Admin positions window is a very good menu provided in ZT while monitoring intraday positions.
    But there is no column to show Breakeven price here.
    It will be very helpful if we have a breakeven price column for position held during intraday trading.
    Please Reply.

  9. Sajeev says:


    1. While doing a “test run”, I bought an option and when I hit square off button the position got squared at market and did not prompt for whether it should be market or limit, like my current system does. How should I square off my existing positions at limit?

    2. Is there any way of getting a simultaneous lock and execute on 2 instruments for a limit price. For eg. If I want to create a 6000 straddle on Nifty and want it to be executed only if I get the Call for Rs 130 and PE for Rs 45 i.e. a total of Rs 175? If the straddle is not available for a total of Rs 175 then none of the legs should be executed.

    Thanks and warm regards,


    • Sajeev,

      1. If you see the image in the post above, you will see a price next to the square off button. You can mention the price in that field and click square off if you want to exit from the admin position itself. The other way would be to just use a fresh selling order(F2) with option as limit and mentioning your price.

      2. This is presently not possible.


  10. Ramesh says:

    The Buy Average Price column shows the previous day’s closing price and not the purchase price. How do we see the purchase price in the Admin positions window?

  11. dillip kumar dash says:

    Sir,i carrried a over night positions -2 nickel,-1 lot nickelm and 4 lot silvermicro on 19 th 11:30 pm.how and when can i see it at earliest in NEST trader as what all positions are there.because they were in NRML condition till end and that i confirmed too.early morning at 0630 hrs on 20th when i sw onnest trader they r not shown.plz guide me.than u.

    • Hanan says:

      Dilip, all positions on ZT are usually updated by 8:30 AM for Equities.
      All positions for Commodities are usually updated latest by 9:00 AM.

      You can check your positions on ZT just before the market opens. If you would like to know your positions when the markets are closed, check out the back office personal ledger. All information is available there.

  12. Sajeev says:

    Hi Team,

    This pertains to an issue which I noticed while trading today (29 Nov 13) and which had occurred earlier also. I had bought a Nifty 6100 straddle (CE was around 159 and PE was around 111) yesterday. Till 3 pm the buy average prices were reflecting correctly in admin window of Zerodha trader but after 3 pm it started reflecting a bizarre Buy Average Price of 6091.85 for both call and put and showed the entire straddle position as a massive loss while it was still in profit. The rate of 6091.85 was the closing rate of the Nifty yesterday and I am not sure why that price was reflecting as my buy price for both options. I have sent a screenshot across.

    Please advise what can be done to correct it or please rectify the same since it creates problems while trading.

    Thanks and warm regards,

    J Sajeev

  13. Sajeev says:

    Hi Team,

    Please treat the above matter as closed since Sharmila has responded that the check box for Value on Avg Price was ticked which was resulting in the incorrect price.

    Thanks for the wonderfully prompt response. Much appreciated and please keep it up since this would ensure that in the coming years Zerodha can become one of the most dominant players in the brokerage space, which is currently ruled by players who charge more and care less!

    Warm regards,


  14. Pradeep says:

    Admin position shows both long and short together if I have both positions of a single stock. Is there is anyway we can isolate?
    Also, If I want to square off only short positions. How can I do that?

    • Venu Madhav says:

      It would show you both positions if you have taken such positions in different product codes.. Eg: Bought 300 Reliance Industries with product code CNC and sold 300 shares of Reliance Industries with product code MIS.. Can you explain what you mean by “isolate”?

      Squaring off short positions from Admin Position: Press Ctrl+F to View Filter in the Admin position window.. In the net quantity column enter “-” (minus symbol).. The software will display list of all short positions.. You can select all and square off your position.. Please note that doing this will square off positions at market rate, so do keep in mind the liquidity whilst squaring off..

  15. Pradeep says:

    I have taken long position in Reliance & also short position. It was showing together in Admin positions.
    Is there a way to separate long and short positions of Reliance? Also, If I want to square off only short positions of Reliance, what I have to do

    • Venu Madhav says:

      The only way you can have long & short positions is if you hold it in 2 different product codes or if you’re trading 2 different series contracts.. You can square off short positions by filtering the short positions using the “-” symbol..I’ve mentioned the steps for the same in my above comment.

    • Pradeep,

      How did u take the long and short in Reliance, using futures or equity? There is no way to separate as such because it is 1 trading account. If you see equal number of long and short, that means that you don’t hold any net position. Let us know, if you need help in explanation on how it all works, I can arrange for a demo.


  16. Satyajit says:

    I am unable to view my order book or trade book on ZT .. Though i am able to see them on the web platform and mobile, can you please help ?

  17. ajay k pandey says:

    sir but through admin position it could be more convenient if by right clicking any position there should be square off option that lead to sell/buy window to close that position .if zt add i will be so grateful.

  18. MA says:

    Recently started using zerodha trader. Refer Admin position. It shows covered positions and pending positions together. As list goes big it becomes very difficult to track which one is covered and which one not. Every time I need to see some columns to reconfirm or go on using filters. I felt I am loosing time and may commit mistakes.
    Is there any way to overcome this?
    (1. It can show only pending positions or user can select daywise/netwise/pending etc….
    2. You are using colour coding irrespective of short/buy position…. i.e. blue for profit and red for loss against each scrip. Can we use some other colour…..white/black(?) for covered positions for easy understanding…
    Just a thought)

  19. aceanimesh says:

    How do I put square-off trade on my open positions during non-trading hours.

  20. gaurav says:

    started usin zt the admin position tool is not good at all
    its a poorly designed
    squaring off position is as important as anything
    why cant we have a open position box and ..a right click option to place square off orders

    apart from above….say i trade in usd/inr bought 5 lots -sold them ,later shorted 10 lots
    the useless admin position tries to combine the 2 trades,showing average prices,profit/loss for combined trade etc etc

    what any trader needs is presently open intraday position ,its cost price and its profit loss limits
    i would also appreciate if the whole login process can be simplified too


    • Gaurav, presently NEST (ZT) is a vendor product, developed by Omnesys(now Reuters) and we have been pushing them to make these changes. That said, our new platform “Pi” designed in-house should be out very soon, that should fix some of these problems.

  21. LOKESH KUMAR says:

    How to square off the position using online zerodha platform (https://trade.zerodha.com).

  22. arvind says:

    so, admin position same as “open positions” in z5 or most web based trading platforms?

  23. Renjith says:

    I do trades on Options in straddles or strangles.If i want to squareoff my total holdings until a particular value/level is achieved ,is it possible via squareoff in Masters/Admin Positions

    eg:Holding 8900 CE @ 150 (100 Qty)
    Holding 8900 PE @ 150 (100 Qty)
    I want to squareoff when Net Amount = 330 /Combination of lot) * 100Qty

  24. PRADIP NATH says:

    Where do I see my contract notes??

  25. M Ramesh says:

    Bracket order option is present but after clicking it nothing is coming up. But cover orders and other orders I could do other orders like cover order etc. Pl let me know how to solve the problem

  26. Hari says:

    1. Any option to see only open positions excluding already covered positions in Zerodha Pi?
    2. An plans to introduce tracking a portfolio of stocks, wherein I can create groups such as Auto, IT etc, track by portfolio and square these off as basket orders.

  27. madhab says:


    could you anyone tell me how to square off my buying position in web based platform.

  28. Shashikant says:

    Sir, what is meaning of MTM and q total profit loss. My screen show 30open position i netwose. But in dawise it show all position closed. And same MTM and q Total profit loss value


    HI, I need to transfer my ICICI Demat account holdings to Zerodha. Please help. My Client ID is DL0433

    • You have to mention Zerodha demat account details on your ICICI DIS slip (given to u when u opened ICICI demat account) and submit this slip to ICICI (we can’t do anything on this).

  30. Shashank says:

    This is the scenario –
    I took a NRML position on 1st Aug on 8700CE. (say 100 Rs – Avg Price)
    Then on 9th Aug I did MIS trades on 8700CE. (Say 50 Rs – Avg Price)
    Now on 10th Aug the “positions” report in kite for NRML positions tells me that the average price of position which I took on 1st Aug is 50 Rs ( AND NOT 100 Rs )
    This is totally wrong. MIS orders should not be mixed with NRML.
    It doesn’t give me the correct picture of the option strategy that I had initiated at the start of the month

  31. Rinku Kumari says:

    Sir in option trading only limit order is placed/executed or market order works also.

  32. KUMAR MAYANK says:

    Sir is it necessary to put a target in BO order?

  33. JAI SUNDHER says:

    Sir, i am a new entrant to Zerodha. I started trading only the day before yesterday. I am a newbie to intraday trading. This afternoon i took a short position in Bajaj Finance using Bracket Order for ten shares.. My entry price was Rs.1677 and my target was Rs.1667, which was hit within 10 minutes. But when i opened my order book, i found only 5 shares were squared off at the target price. The rest was used to enter a new buy position without my knowledge. When I opened the Admin Position i found the following details:
    Segment – NSE
    Product – BO
    Trading Symbol – Bajajfinance
    Net buy quantity – 10
    Buy average price – 1676.18
    Net sell quantity – 10
    Sell average price – 1677.00
    LTP – 1695.40
    MTM – 8.25 [in green background].
    I don’t understand any of this. I did only one trade today, that too a short trade. I did not take a buy position. I am not only confused, but also apprehensive. Could there be some mistake? Can you explain this to me and also advise me as to what I should do on Monday, the next trading day? Do I have to square off the position or something? Thanks in advance.
    jai sundher

  34. Santhosh says:

    Hi, I’m using kite in that my open positions section it says, “nothing here”. But I can see my open positions in Q-Backoffice. Why is it like that? Is it squared off??

  35. Raghil says:

    Hi, how to set admin position to see only open positions (without the finished trades)

  36. Sachin says:

    I am not sure if this issue / feature request had been shared earlier by anyone or if you know about it.
    When I have multiple positions for same stock, the consolidated position is shown. And I see the avg price for the stock. This helps overall.
    But I am also interested in knowing the individual trade (long / short position) details.

    Another problem that occurs due to this consolidated position is that, if I put long and short position for the same stock with same quantity, the position is greyed out. It cancels the position and doesn’t update.
    So the feature I am proposing is important and highly required.

    Are you planning to introduce this in the kite platform?

    • Matti says:

      Hey Sachin, the positions are consolidated at teh exchange level. The same person cannot be long and short on the same contract at the same time. That said, you can enter a long trade using CNC and a short trade using MIS, BO or CO and have multiple positions open at the same time. This wouldn’t be possible using the same product type though. You will have to use CMC, MIS, etc.,.

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