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December 14, 2012


We have introduced newer platforms since this post was published. Check out this user manual for Kite and Kite explainer videos here.

Once you have bought stocks/equity for delivery(when you buy and keep it for overnight), you will not be able to view them in your admin positions, for this you will need to use the following menus: T1 Holdings or else Holdings. In this blog, will explain you on how to view your stock holdings.

Suppose you bought 10 shares of Reliance on monday, in India we have T+2 settlement cycle, so the shares will be credited to your demat account only on T+ 2 days, so if Monday is the day you purchased it is the T day, Tuesday is the T+1 day and Wednesday is the T+2 day. The shares will come into your demat account on T+2 day evening( wednesday evening in the example). Once the stock comes into your demat account, you can see it in the Holding file(after T+2 days), until then for the 2 days you can see in the T1 holding file.

Please not that to buy stock for delivery, you need to have a demat account mapped with your Zerodha Trading account. This demat account could be a Zerodha(ILFS) or any other demat account. If you haven’t linked a Zerodha demat, you can only buy stocks for delivery, but you can’t sell it with us. So if the demat account mapped is not Zerodha’s once you have bought shares, you will not be able to view your holdings on Zerodha trading paltform, after 2 days you will see it in your demat account that you have mapped.


To view Holdings on T1 and T2 Day.


To view holdings after getting delivery of the stock.

Please note that when you sell stock without getting delivery(ATST/BTST), you risk an auction penalty, do read this blog for more. To reiterate, this menu will show your holdings only if you have opened a demat account with us.

Links to T1 Holdings and Holdings:

ZT View Holdings

T1 Holdings:

ZT View Holdings


ZT View Holdings

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  1. Deepa says:

    My ID RD0155
    I am not able to view my holdings as mentioned above. Everytime to check my holidngs I have to login to backoffice to check the same. Kindly help.

    Also have an option to swtich the cash balance between products like equity, commodity and other markets, instead of applying for withdrawal and re-depositing the same in other


    • Ayush says:

      With me it was also happened but after 8 to 10 days now I can see my holdings

    • Harman says:

      My question is.. I want to deal in options trading.. I want to add the option segments in my demat. But they ask to have more than 10000 in my holdings. How to put more than 10000 in holdings. Somebody please tell me.

  2. Nithin Kamath says:

    Hi Deepa, We will have this checked and get in touch with you. Do send these queries to [email protected].

    • Shreeranga says:

      I use zerodha kite app to trade, imy question is can u sell the stocks when it’s on T1?

      • Yes, you can. But there are risks, check this.

        • Nas says:

          What are the risks associated with selling stocks before getting delivery? Please explain with an example.

        • Mahesh says:

          My id ZZ9284. I bot 5 TCS a week back but still showing as T1. What is the problem here?

          • Monday was a holiday, so if you bought it on Friday, it will show as T1 until wednesday evening.

            • Gaurav Singh says:


              My client ID is YT 3564, I have already submitted POA but due to incomplete knowledge , as being first time trader , there is some mistake happened in form , which was not communicated to me by sales Manager . Now I had taken a share which I was suppose to sell next day on high value but this is not happening . After contacting customer care and sale manager I came to know untill and unless I resend the POA with correction (which will take 4-5 days , and market can boom or crash withing so), this will not be possible. My Only query is why Zerodha allow to buy if they do not allow to sell, is it to enjoy their customer making loss. Also why it is not informed that customer can buy but can not sell.

              Hoping for positive response.

              • Zerodha Social says:

                Hey Gaurav, will check who the sales manager is. POA is used to debit the shares from your demat account and without it, you can buy shares. Check this post for more.

                • Gaurav Gupta says:


                  I bought the shares on Monday 6th Nov & submitted the POA docs to zerodha office still I am not able to view bought shares in my dmat account till 13 Nov

                  No customer support answers it clearly.

                  @Nitin Kamath Sir,

                  Please dont allow clients to buy stocks unless all documents are verified as Zerodha dont provide option to sell.
                  This causes huge loss to client.

                  Thanks & Regards,

                  • Matti says:

                    Hey Gaurav, the PoA mapping was slightly slower than usual due to delays and holidays at the franking offices here. However, your PoA has now been mapped and you can see your shares.

              • vishnu says:

                this is a point. i too had this doubt. what is the reason behind it?

    • Sunilsinh Dahima says:

      Hello Mr Kamath..

      I am Sunilsinh Dahima,
      Zerodha client id YK4551.

      Today when I opened my Zerodha kite app. I checked my portfolio and my all demat holdings are disappeared. Only my last trading of 1 lac Uttam Value steels is there. My other around 4 lac Rs stock holdings are disappeared from my account. I am worried why this happened???? I am very very disturbed by this. Where my all money gone? Why there is no customer service facility on week days? How irresponsible this is!!! Now where should I complain??? Where should I call? Do I have to wait until Monday when market opens ???? Mr Kamath.. this is really bad. You should give us complain facility 24*7. How can i feel secured in Zerodha when my all holdings goes disappeared ???? Please contact me as soon as possible. Fortunately I have all details saved as screenshots of my investments through Zerodha. Otherwise your this error can damage your client badly. I don’t know how I will pass my time until my problem is solved. Please check and clarify as soon as you get this message. I also wrote this to Zerodha support.

  3. HarshaC says:

    My ID id RH0159, I am not able to see holdings of options.

  4. sarvesh says:

    sir from where i can download zerodha trader mobile software

    • Nithin Kamath says:


      • Ajeet says:

        Sir i am using kite zerotha and have purchase shares in CNC on friday. Shares on friday it was showing on my position but in monday it was not in position as well as in holding so now what to do i am new to share market.

        • Matti says:

          You’re not seeing your holdings as your PoA isn’t processed. We’ve received your PoA only today and will process it within 48-72 hours. You’ll be able to see your holdings once this is done.


    My ID :RC0219 , I have transfered shares from other DP it is not seen in my account of Back office DP Holding. It can see only at Trading software-Sureillance- holdings-view holdings.

    • Nithin Kamath says:

      Chentha, Just checked, it is showing in your Backoffice, someone from our team will call you back on this.

      But here is the reason it couldn’t be.

      1. In Backoffice go to NSE EQ, DEMAT holdings, remove the dates and search. You will see them there.


      It has got as your direction. Thank you.

  6. Lalith says:


    I have been using zerodha trade web portal for a while now. I would like to know if there is a way I can view average purchase price of stocks that I bought, which have been delivered to my demat.


  7. skpai2002 says:

    How do I know the Buying price of my Holdings?

    • Hanan says:

      To know the buying price of your equity holdings you have to log into your back office by going to http://bo.zerodha.com using Internet Explorer. Within the Back office, you can access the NSE Equity tab on the left hand side. On that you can choose, “View Demat Holding” from where you can see the holdings you have and also your entry price. 🙂

  8. Pratik_Phunguskar says:

    I m not able to view my holding as shown above.
    I always have to look into back office to view my holding.
    Plz help

    • Hanan says:

      Pratik, if you can’t view your Holdings on the terminal during trading hours, you have to call us immediately so we can have a look at what’s wrong and fix it for you. 🙂

  9. jays says:

    Dear Zerodha, ID is DJ9479..I can see my holdings in Trading App>Position>Holding ( Exchange is BSE ) …But once am in back office not able to see under BSE Equity>View Demat Holdings.. But can see the details in the contract note section as expected. Please let me know whether am checking in the right place.. I want to see my portfolio details as below.
    “ScripCode-Buy Qty-Buy Price-Curr Price-Unrealized profit/Loss”.. Thanks

    • jays says:

      Dear Zerodha, Can you also post a topic on End-2-End trade cycle for CNC ? I guess since the activities are spread across both trading and BO applications makes it difficult for new comers to fully understand the full flow .. buy ( in trade app ) -> check holdings ( BO app ) –> SELL ( trade app ) –> check contract notes ( BO app ) — > transfer out ( BO app ) etc .. thanks

  10. Bala says:

    Hi Nithin, Hanan

    I have recently started buying securities for delivery, ditching my old broker permanently (was using zerodha solely for F&O before). However, am surprised that there is no way I can check my average holding price of the stocks am holding.Do you plan to add this basic feature?

  11. DR1333 says:

    hi sir,
    i am randeep (DR1333).i have linked my icici demat with zerodha . bought 1 lot of rcom jan future today in normal mode(not mis). so it will be shown in my icici demat after T+1 or can i view n then square it off from zerodha itself.

    • Rana,

      All your F&O positions don’t stay in your trading account only, the stocks that you buy will be the only thing that will be credited to your ICICI demat account. The Rcom futures will stay in your trading account till expiry of Jan, you can exit whenever you wish.

      best of luck,

  12. sandip gawale says:

    Where can i see history of my all activites ?

  13. Chandra Mohan says:

    I want to transfer shares from other demat account to zerodha. pls let me know Procedure…

  14. DS2697 says:

    My Query is I have scripts which I bought on different day.
    1. In the surveillance tab i can see only the script I bought in CNC and qty of each script. Where can I find the average cost of each script.
    2. Can I see the same in the back office platform. If so where.


    • In the present backoffice bo.zerodha.com under a menu called as account analysis.

      In our new backoffice which is presently in beta bo2.zerodha.com in a few days this can be seen under holdings

  15. amarnath says:

    My ID DA1184
    I am not able to view my holdings as mentioned above. Everytime to check my holidngs I have to login to backoffice to check the same. Kindly help.

  16. Krishnakumar S says:

    Where to see money accrued in my account?

    • You will have to login to the backoffice, bo.zerodha.com (this opens on internet explorer only), you can also check our new backoffice bo2.zerodha.com on any browser .

      • chandrajeet says:

        dear nithin

        my client id is RC1175 yesterday i bought few shares of coal india in cnc, now i am in losing position and i want to square off this how shud i do this today i tried but still it is showing in my holdings, also i have shares of icici bank, for icici how should i squareoff them at target or stopploss, i bought these shares for short term trading purpose not to hold them, kindly help

        • Hmmm.. if you place a limit order when you click on exit holdings, and if your limit price doesn’t arrive on the market, it will remain pending. Use market order after clicking on exit, it will exit. So click on exit in holdings, a sell order form with quantity opens, make the order type as market and place. If market, it will get sold at market price. Check this: https://kite.trade/docs/kite/

  17. Praveen says:

    Sir i have 20 shares of ALBK and 50 JPA in my demat A/c. I know that ILFS charges 8 Rs and NSDL charges 5 Rs when stocks are debited, but i want to know are these charges on each stock or whole stock?

    If each stock then (50+20)*13=910

    I will be debited a whopping 910 only for 70 shares

    Please clarify the charges are on each share or on whole and if i m wrong then please tell me how much i will be charged for debiting my Shares from Dp

    • Mystique says:

      If i am not wrong, It is per scrip 13 Rs, Lets say you sell 25shares of ALBK (out of the 50) on monday. you will be charged 13rs for that trade. On Wednesday you sell the remaining 25 shares ..another 13 gone 🙂

  18. Mystique says:

    This blog needs to be updated to reflect changes in v11.3
    – T1 holdings are no longer under Surveillance TAB. It is under “View Order/Trader Reports”

    • Hanan says:

      Thanks for spotting this, Mystique. The version 3.11.2 is still beta and most of our clients are using 97.7. We’ll update this as soon as we make that our primary exe app.

  19. Aishwarya Biswas says:

    Dear Nitin,
    I am new to Zerodha. Kindly guide me how to view my portfolio and the present valuation of my shares i.e. how much profit or loss each share I am presently holding is bearing.

  20. Srinath says:

    Dear Nithin,

    Am new to zerodha, my ID id ds3502. on 02/Sep/14 I bought some share. As per above description am not able to see my holding in the application but when I checked in my “http://bo.zerodha.com ” view demat holding shares are there in my DP.

  21. GHANSHYAM says:

    hi sir,
    i am Ghanshyam .i have linked my sharekhan demat with zerodha . but no option view Holdings in zerodha trader?how do i sell holding position?
    and i press two time f11 for show admin positon .one time f11 press blank show position.and i attach image disconnect nestplus message. why?

    • Hanan says:

      When you link an external demat account, you can buy shares and they get delivered to your external DP. If you want to sell them, you have to login to your other account and sell from there. You won’t be able to see them on Zerodha Trader.

      Let’s get someone from our office to speak with you.

  22. ROMIT GANDHI says:

    My id is RR3368.
    I am not seeing Holdings and T1 Holdings Opting under Surveillance Tab.
    I have bought Shares and I am not able to view its position.
    I dont know which demat account is mapped to Zerodha Trading Account.

    Please help.


  23. Manjunath N Hiremath says:

    Dear sir , i wanted to know how to calculate the average buying price , kindly send a mail in reply to my question thank you.

  24. Guruprasad R says:

    To be honest, I find it a complete mess..An outdated 1942 trading platform..Another backend system with seperate login credentials..A desktop software which instills zero confidence throwing error messages once in a while….Phew….what a mess..I was thinking that Zerodha could be an answer to my Relaince money and ICICI direct account…But just discovered that they are a 100 times better..This is islands of information with no unified view of data…Thankfully I just did some trial transaction to try things out..I have absolutely no confidence in transferring my money here to zerodha..But then, looking into all the reviews, I think most customers are happy with Zerodha..maybe I’m just a wrong customer.. 🙂 …But Im sure this is not for me….

    • Hey Guru, we have been using vendor based products (thomson reuters), and yes they are outdated. That said, over the last 1.5 years we have been working on in house products. Q is our reporting tool, do login to q.zerodha.com and take a free tour, and pi is our new desktop platform which is in beta. Click here to know more on Pi. Pi has integrated reporting, as in you can see the actual price of purchase of your holdings and open positions. For detailed reports, you can initiate Q from within Pi. But yes for now, the login ID will be the same, but passwords can be set differently on both.
      We are currently giving Pi to only our active users (anyone with over 10k in the account, check this post if you want to give it a shot). Kite our in house web/mobile platform should be out in the next few weeks. Pi+Kite+Q, I think will be better than anything else out there in India, I might have a vested interest in saying that ;).

  25. Rajkumar says:

    Can I trade the shares that are appearing in T+1 holdings?

  26. Ajith says:

    I bought some shares for delivery but would like to square it off before T+2 days. Is it possible. or I have to wait for the delivery to happen and then only I will be able to sell them. If it is really that I cannot square them off before T+2 days, don’t you think my money is getting blocked for T+2 days.

    • You can sell before 2 days, but you risk what is called short delivery. Check this post. The settlement cycle for equity in India is 2 days, so yes unless this gets changed, money will be blocked for some duration atleast.

      • Ajith says:

        Say I used up all the money in my account for buying some shares and waiting for delivery. Suddenly I realized that the stock is going to tank in the next 2 days. So now according to you, I won’t be able to sell/short sell since there is no money in my account and I have no delivered shares. I am afraid, this can lead to lot of losses. If I remember correctly, my previous broker sharekhan, would allow me to sell the shares(even before delivery and even if I did not have any money in my account). I know you provide very less brokerage charges, but in circumstances like this, I would have to opt for another brokerage.

        • Ajith, I didn’t say that you can’t sell. I said you can sell, but if you sell without holding stocks in your demat you risk what is called short delivery. This risk exists immaterial of which broker you trade with in India. With us, if you buy on Monday, you can sell both on Tuesday/Wednesday (a lot of brokerages don’t let u sell on Wed). Check out the post on Short delivery.

          • Ajith says:

            I just now went through the article on BTST/ATST trades. It says that if I bought my shares(CNC type order) on Monday, I will see the shares under T1 holdings and I can also sell them as CNC order. I bought some shares yesterday(31 Mar,2015) but I am not able to see the shares under T1 holdings and when I tried selling them I get the error: Check holdings for entity account-DAxxxx across exchange across segment across product. I am using trade.zerodha.com website. Am I doing something wrong??

  27. ds4205 says:

    hello nithin,
    cant we sell the nse holding shares on bse???
    i have holding of reliance which i bought on nse but now i wanted to sell it on bse
    but am getting an rejection error ( RMS:Rule: Check holdings for entity account-DS4205 across exchange across segment across product)
    but i have heard i can sell in any exchange
    can u explain me about this

  28. shafi says:

    Hi, Sorry i just checked the Admin Positions on Pi, this looks like something what i was looking for (Pi got enabled for me just a day back and i have logged in for the first time today). I am not sure if the ‘Q-Total P&L’ field gets updated during the trading session, will check tomorrow. Also it will be worthwhile to add a Total value (sum of all) for the ‘Q-Total P& L’ field. When you have several open positions, it will be easier to see what your overall profit/loss is.


    • Yes Shafi, what you see on Pi will change real time when markets are open. Letting our tech team know about your request to see an overall P&L.

      • shafi says:

        Hi Nitin,

        The real time P&L on each position in PI is really good but practically of limited use without an overall total P&L, especially for F&O trades, as most of the times you need to know how you are doing on your overall strategy (involving more than one trade), rather than each individual trade. You mentioned you will let your technical team know about this, it will be brilliant if you can get this simple but crucial enhancement in your next release as this will make the Live Portfolio feature in PI more meaningful and complete !


        • Ah, guess we missed it on this release. You have M2M in the footer of admin position which shows sum of all M2M. We will have a total of all Q total P&L also at the bottom by the next release.

          • shafi says:

            Hi Nithin,

            A bit disappointed that the above change is not included in the latest release of Pi. Should be fairly small change I hope?


  29. Kavitha Dinesh says:

    Dear Nithin Kamath,
    As I am a VERY beginner to trading and to Zerodha, could you please explain how the system works:

    I had Rs. 25,164 in my trading account and I bought 875 shares of CMahendra @ 9.85 and 50 shares of ITC @ 325.95 on 30-April-2015, the total works out to 24,916.25.

    When I try to sell shares of CMahendra today (04-May-2015) I am getting the below error
    “RMS:Margin Exceeds,Required:xxxx, Available:xxxxx for entity account-RK**** across exchange across segment across product”
    Since I doesnt how your system works, can you explain me please. I am asking this query so as to understand the system.

  30. srinivasan lakshmanan says:

    My id is DS3579, I have bought TV18 brodcast 300 nos. But is not showing in my PI software. How can i see that holdings. Please reply me

    Thanks and regards


  31. Binu Joy says:

    Hi my id is RB1119.
    Im a new trader. I was able to see my holdings in the home page and elsewhre in Pi. Now all of a sudden I could see only my free cash. where could all these holdings have gone ?
    Thank you

  32. Deepali says:

    hi Nitin,
    I am not able to see my holdings, T1 holdings under surveillance tab.
    Also, how to display index (nifty,sensex..) values in nest trader. Not able to find index dialog box. there is no option as Right click in market watch –> Dialog Bars –> Show Index Value Bar .
    I am using NEST Trader 3.11.2.
    My ID is RD0986

    I am using Z5 but its performance is very low, always need to restore and getting disconnected.


  33. Sachin Gupta says:

    Hi I am a new customer of Zerodha. I am not able to add NSE scrips in market watch on PI.There is no option to add NSE stocks to PI.I can only add NSE FNO and Currency FNO.

    I am only trading customer . Is it something to do with this?


    • Venu Madhav says:

      Hi Sachin,

      You’ve to be active in the Equity segment for you to be able to view Equity scrips. If you’ve applied for a Demat account, you’d have to wait until the Demat account gets opened before we enable Equity.

      If you haven’t opted for the Equity segment, you’ve to map an existing demat account to your trading account in order to add/view Equity scrips.

      The Exchanges have made it mandatory for a demat account to be mapped for the Equity segment to be enabled.

  34. sandeep sharma says:

    help plz,

    i purchased 5 share of coal India 1 month ago.
    1) how to check exact purchase price.
    2) how to check real time profit or loss of my portfolio.
    i am using web base zerodha trading platform (Z5)

    thanks alot

    • Venu Madhav says:

      1) You can look for it in your Holdings page. Login to Q –> Portfolio –> Holdings. The buy average shows you the average price of purchase if you’re still holding on to the 5 shares that you bought a month ago. Alternatively, you can also look for it in the trade book. Login to Q –> Reports –> Tradebook

      2) You can’t check real time profit/loss on Z5. If you’re trading using Kite/Pi, you’d be able to track real time profit/loss. You can login to Kite by accessing kite.zerodha.com, the login details will remain same that you use for Z5

  35. Shiva says:

    Hi Nitin,
    I have Stocks of HCL TECH(NSE) brought at around 875 in October.
    And today on 5/11/2015 kept 2 orders (after market orders around 7 in morning)
    1) To Sell the same at 885 (NSE)
    2) And Kept StopLoss at 876.15(NSE)
    And Both orders were pending in morning. But the Stop Loss order was rejected and reason was
    RMS:RULE:Check holdings for entity acc-D*6*6* across exchange across segment across product
    But all my orders were in NSE Segment ,Why it got Rejected, and i have to bear some losses due to it.
    What was the matter, pls reply,Thanks

    • Shiva, stocks that you hold in demat, you can place only one exit order, either place sell or SL. If you try to place both, the second one will be rejected saying no stock available.

  36. angapillai says:

    sir, how to check login time details in pi or zt on the same day…

    • Hanan says:

      If I understand your question correctly, you want to know at what time you logged into Pi or ZT? This can be ascertained by viewing the Logs in the window at the bottom of the trading platforms.

  37. Tamilannal says:


    My holdings are displaying in Backoffice, but its not displaying in both Pi(Stock Holdings) and Z5(Positions – Holdings ). I have to see my holdings tomorrow. Please advice.

    In Pi am getting below warning always
    Trade Process is running, will be up soon.

  38. Yash says:

    I have “ADANI ENTERPRISES” in my portfolio before the de-merger.
    After the de-merger, how can I adjust the buy price for all new ADANI related Stocks in my portfolio ?
    Though in the back-office I see an option to adjust the buy price, I cannot put “0” as the buy price (these new stocks were free owing to de-merger) .
    How should I adjust my position ?

    • Yash, you can’t put 0 as the acquisition price. If you sell any of those stocks, there will be unnecessary short term capital gain tax. Check this link, tells how to apportion the cost for each of the demerged entities. Adani enterprises 29.67%, Adani ports 13.29%, Adani power 34.46%, Adani transmission 22.58%. So whatever was the actual acquisition price for Adani, you can give these %’s for all the new entities.
      We are on Q for the first time in India will be soon doing all of this without you having to worry about it. Even the discrepant quantity bit u see, no other brokerage provides currently.

  39. Ravi says:

    Hi Nithin,

    While placing the order at all the platforms, I am getting the error as “TRANSACTION NOT ALLOWED IN CURRENT STATE ‘START DURATION” , although I am placing the order at 10.45 a.m.

    Request you to please resolve as early as possible as i am unable to trade because of the above-mentioned error.


  40. Ravi says:

    Oops my mistake, Thank you!!

  41. Vishu says:

    Do we have this facility in kite? if yes how we can do that?

  42. Abhi says:

    just I got my Both trading n demant a/c.
    I want to know whether a free online training programme offered? From u tube I knew that bse2nse.com is offering this . has zerodha been linked to this website? Or any programme/demo which offers such things. And I want to know trading platform which are free & not free.

  43. Mukuldev says:

    HI Zerodha.
    Rupees 1 Is charging From My Account During the Day When I Trade Showing “Being Trade Confirmation Charges”.
    Could you Please Clarify it and How To Disable It.
    Thank you.

  44. Rashmi says:

    I am still confused with brokerage charges.is it just 0.01% or 20 rupess..if I have very investment of just Rs.5000 how it will be calculated?

  45. Yashavantha Rao says:

    Hi sir I am yashavanth rao user id DY0293

    I called your representative to BUY 570 quantity of SHIVA CEMENT script on16/02/2016. But when I check it in my portfolio on 23/02/2016, I did not found it. I called and compliant about the same on 23/02/2016. The representative checked it and found that they have missed it, so added the script on 24/02/2016.
    I check the portfolio again now, I am Finding 2000 to 3000 Rs difference with wheatear I have invested. I don’t know which scripts they have missed like this. Now I lost faith in your company. Kindly take these as serious issue and try to resolve it at the earliest.

    Yashavantha Rao

    • Venu says:

      You’ve done some BTST transaction in SHIVA CEM because of which the holdings weren’t reflected, also the fact that it was a settlement holiday. As far as the difference is concerned, why don’t you check your Profit & Loss in Q which will help you ascertain the reason for this difference.

  46. Subhajit says:

    Just open an trading and demat account in zerodha.I am a new user of pi software.I go to position and then click on stock holding.A window came and there is a button name get holding.When i clicked on it a msg show “Trade Process is running, will be up soon.” What is the meaning of this? And in admin position there is a button named “Get position”. how the button works? As i am new in pi some body please help… plzzzzzzz

  47. Suvas says:

    What is the billing period for AMC in case of Demat a/c?

    • If you have opened Zerodha demat account, it is annualized, end of every financial year on a pro-rata basis.

      • Suvas says:

        Thank you.
        I am planning to open both demat and trading a/c with Zerodha this week. So If my demat a/c gets opened by this March, will I be liable to pay AMC for FY 2015-16?
        I have downloaded and then printed the requisite form from the website. Will it suffice if I send filled-in application by speed post/courier with relevant documents to
        #153/154, 4th Cross, Dollars Colony, Opp. Clarence Public School, J.P Nagar 4th Phase, Bangalore – 560078, Karnataka, India?

        • Venu says:

          AMC will be charged on a pro rata basis from the time your account gets opened till 31st March 2016.
          The address is correct. You can courier us the forms.

  48. Susanta Bala says:

    How i see different script/chart on multi display? please help.

  49. Humayun says:

    I am a weekly trader. I want to buy a stock cnc type. and sell the stock with in the 2 weeks or maximum 4 weeks. Then which time frame of a candle stick will be suite for me for TA?As choosing time frame is very important for a successful trade.Please any body help me.

  50. Deepak Kumar Sharma says:

    HELP REQUIRED! Kite platform

    I bought HCL on Friday. IT moved to Holdings today.
    – I sold 40 at a loss of around 200 Rs (by pressing ‘Exit’ on Holdings page). The stock started showing up in Positions with quantity = -40.
    – At end of the day I am surprised to see that the stock was actually sold at loss of 600. And original value 200 loss is not showing up anywhere – neither in settlement email pdf nor in Q.

    Please help me under stand – did i do anything wrong in selling the holdings.

    • Deepak, you can look at the Equity P&L statement on Q. On Kite, the positions window would have shown price difference of you selling HCL to the closing price of HCL at the end of the day. The positions page is to track futures and options and intraday positions.

      • Dattatray Pawar says:


        Today i tried to exit my long position (Havells, on day T1) from ‘Holdings’. But it started showing in ‘open position’. Soon I realized that a new short order has been executed. So I exited that short position from ‘position’. And I could see previous position in ‘holdings’as T1. This happened while using Kite web. I am used to Kite Android, which I think less confusing. Please guide me on various ‘keys’ to use in kite web and android to execute the orders. How and where to exit an intra-day and CNC position?

        Dr Dattatray

  51. suvas says:

    Hi,should the bank details in trading a/c form and bank details for demat a/c opening form be invariably the same one (I am interested only in Equity segment)? or can I opt for two different a/c s?

  52. vishnu says:

    can i have two exit orders “(1) to sell @ limit price (2) place a SL-M trigger order” for the same shares I have bought ?
    when i’m placing the second order of SL-M , RMS error is showing up and the order getting rejected . Can you explain the reason behind this?

    • Hanan says:

      Vishnu, you are placing your orders using the CNC product code which is why you’re having a problem. When you buy some stocks in CNC they are delivered into your trading account on T+2 day and our system will not let you place a sell order using CNC without actually having the stocks in your holdings. Using the CNC product code for intraday trading will not be conducive so what you should do is buy a stock in MIS and then place a Target and SL using the same product code.

      Alternatively, check out Bracket Orders. They do exactly what you want to do and cancel the pending order after one leg is executed so you don’t have to worry about canceling any pending order.

  53. Somanathan says:

    Yesterday I bought Tidewater oil 3Qty but it is not added in my account in the T1 Qty. Please advise

  54. Mitul says:

    Hello Nithin Sir,
    In t1 or t2 holding we can see the total profit or loss in %(Percentile ) format but in position menu the %(Percentile ) option is not available.Can you add the option.Thanks in advanced.

  55. S.S. Shekar says:

    Hi Zerodha, I am using your platform from 1year and have been a satisfied customer. I am both trader and investor and would like to have two or more portfolio views so that I can seggregate my positions based on trading and investing. multiple portfolio views will make it easy for me to handle/manage my positions ( ex: like I will create two portfolio views and name them short_term and long_term, and when I buy a stock, I should be asked if I want to view this in short_term or long_term ). something like that. i am also open to suggestions outside zerodha. like a third party web service or something.

  56. Akshay says:

    if i sell my stocks from holdings for ex:100 its going to positions as -100 .. can i remove that from my positions… im using Kite

  57. karan says:

    today i sold my cnc stocks but after selling it came in open position and price of those stocks were still raising , and p&l started going in minus and can u please explain me this regards

  58. Deepak says:

    How to check whether demat account is linked or not?

    I have opened both accounts but not sure where to check the linkage so that I can start trade.

    • Venu says:

      You can login to Q -> Go to the Profile page where you can check our Demat account number. If it shows up there it would have been linked and you can trade the Equity segment.

  59. Priyadharshni says:

    yesterday I bought 50 shares-dishtv and i couldn’t sell them. Thr order get cancelled . Today i sold it and tradebook shows traded details but why it is still shown in T+1 holding position. Is it normal or it mean i don’t sell them yet?

  60. Nimish says:

    I have subscribed for IPO thru HDFC ASBA Account. If these are allotted to me, will they reflect in my Zerodha Holdings, as my Demat Account is linked? Also can I use the Zerodha Platform to sell the same in the future?

    If not, can you help me understand how do I go about doing the same?

  61. KAMAL kumar says:

    How I know my demat ac number as I know it is of 14 digit number if it is opened in CDSL & 8 digit no in case of nsdl. I have demat ac already n I am investing also.BUT HOW CAN I KNOW MY DEMAT AC NUMBER .I UNABLE TO FIND IT.

  62. KAMAL kumar says:

    Yes I found it.
    Dp id & beneficiary id ( q.Zerodha.com)
    & another dp id(different from above dp id) while log in to kite.Zerodha.
    Which is demant & trading account.

  63. Bixapathi says:

    I’ve transferred some shares from my ICICI direct account to zerodha account yesterday but they are not showing up in Q or Kite. Where can I find them and how can I sell them? Pls help. My ID is RB2651.

  64. kirti says:


    Guess somebody had already posted a query regarding multiple portfolios a couple of months back . Would like to know if Zerodha tech team will be able to provide any solution to this or not. Since, I do both short term and long term trading, it’d be nice if I can segregate my positions based on trading and investment. It’s a bit confusing when the prices are being averaged down every time I buy a new lot. Looking forward to a positive reply to this. Thanks.

  65. kirti says:

    Okay that’s nice… Looking forward to the new Q!

  66. vijay says:

    I dont have demat acount with zerodha, but can i trade intra day of shares in zerodha? as i feel, demat is required only for delivery based trading.. please clarify.

  67. Binu says:

    For applying IPO via ASBA they are asking for my DP Id .When I logged into my account, the DP Id was of only 8 digits but in the asba form, the DP Id for cdsl requires 16 digits. Kindly help

    • When you login to Q>profile, you can see a DP ID and beneficiary ID both of which are eight digits each. Combining them together gives you the 16 digit DP ID (First DP ID followed by beneficiary ID)

  68. Vaibhav says:

    I am new zerodha user. I have applied for RBL IPO with net banking and i got the allotment.
    Now i am not able to see my RBL shares at Kite platform at zerodha so how i will trade tomorrow (listing day)?
    Could you please let me know if this is technical problem or other issue. If Yes then how it will resolve?
    Please guide me accordingly.

  69. Hassan says:

    If I sell the T-1 holding share then the DP charges of Rs.15.53 (including S. Tax) will be taken by CDSL?

    • Venu says:

      Hi Hassan,

      You can’t sell stocks on T-1 day. You can sell them on T+1 day. Such transactions are called BTST transactions. In case you’ve done a BTST transaction, we first check for availability of the Stock in your demat account. If you have the same stock in your demat, then we debit the stocks and DP charges get applied. This is to guarantee settlement of the sell trade and to avoid the risk of auction that comes with doing BTST transactions.
      Let me make it clearer with an example:

      * Let’s assume you buy 100 shares of Reliance on Monday and sell them on Tuesday. In case you have 100 shares in your demat account from an earlier purchase, we debit such shares and settle your sell transaction in which case DP charges get applied. In case you don’t have any shares of Reliance in your demat account, then no DP charges get applied, but there’s a risk of the sell transaction not getting settled which is explained in this blog: http://zerodha.com/z-connect/queries/stock-and-fo-queries/btstatst-buyacquire-today-sell-tomorrow

  70. Vinit says:

    I use mac, how can I get buying price of each stocks bought at different prices?
    Currently holding page displays average price of a given company share but I would like to to how many stocks were bought at what price?
    And also I would like to selectively sell stocks?

    For example:
    Bought 5 Reliance stock at 1000
    Bought 3 Reliance stock at 1100

    How I would like to sell 2 stocks which were bought at 1100, Is it possible?

    • You can login to Q.zerodha.com (u can access from within kite) and click on holdings. There you can see a breakdown of which stocks bought when. When you sell a stock, it is always FIFO(first in first out), you can’t choose specific stock to sell.

  71. Abhijit says:

    Where can i find my 16 digit beneficiary dp a/c number ?
    It is needed for ASBA transaction.

  72. Gauranga says:

    Hello, sir i just wanted to know about the holdings t1 and t2…i mean while my holding shows t2 position then i am able to sell it,is it correct?

  73. Anvita says:

    How do I sell stocks held under holdings section? I clicked on the “exit” button and it triggered a separate trade to sell the stocks and started showing in the open positions. The total number of stocks under holdings was changed to 0. The original stocks were not sold but a separate trade unnecessarily triggered. This is so confusing.

    • Anvita, what you have done is right. On positions it shows up as a sold position till end of day. The reason it is shown is because if you decide to buy it back before close of day, you can do it easily here and will be treated as an intraday trade. From tomorrow morning, it won’t show up in positions or holdings.

      • Anvita says:

        Yes. Its a new day and it has stopped showing up in the open orders. I have just one question though. Lets say I sell a stock under the holdings tab. It changes the quantity under holdings to 0 and starts showing up in open positions. This is all very well if it is a limit order and has not been triggered yet (because I have placed an order and it is still “open”). But after a while the trade is executed and STILL SHOWS UP in the open positions tab. I have two problems with this: 1. I can still see P&L calculated against that trade although it is no longer active since it has already been executed. 2. Shouldn’t that trade show up in Day’s history (that tells me that it is no longer active) ? I am just getting started with Zerodha and have placed a couple of trades and got utterly confused with the above.

        • Anvita says:

          Ok I got it. This for people who have certain holdings but who still might want to trade intraday. Cool.

        • Anvita, we use Thomson reuters execution system in the backend. Unfortunately this is the way they follow for equity trades. Their logic as I said earlier, is to make life easy for traders. Many traders who sell stock, use the margin to trade other stocks, and come back and buy back their holdings before end of day.

  74. Polyson says:

    I ordered 1 number of quantity and i don’t know why my quantity of stock bought is 0? I’m still at the holdings T 1 1 day, T+2 day i guess. Please help.

  75. Anoop says:

    can i buy and sell F&O commodity contract (NRML Product) same day? is here any short delivery problem??

  76. mayank says:

    I am very new for market and recently i started trading please tell me if i buy CNC(delivery) share.This CNC product type share will appear in my holding section after 2 days
    Can i sell these share after placing my order or after 1 day?? or should i sell after t+2 settlement?

    • Venu says:

      When you buy shares for Delivery (CNC), it’ll show under T1 holdings on T+1 and T+2 day. From T+3, it’ll start showing under Holdings. You can sell them at anytime. However, there’s a risk of short delivery and subsequent auction, if you sell before taking delivery of stock. You can read more on Short delivery here.

  77. Charudatta R Rakhunde says:

    I just opened my Account & while trading/buying any stock from kite web It says “Exchange BSE not enable this Account”. when the said problem will solve.
    Charudatta R Rakhunde
    Client id: DC1247

  78. Vaibhav says:

    Hi Zerodha Team,

    I made Fund withdraw request yesterday around 1.00 PM. I got the message from Zerodha that request has been processed. I have checked and amount is debited from my Zerodha account but still it is not being credit into Bank account. Previously also i had withdraw request and it was processed and amount also got credit after some time.

    This time amount still not credited into my bank account. I have read that it is being credited within 24 hours and i have made request yesterday at 1.00 PM.
    Please help me here.

    • Vaibhav, banks in India are closed 2nd and 4th saturdays, so the money transfer would most likely hit only on monday. We have made a note of this on the fund withdrawal screen.

      • Vaibhav says:

        Thanks for your inputs Nithin. I was bit worried because amount was debited from Zerodha account. Now feel assurred after your inputs and I will wait till Monday and will update you on this.
        You have mentioned that ‘Note’ is mentioned at Fund withdraw screen regarding this information but i didn’t get this information on Fund withdraw screen. I have below points on my Fund withdraw screen

        * All equity fund withdrawl requests put before 7:30 PM are processed the same day and you shall receive credit of the funds within 24 hours.
        * Similarly all commodity fund withdrawal requests put before 9.00 AM is processed the same day.
        * Fund withdrawal requests are not processed on Saturday, hence any request put on Saturday/Sunday will be processed only Monday evening.

        • Looks like that point had gotten removed during an update. It is added again, Indian banks are now closed for two Saturdays every month. Hence withdrawal requests placed on 2nd and 4th Fridays (for non-HDFC Bank account holders) will get credited only monday morning.

  79. Ankit Tyagi says:


    When I see holdings in Q backoffice it always keeps on showing the stock in t1 & t2 holdings even after 10 days. Can you please clarify how I can view whether those are in my demat account or not.

  80. sandeep says:


    I have recently shifted my demat holdings to zerodha account. two queries,

    1) portfolio update is bit tedious as in, it is manual. I cannot use a simple excel sheet with old holdings (scrip, buy date, price) & upload simply to update portfolio. some of my entries went wrong in discrepancy and I have to raise ticket to remove those entries & then I will update again manually.
    2) Help with how to capture stock split information in portfolio as I do not have exact price of split. there are two stocks like these kajaria & exclerx. How can I update portfolio.

    • Sandeep,

      We are working on an all new reporting tool, once done you will have all these options.

      Stock split information will not really be possible for now, you will have to mention your average buying price for the two stocks. Btw, we are probably the only broker who allow you to enter these information.

  81. VASUDEVAN says:

    if i buy or sell currency or nifty derivatives. what method is used while squaring off in P&L statement in q. zerodha ?

    FIFO or LIFO( first in first out or Last in first out) ?

  82. Jyoti says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Suppose I have Rs200 in my account. I buy a share X for 100 .The next day seeing market going down to minimize my loss I sell the share from my holding at 90 . Then again at end of the day I buy it back at 50. Now I have the share X for 50.
    My question is what amount would My Fund reflect ? Would it reflect 190-50=140 or 190-50+40 =180 (since same day sell and buy from holdings is considered as INTRDAY )

    Please let me know your answer.


  83. Jyoti says:

    Hi Nithin-

    I’m in a problem. I bought MAHASTEEL on Friday .On Monday it touched lower circuit, so my sell remained pending for all day. I put AMO request for sell on Tuesday and again it opened with lower circuit and sell didn’t happened. Again today it touched lower circuit, my sell order is still pending. Can you please make some arrangement to sell these stocks since I have already booked 15 percent loss in 3 days or please let me know of any way from trading book by which I can sell them.


    • Jyoti, unfortunately there is no way to sell a stock if it is hitting lower circuit which essentially means there is no buyer of the stock within the trading range set by exchanges for the day.

  84. Jyoti says:

    Hi Nithin,
    Sheela Foam IPO which debuted today is not available in market watch.can you please look into this

  85. SATYA says:


  86. Ravi says:

    RMS:Rule: Check holdings ,No Holdings Present for entity account-ZW8743 across exchange across segment across product

    if i can sell the stock same day after choosing either cnc or mis … then why showing this error

  87. sandeep says:

    I have opened Demat account in zerodha 10 days ago, now i received a mail from cdsl for registeration. For this i have to know my 16 digit demat account number nd i have checked my dp id by viewing my profile but the id is of 8 digits. plz help in this matter.

    • Venu says:

      There are 2 parts to the demat account number:
      1st 8 digits are common to all Zerodha clients: 12081600
      Second 8 digits are unique to each client: 012XXXXX

      So your total Id would be 12081600012XXXX0

  88. Vinay Kumar says:


    How to sell discrepant holdings?

    Actually, i got some shares to my demat account and it is falling under discrepant holdings. Currently am not able to sell those shares.

    • Venu says:

      Holdings get updated on the trading platform from where you can sell. We allow you to enter the price for all discrepant holdings in the backoffice so that the P&L’s show the right values. This has nothing to do with not being able to sell stock. Please let us know what error you’re getting while trying to place the order on the trading platform.

  89. Varun Kumar says:

    Does anyone know as to why am I seeing yesterday’s rates/calculations in holdings. I bought some stocks on 25th Jan’17 morning the prizes went up until the evening, today also the prizes went up. Until the end of trade timings, the profit was showing up as per the current rate but now I see the P&L column shows the calculations as per yesterday’s closed prizes. Its not updated? Is there any error on zerodha platform?

  90. Varun Kumar says:


  91. Varun Kumar says:

    Even the holdings in the back office showing calculations/P&L basis the prizes closed on 25th.

    I’m on blog right now to discuss if you are able to detect what is causing this & letting me know.

    • 26th was a holiday, backoffice holding prices and quantity get updated only end of day (it is not live). So today’s update would happen once the trade process is done for the day. Kite/pi would be showing based on LTP (today)

  92. jainesh shah says:

    my CPSE ETF buying price are not showing in the holding list
    in Q it is asking to add the buy price, though it has been bought on ZERODHA
    why it is not updating the same

  93. Vaibhav Gupta says:


    I was checking 60 Day Challenge on Q-Back Office platform. I have created it mistakenly. I want to close it but not able to do.
    Please let me know what is the process to close it.

  94. V Guruprasad says:

    My id is ZX9170. Extremely happy with my experience with Zerodha since starting in Jan 17. Some issues:

    1. For the scrips transferred from my earlier Demat account, how to update buy price ?
    2. NCD / Bonds purchased by me are displayed together with equity holdings. Here again buy price is not displayed in respect of IDFC Bank. As NCD / Bonds are of a different class, can we have them displayed separately ?

    Thanks for the support.
    v guruprasad

  95. Kiran says:

    I am not able to sell holding neccltd from 3 days,
    The order will be cancelled by end of day.

    what is the reason?

    Best regards,

  96. Sagari says:

    If I have bought some stocks on CNC on thursday 9th , can i sell it on monday 13th prior of getting delivery?

  97. Sagari says:

    If I have bought some stocks on CNC on thursday 9th , can i sell it on monday 13th prior of getting delivery without extra charges stt and dp charges etc?? I have reframed my previous question..

  98. V Guruprasad says:

    My id is ZX9170. Why, in some scrips, bought through Zerodha though original buy price is displayed,last four columns such as current price, value etc are not getting updated.

    v guruprasad

  99. Saikat says:

    Hi, I’m new to zerodha. My account got activated today only. I wanted to to know where can I see my full 16 digit demat account number and the trading account number. Like in icicidirect i can check that in my demat allocation section.


    From where can i get the statement of holding. I need to submit it as prrof fo fund for visa purposes.

  101. Shraddha Solanki says:

    in my holdings,there is written ,Jppower( T:50),Gammon infra(T:300) & so on
    I want to know what T:50 means?
    And one more thing from where can I buy unlisted stocks?
    And how?

  102. Shraddha Solanki says:

    Sorry,in my first comment by mistake I have written (T:50)
    That is( T1:50)

  103. Jyoti says:

    Hi Nithin,

    How are you!!!

    Can I bid for IPO in zerodha,if yes please let me know the procedure.

    Thanks a lot,


  104. somesh says:

    i am still confused in t1 t2 so I want to know a simple thing that if I purchased some stock on monday and hold it for overnight and next day it is showing T1 in holding .So can i able to sell it today i.e on tuesday or I have to wait for wednesday . If yes I can able to sell then will you tell me the procedure for the same .

  105. chethan_30 says:

    ID: zx9480
    im not able to see my holding in Q-backoffice but they are showing in kite. i cant see Avg.cost on kite so its important that you update Qbackoffice . Already created TICKET – 228007. Kite and Q are struggling to provide seamless interface ,try to merge them.

  106. Abhishek Parbat says:

    My Equity value is showing much less in back office on 26th march value was 1,78,445/- and today its showing Rs. 1,62,519/-. I have sold some shares in between but i guess profit is not credited. I have mailed to you but no suitable answer.
    I have also asked that the obligation charge you charged me every day for holding Currency future which is a big amount is that refundable after deducting my original loss when I square off. Also holding value and back office holding value is different.
    I was very happy till now but I think now I am loosing patience on it as its almost 12000/- difference which I fail to understand.
    So I need a proper clarification on it, My next step is depending on your action.

    Abhishek Parbat

  107. Dr. Rakesh says:

    Dear Sir/Madam
    May I know how to take the statement of DMAT account which I have to show in the Embassy for visa purpose.
    Thanks in advance

  108. KUMAR ABHISHEK says:

    Hii, suppose I have 5 shares of coal India in my demat on 20th march 2017 . on 28th march I buy 2 shares of coal India from BTST perspective , I sold 2 shares of coal India on next day(29th) .

    Q1) Those 2 shares should be deducted from T1 holding which I buyed on 28th for BTST ,am i right ?

  109. manabendra says:

    i am not be able to check the details of individual equity which i sold today…like i am selling the share of adani enterprises but i am not see what is the profit and what charges are applied on it.??

  110. mahesh says:

    I need to make different portfolios equity itself, so that I could track the performances of different strategies separately, is it possible in Kite or Pi? please help

  111. jay says:

    I have shares in physical form. I want to dematerialise these shares. So please guide me about this process. I am waiting for your response.

  112. amey pimpale says:


    I bought stocks on monday 10th april 2017. I was able to view the stocks in the T1 & T2 holdings. But today I am not able to see any holdings. Where can i see my holdings?
    My Client Id ZT4593

    • Venu says:

      It seems like you’ve opened an online account; you’ll have to give a copy of your POA, to be able to see holdings. I’ll get your Sales manager to give you a call and help you with this.

      • amey pimpale says:

        yes i have opened the account online. But at the same time i have submitted the copy of POA and nomination to the zerodha executive which was generated online.

  113. Siddharth says:

    I had received some shares in shankara allotment and I updated the price in q backoffice. I subsequently bought more shares in the market. However my holdings show only the price of all shares as those bought from the market. How can this be rectified? There seems to be a bug in system.

    • Venu says:

      Getting someone to check this.

      • Siddharth says:

        Hi Venu, Got a response from support and they claim that I have not added discrepant quantities. But the fact is that I did add discrepant quantities, and the holding where showing correct weighted value event aftet I bought new shares (T0 and T1), its only after the new shares got delivered that this error happened.

        There is a second issue also. I got some DMART shares in IPO and I added the discrepant quantities, I also sold the shares after 2 days. However it is not showing up in my tax P&L under short term capital gains.

      • Siddharth says:

        Venu, there are some serious calculation issues on your system. Even after entering IPO price of securities, the weighted average of total comes out to be wrong. Are you aware of this? you can get in touch with me for further details if needed.

  114. ranjan says:

    how will i send my holdings. when i tried selling them they go to position. the shares i have in holding is CNC.
    Please help

  115. Raj says:

    Hi there,

    I bought few stocks months ago(A, B,C) but it’s not listing in the holdings. It’s showing NA in the portfolio.
    Is it possible to sell those stocks?

    • Raj says:

      Still waiting for someone to reply

      • Raj, NA means some reason because of which your buying average price is not getting calculated. You can definitely sell, this has no bearing on it.

        • Manaday says:

          I’m facing similar issues. I got delivery for 2 IPOs in my demat account and now its avg. cost is showing NA. In today’s GIC Re listing the Holdings section reflects wrong buying price. It has not considered the discount of 45 INR/share for the retail investor. Could anyone please point me to the right place to fix these discrepancies?

          • Matti says:

            Hey Manaday,

            If you’re seeing the average price to be NA, please go to Q > Holdings and add a discrepant buy price for that scrip. Write to [email protected] if you think the average price you see is incorrect.

  116. Vijay says:

    I bought 4 shares in CNC but in my share holding list it’s not showing the avg price.

  117. Paras Agarwal says:

    In my holdings, one of my stocks (Suzlon) average price is showing NA and is same with the P&L and net change. Is it a bug or what?

  118. Ramanand H says:

    I bought 450 CROMPTON from NSE on 4th May. Same is not reflected in my Q-Backoffice holdings statement even as of 9th May. In Kite, I’m seeing avg purchase price of N/A against only this scrip. Can someone please take a look/reply?

  119. Mohamed Asifullah says:

    One of my holding share’s average price is showing as N/A. I have bought it 4 days before. Am not getting any profit over but the market is running. Please help me.

  120. Parashuram Siddappa Vangi says:


    I have opened account recently with Zerodha. I am not able to add funds on Kite application because My bank details are not visible in “Payment Gateway/Bank” select field. May I know the reason? please.


    • Akshay.A says:

      Hi Parashuram,
      Kindly note that your bank is not available for the instant payment facility and hence you are not able to view the same on the trading platform.
      It could be one of the N-TPV Banks (No Third Party Validation) and as confirmed by Bank they are not providing the net banking facility for Brokers.
      You could,transfer funds via NEFT/RTGS or IMPS to our bank, that you find here.

      • Parashuram Siddappa Vangi says:

        Thanks Akshay for this info. May I change the bank account attached with my account? if yes, could you share the procedure? Please


        • Akshay.A says:

          Yes Parashuram, you can. If you wish to change your Primary bank then you’ll have to send a modification form that you can find here. Check for the account modification form under the Change request forms. You’ll have to send a cancelled cheque/bank statement(self-attested) with the forms to our Bangalore office. If you wish to add a Secondary bank, then you can send a copy of cheque/bank statement to [email protected] with your client ID.

  121. Sushil says:

    Hi, I have bought 7 units of a share, now it is showing it under holding. and T1: 7 is showing beside the quantity, and quantity is 0. what is the meaning of this?

    • Akshay.A says:

      T1 shares are those shares that you’ve bought but the delivery of such shares is pending meaning it hasn’t come to your demat account. T2 shares are shares present in your demat account.
      The settlement cycle in India is T+2, meaning, if you buy shares on Monday, those share come to your demat account on Wednesday. When the shares hit your demat account, such holdings are shown under T2, till such time that it hits your demat account, shares appear under T1 holdings.

  122. Parashuram Siddappa Vangi says:

    I am not able to get PI download link instead I am getting the message like
    “Your Pi access will be activated within 48 hours. Once activated you will get license key and Pi download link here. ”
    This message has been displaying since past 15 days(Approximate). Could you help me out?Please


  123. Abhishek S says:

    Today I got sms from cdsl about credit of 200 shares of Hudco equity
    However it is not visible under holdings.
    Tomorrow on listing day I intend to sell those shares,.
    When I will be able to see under holdings in kite app?

  124. deepak vanra says:

    my client id is ZE0747. i can’t see my holdings even after week . I called customer service several times but still can’t get that. my total fund is also not seen in Kite. Pls help me.

  125. Rohit says:

    my client id is ZE0091.
    I have purchased stocks on 5th of June
    Submitted POA documents at your office on 9th June
    I still can’t see my holdings.

  126. naveen says:

    suppose i purchased a stock at 10 per share and later it was added to my account after T+2 Days after the stocks was delivered to my account I sold the same stock at 12 per share after T+2 days, in holdings its showing as 0 stock which should be happen but Y its showing in open positions.(CNC)

    I want to know if i sell some stocks,will it show in open positions till the end of the market close.

  127. Parashuram Siddappa Vangi says:

    I have transferred funds from my bank account to zerodha account through IMPS and got 15 digits reference number. While uploading transaction details It can accept only 12 digits. Could you help me on this? Please

    • Parashuram Siddappa Vangi says:

      I mean it is accepting only 12 digits UTR

    • even if you don’t upload the UTR, it will automatically show.

      • Parashuram Siddappa Vangi says:

        UTR is a mandatory field without that I can’t submit the transaction details.
        I transferred funds to zerodha account through IMPS on 30/01/2017 but still it’s not available in the equity balance.

        Beneficiary Details
        Beneficiary short
        Beneficiary Account: 05230340001348
        Beneficiary Name: zerodha account
        IFSC Code: HDFC0000523

  128. Pratik says:

    Kite is not showing holding amount and p&l status, because of that not able to trade properly and had loss, also it seems like all the zerodha platform is not fully upto date. really disappointed

  129. GM says:

    I had 5 in holding -i sold it, then i had 4 in T1, when trying to sell it gets rejected with reason “rms:rule: check holdings ,used:9.00, available:5.00 for entity account-zg7560 across exchange across segment across product”

  130. Raksha says:

    I am using Kite DR5238 and if you can please tell me how to view the following :-

    a. Overall profit or loss made in a particular month
    b. Trade wise profit or loss amount in a particular trade, with break up of all taxes and other charges
    c. Suppose i have bought xyz share is Jan and sold in May, how do i knw the profir amount for that trade

    KIndly advice and guide please

    • Go to q.zerodha.com. You can click on the right top menu bar of kite. You can see everything here.

      • Raksha says:

        Thank you Mr Kamath for your reply.

        But i would like to inform you that suppose i have bought some stocks before April and sold after April
        It is not possible to view the profit amount in P & L.
        Any idea how to do it ?????

        I called your technical support but each one of your representative has a new/different answer, i guess they have no idea about it

        My second query is for each trade i need to know the break up of taxes along with the profit/loss amount, which is not available in case if you have bought stocks 2/3 mnths back and sold after a while

        YOu can view it only if youhave bought and sold in the same month

        My humble request to you is please understand my issue and give me a reply. SInce it is a customer specific query , so a standard reply would not solve this issue

        Also if you have some tutorials which can help me understand, please send


        • Yes Raksha, currently the P&L’s can be opened only by financial years or from Jan this year. We are working hard to launch new Q, which should have the fix. This will also give you tradewise charges details.

  131. Harsh says:

    I sold some shares today but it is still showing in my holdings. Also the funds are not showing. When will it get updated?

  132. Hariom says:

    I have sold my shares of UNITECH at 9:33 in the morning but it is still shwing in my day’s profit and loss.Even i sold share of ROSOYPR some days back in CNC but that is also showing in my today’s profit and loss.My client ID is ZE0083

  133. Ravi says:

    Hi Nitin,

    Omkar speciality chemicals got demergered and Lasa has been listed. But I am unable to see in my account. Other brokerages have listed.

    So could please see this issue.


  134. Hemanth Roy says:

    I got sms from NSDL that 77 bonus shares of PCJeweller credited to my A/C on 14-7-17
    today is 18-7-17…. Pi is popping up a box “Warnining…. Trade process is running. will be up soon.”

    not visible in q holdings also
    what is the problem ?

  135. Sarwesh says:

    I have bought shares of sanwaria agro. On every Monday the avg price drops and reduces my investment value.
    When I add more shares it again drops avg price and sums up to the same investment value then where is all the amount I invested going?
    I also raised a ticket for same #749656. I was told back end issue with crux. How many more days will it take to resolve this issue?

    • Here is what our team said: There was 1:1 bonus announced for SANWARIA, so as the client had 2500 shares, he has received 2500 bonus shares for which the ISIN is still not active, so it is not showing in Holdings and Kite, but in CDSL we can see those shares.

      As we have already entered the adjustment factor, for the next 2500 shares bought after the bonus it is taking 0 average price, so once 2500 bonus shares will be credited to his account, the average price and the investment value will be showing correctly.

      Check this for a bonus share example: https://tradingqna.com/t/icicibank-1-10-bonus-issue-adjustment-of-equity-price/15650/4

  136. Karthikeyan says:


    I am not able to see my LASA shares, which got de-merged from Omkar specialty in Zerodha DEMAT balance.

    I know it is not yet listed, but shares should be available with out price in demat balance in ZERODHA.

    Other are able to see the shares in their securities like HDFC, ICICI.

    Please advise.

    Best regards,

  137. Prakash says:


    Whenever a stock is added to watchlist in kite. It lists many values for one stock name, for example for the stock CANDC values like CANDC-BE and CANDC-BL are found. what exactly are these??

  138. Anand Kankariya says:

    Hi Zerodha Team,

    I have done an inter-depository transfer of my holdings from ICICI Direct to Zerodha post which my Zerodha account shows my holding but I am unable to find an option to add purchase date and price to my such shareholding in zerodha account. Can you please suggest how to add purchase date and price to my holding which has been transferred from other depository.

  139. pramod says:

    Can you please guide me , to see my trading orders of yesterdays.
    Suppose i buyed sometrade on 110 , i want to sell those after 10day ,Can you guide where can i see those things

  140. Pankaj Panchal says:

    Yesterday I have purchased 650 share of castex tecnology but I am not able to sell the today whenever I click on the otion to sell them , It shows rejected .

    It is written that 650T1, dont know what this means .
    please help, and clear my doubt if possible.

  141. Prem says:

    Yesterday I bought few shares of Lanco Infratech (NSE), but the scrip name is showing in holdings as “unknown” in T1. Please advise.

  142. Atish tiwari says:

    I hav also the same problem.. my holdings of suzlon and NHPC are showing NA n also no profit or loss .

  143. Mayuresh Pant says:


    I have been allotted 30 shares of Cochin Shipyard on 9th August. To get those shares reflected in Zerodha Holdings, I added those in discrepant holdings. There was no ISIN number when I entered the discrepant holding. Is that a problem?

    If no, when will those shares be visible in my holding window? I wish to sell those on listing day. Please help!


    • Venu says:

      Cochin shipyard is getting listed tomorrow, if you’ve received allotment, you’ll be able to see them on your trading platform tomorrow since the ISIN gets active only tomorrow.

      Please note that the listing will happen at 10:00 am and you’ll be able to trade from then, not from 9.15 am.

  144. Aman says:

    Cochin Shipyard IPO, I am allotted 30 shares however share purchase price is not updated. Even I tried to update it via Portfolio>Holdings but not luck…. Please suggest

  145. Rejo says:

    I have been allotted Cochin Ship yard 30 shares through IPO at 411/share, I also purchased 10 more shares at 523/share making the average share price to be 439/share, however in kite it shows as 523/ share for 40 shares, what do I do

  146. Akash Doshi says:

    I have bought 5 shares of Infosys on Friday but unable view anything(not even transaction details) on my account.

    • Venu says:

      Since you’ve opened your account online, you’ll have to give us a copy of your PoA for us to show your holdings and allow you to sell. I’ll get your sales manager to help you with this.

  147. MANDY says:

    I am not able to see all my holdings in backoffice portfolio, one stock is missing from it that i bought on 17th of this month. All the other holdings are visible. please reply as i am not getting answer from your customer care support..
    stock name: ARVSMART.
    Kindky reply..

    • Venu says:

      Since you’ve opened your account online, you’ll have to give us a copy of your PoA for us to show your holdings and allow you to sell. Please speak to your Sales manager who shall help you with this.

      • Manender says:

        I have already given poa and have received the confirmation email,,,
        I spoke to your sale manager and he assured me that you can now sell your stocks…..

  148. Manender says:

    Also not able to sell any of my holdings.
    Its showing “No Holdings Present for entity account-ZN1126 across exchange across segment across product”.

  149. Saagar says:

    ID: ZB9188

    Purchased stocks a few days back and they still show as T1:5 and T1:19. Any reason why?

    • Venu says:

      If you’ve bought stocks in the last 2 days, they’ll show under T1 holdings. After delivery to your demat account, they’ll show under Holdings.

      5 & 19 are quantities of stocks you’ve purchased.

  150. ravinder arora says:

    Dear Sir

    My client id is ZL7206.
    I purchased shares of autoline industries yesterday.
    But holdings section in kite software is showing UNKNOWN SHARE instead of autoline industries.
    I am unable to buy/sell this share
    i have written to [email protected] but issue not resolved. i have called on08040402020 but noone picked.
    Please look into the matter

  151. MANDY says:

    Hello sir i have been waiting for your rply on my problem of not being able to sell my stocks for quiet long.
    neither your consumer support receiving call not [email protected] responding to my mails .Though my poa has been approved as stated by your sales manager i dont think there should be any problem in selling my holdings. Leave selling aside i am now not able to see any of my holding in zerodha portfolio.

    CLIENT ID: ZN1126

  152. Swapnil says:


    I had purchased on Thursday (24.08.2017) in CNC and sold it today with status as T1.
    What will happen in this case?

  153. MANDY says:

    i have already linked by one saving bank account to my zerodha account, can i link another saving bank account?

  154. Kartik Rana says:

    Hi, Is there any feature to remove/ hide some of my stocks from holding pages.. Which can be again added from back-end site.

  155. Tirumala says:

    I have closed my account with previous broker and transferred all my Equity holdings to Zerodha. All those got transferred to my Zerodha account already. When I am checking my Holdings, its only showing the Stock Name, Quantity, LTP, Current Value & Day’s Change. It is not showing Avg Cost, P&L (Total), Net change (Total) details. It is very tough to keep track of my holding performance like this. Can you pls do the needful.

  156. Pratik says:

    Is there a lag in kite?
    There’s a difference of 0.05-0.1 in the market view tab in the left and positions/holdings in the right.
    Becomes difficult to enter a position at CMP or LMT.

    Also the market view showed the price which I chose as a LMT to buy for around 30-40 seconds but the order didn’t get executed..is lagging the reason for the same or is there any other explanation to this? Does the market view tab round off to nearest number upto 2 decimals?

  157. Kshitij says:

    MY ID is YG3048. I am unable to view my holdings on Kite( App as well as webpage). I bought some stocks yesterday but today I can’t see them in holdings

  158. Richa Agrawal says:

    My client id YV6831. I have traded today on delivery basis. I don’t want margin. I already have cash in my account. Kindly do the needful

  159. Aakash Aiya says:

    I got a messagse from CDSL yesterday saying the bonus shares of Reliance are credited.But I cant see it in my holdings.Any ideas?

  160. Rajat says:

    RMS:Rule: Check holdings ,No Holdings Present for entity account-ZI6797 across exchange across segment across product — Getting this error while selling the equity. Could any one help

    • Zerodha Social says:

      You were trying to sell a stock without holding them in your demat account. You can only sell stocks that you hold in your demat account. Shorting stocks is only allowed to be traded intraday in India, so if you want to short sell a stock, you need to make sure the product type selected is appropriate.

  161. pranab sarkar says:

    The problem is,
    I purchased 470 Escorts on 28.09.2017 & sold 04.10.2017
    then I purchased 480 Escorts on 04.10.2017.
    Question is when i check my holding at EOD, nly quantity 423 is showing, where the rest quantity gone ? and if i wish to use Limit sell order as AMO, how can i use the whole quantity ?

  162. shashi says:

    Hi ,

    my id is YE2311, i am not able to see portfolio and also i cant see my holdings please help.

  163. Rahul says:

    Dear Sir,

    I sell the stock in MKT price at 105 /- & suddenly market price goes down ,which was buy in CNC, Now this showing in open position, How can i cancelled this???


    • Matti says:

      If you sell a stock from your holdings, this creates an open short position on the positions page. You can ignore this. If you wish to buy back the stock, close the position as any other position and the sell & buy trade would be considered an intraday trade. If your intention was to sell the stock, ignore the position. It’ll be cleared by the next day.

  164. Arun K V says:


    I am not able to see one of my holdings in Kite. However when I try to check the historical holding in Quant I am able to see this. But this is showing -100% and P&L. What is the reason?


  165. Meenakshi says:

    I have SBILIFE shares (21 nos.). However it is showing NA in avg. price and P&L. What is the issue?

  166. Amartya says:

    why average cost of VEDL showing N/A?

  167. Rahul says:

    Hello Team,
    I have received message from cdsl that 16 shares are credit in your account for gicre on 25th Oct. but it is stil not showing in my Q as well as Kite account, already send mail to support team but from last two days not received any satisfactory
    answer.ID is YQ6661
    Kindly look into the matter.

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Rahul, if this is a new account and if you have not sent us your POA you won’t be able to see/sell your holdings. You will have to courier us the duly signed POA copy in order for you see your holdings. You would have received the POA on your email.

      • Rahul says:

        What is the problem to shown the holdings, i agree that without POA can not sale as per rule but what is the reason to block view of holdings.
        Right now i am out of india and have plan to come in Jan Feb 18, can i scanned POA and send to email and once back to india will deliver to Zerodha office?

  168. Balakishan says:

    My id YH8953.
    I m not able to view my holding as shown above.
    I always have to look into back office to view my holding. I am not able to exit from my holding as stocks arenot showing in holdings
    Plz help

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Balakishan, looks like you have not sent us your POA. Without it, you won’t be able to see/sell your holdings. You will have to courier us the duly signed POA copy in order for you see your holdings. You would have received the POA on your email.

  169. Arivazhagan says:

    Hi my id is YH3892
    I bought 100 shares of r.com in cnc at 16.90 two weeks before and i exit that order today with sell order of same 100 quantity but it is currently showing in positions.
    How its happened?i exit that holdings by sell order and y its currently showing in positions with profits up and down,so am i going to exit again in positions?i m bit confused please clarify this.,


    Dear Sir,

    My cliant id is YG2281 and i buyed share on monday still it is showing in T1.


  171. Roy says:

    Previously, when I clicked the + sign next to the stock symbol in Q (holdings), it used to show the various dates and corresponding quantity purchased. This is very helpful to know how much quantity is treated as long term investments and the how much is treated as short term investments. Nowadays, when I click on the + sign, it is just blank and no data is being displayed.
    Is this a glitch?

  172. Hardik Upadhyay says:

    i have raised a ticket for exit order failure Ticket #461780 but no response from support team.Are they on holidays?

    Day before Yesterday i bought additional 100+ QTY for NITCO.Todya i wish to exit all total 165 QTY .

    Even till today i have not received delivery of the stock.It shows T1:100 in holdings When i try to exit order it shows error “


    I want to know about an alert who gives me notice to meet my mulitple type studies like PSAR, SUPERTREND, MACD ets , if shows bullish or beariess of my tagged scrips in kite.

  174. Anjali says:

    Mu user id id YX3292. I am not able to see the shares i bought on friday 17/11/2017 in my tradebook and holdings. Not sure if it is because of POA docs being incomplete or some other reasons.

    Please suggest.

    • Matti says:

      Hi Anjali, yes, if your PoA isn’t submitted and processed, you won’t be able to see your holdings as you wouldn’t be able to sell them without the PoA executed.

  175. L .KAMALAKSH RAO says:

    I am not able to see the buy date of the shares in holdings.
    Kindly inform how to get this info.

    • Matti says:

      Hey Kamalaksh, the holdings purchase date is shown on Q, the backoffice. On the trading terminal, you’d only be able to see how many stocks you hold.

  176. Ruchi says:

    I have two questions-
    1) I am not able to see all the holdings in kite “holdings” tab. It shows 31 holdings. However, the holding statement shows few more. Is is a fault or there is a limit to show no. of holdings? If I am not able to see these; how I take decision to buy or sell? Client id PR0891
    2) I had sent an email for charges, taxes, fee details to your support dept. 6 days back and no reply. They replied quickly to my first 2-3 emails the same day. I also tried to call but unable to get in touch. What to do?
    I am a beginner and have lots of questions to understand the system and need support at few steps. But if you guys won’t reply, whom to ask?

    • Matti says:

      Hey Ruchi, to answer your questions,
      1) The stocks you aren’t able to see are the ones that come under GSM (Graded Surveillance Measures) and cannot be traded normally. You will be able to see these stocks only on the days you can trade them. Check out the details here. If the stock is in Stage 3 or Stage 4, you’ll only see it on the trading platform on Mondays. For Stage 5 & 6, on the first Monday of the month.
      2) We’re sorry for the delay in the response to your ticket. Will have someone take a look and respond ASAP.

  177. Vijay Gautam Sharma says:

    Hi sir , i ve newly opened zerodha account 15 days back ,bought some shares same time .
    Client id YI0562
    Already sent POA letter signed & received at your end 5 days back.
    But still i am not able to see my holdings .
    RM & customer care saying that POA has been enabled , then what is the problem ?
    Registered a complaint with your customer care ( ticket #551567).
    Please resolve ASAP.

    • Matti says:

      Hmmm… That shouldn’t be the case. Your PoA was mapped a couple of days ago. Can you check now? If you’re still not able to see your holdings, write to social[at]zerodha.com. Will have someone check this out.

  178. Lokesh Ajmera says:

    I am new to Zerodha Kite App. ID – YQ7868
    I have bought 40 shares of MIRCELECTR last week on an Avg Price of 37.38. They were shown in my Holdings section.
    In the Holdings it was shown like this – Qty – 20, T1 – 20.
    Today ie. on 28 Nov 2017, I have sold 20 shares on the Avg Price of 49.35 but it is showing in my POSITION section as Qty = -20 and showing value as -57.
    Now the Holdings section shows count as Qty – 0, T1 -20.
    Can you please tell what exactly happend. I sold at the Profit but is actually showing me the Loss.
    Please suggest.

  179. Hari Krishna says:

    I Zerodha,

    I m new to trading, and joined zerodha few days ago.
    Yesterday i have purchased few shares. I could see those shares till yesterday, but today i couldn’t see those shares in “Positions” column. How can i see my previous day purchased shares ?
    And also i couldn’t see my holdings in “Holdings” column.

    Kindly help me

    • Hari Krishna says:

      My client ID is YZ6563

    • Matti says:

      Seems you haven’t submitted your PoA yet. Without PoA, the shares you purchase for delivery wouldn’t be visible in holdings as you wouldn’t be able to sell them. We’ll have emailed a PoA to you. Please courier a duly signed copy to us so selling shares from your demat account can be enabled. More about PoA here.

  180. RANJEET MEENA says:

    My id YJ6797

    • Matti says:

      Ranjeet, appears that we haven’t received your PoA yet. Once we receive and process it, you will be able to see your holdings.

  181. ZB2048 says:

    My id: ZB2048
    I yesterday bought Indiabulls housing finance shares, and today it is not showing in my holding,
    is Zerodha down?

  182. Abishek says:

    1 week back i got 75 shares(Equity) of sanwaria and was displaying in holdings and again two days back i purchased 75 shares of sanwaria, but now the shares which i purchased for second time is displaying in my holdings and the share which i purchased a week back is not displaying in my holdings.Pls do the needful.

  183. Jagdeep singh says:


    Same issue price of buying and PL is coming NA

    This is very urgent no one is picking customer care call as well as no one is replying on the mail that I have sent

  184. Yateesh says:

    My Id: ZF1283
    I have bought 3000+ shares of Sree Rayalaseema Alkalies and Allied Chemicals 3weeks back.Today i m unable to see them in the holdings. Could you please check and clarify?

  185. Saurabh Parekh says:

    Dear Team,

    I buy mirc electronics share of 106 qty @ price of 27.25 before 2 month ago

    now i again buy mirc electronics share 44 qty @ price of 55.35 before few days

    so as per my knowledge avg.price should be 35.49.

    but In holding it shows 55.35 why it happen ?

    please resolve my query.


    Saurabh Parekh


    • Matti says:

      Hmmm… Can’t comment on average price issues without looking at your trade book? Can you write to support[at]zerodha.com? Will have someone check this out.

  186. Saurabh Parekh says:

    Dear Team,
    I buy BPL share of 100 qty @ price of 74.30
    again buy BPL share 30 qty @ price of 74.35
    again buy BPL share 97 qty @ price of 73.30
    again buy BPL share 73 qty @ price of 82.45
    so as per my knowledge avg.price should be 75.96.
    but In holding it shows 82.45 why it happen ?
    please resolve my query. IT MAKE MY LOSS.
    Saurabh Parekh

    • Matti says:

      As I said, commenting on average price without looking at the entire trading history wouldn’t be possible. In any case, whatever average price you see is just a reporting tool giving you data. If you’re actually making money on the trade, you’ll make money no matter what the platform shows.

  187. Hasmukh Vora says:

    My client ID is YM7769.
    Name is Hasmukh Vora.
    I have purchased the 100 nos share of Videocon Industries worth 1945 rupees. My Trade No is 2017120775278464.
    The Order was executed but suddenly the entire fund had been deducted from my demat account and Right now there are no any order in Holding.
    Kindly suggest and explain how this is happen?
    Be pleased to initiate proceeding to bring back my share or amount immediately.

    • Matti says:

      At the time of posting this comment, I’m guessing your PoA wasn’t enabled yet. You should be able to see your holdings now.

  188. Mohan says:

    My Client ID is YP5245
    I have sent POA documents using SPEEDPOST and tracking ID shows it got delivered on Tuesday(5th Dec). Please process my POA as soon as possible. Also i’m unable see my holdings. Please look into the issue as soon as possible.

  189. sanjay says:

    I have bought the stock in BSE but in the holdings it is showing the ltp of NSE.
    What happens if i need to sell the stock , will that be sold in NSE or BSE?

    • Matti says:

      Once the shares are in your demat account, there is no concept of exchange. It can be sold on either. To sell on BSE, add the BSE scrip to the marketwatch and place a sell order.

  190. Nitin says:

    I purchased some stocks on Wednesday for long term. It’s been two days but but i still cant see my holding in Kite, though it is showing as T+1 in Q-backoffice. Why it’s not showing in trading platform? How will i be able to share those stocks if i cant see it in trading platform?

  191. Puneet Jain says:

    Hi, I want to watch the history of share transactions done in my account and how the average price of a particular share is calculated. Is there any option where i can view this in Kite or in Q?

  192. Manjunath says:

    I have submitted the POA document on dec 5 with client ID Y4729, zerodha support has confirmed the POA document is received, but still not able to see the holding, Holding the Q-backoffice still shows in T1 state. Support ticket gets closed without proper resolution, please look in to this issue as soon as possible

  193. Shikha Dhawan says:

    Hi, MY id is YO7278,

    my POA delivered on 11th Dec – but till now the POA is not updated and I’m getting mails for the same.

    Also, I’m not able to see my holdings for the shares purchased on 11th Dec. Where can I see the same.


  194. Dharmesh Gajjar says:

    Hi, MY id is YX1932,

    my POA delivered on 13th Dec – but till now the POA is not updated and I’m getting mails for the same.

    Also, I’m not able to see my holdings for the shares purchased on 13th Dec. Where can I see the same.


  195. Manvendra Singh says:

    I have opened an demat account with zerodha. I opened it on 18 dec. I bought some shares and now it is showing all the shares under holdings. How can I see my shares again and trade on zerodha. I put some share under discrepant holding( even i don’t know what discrepant holding is?) also . what should i do in this situation i am a beginner and you have put my investments under holdings, embarrassing moments!!!!!!!! I hope you can trace my account with my mail-id and there is no need to give client id here.

  196. Abhay says:


    One of the share “Balkrishna Ind” in my portfolio went through split 1:1, however i cannot see relative update in my portfolio. Can you please do the needful or let me know about it.

    Thank you,

  197. pagwekar says:

    Hello Zerodha Team,
    I am a newbie here and need some help.

    I had bought some stock around 200 on 22/12.2017 and out of which 175 comes in quantity and 25 comes in T1 holding. Yesterday I sold 175 and now in holding Qty shows 0 and T1 shows 25. I am not able to sell this 25.

    If i try to sell this it gives error as “check holdings ,no holdings present for entity account”,.

    Please help.


    • Matti says:

      Pratik, I’m guessing this stock trades in a T2T (trade for trade category) so you can only sell it once it’s in your holdings.

  198. Govind Prabhu says:

    I bought some shares yesterday but I’m not able to sell it today as it is not shown in Kite and the margin amount was totally debited. The shares are shown under T1&T2 of Q-backoffice . How can i sell it now?

  199. Manjeshwar says:

    Hello Zerodha Team,

    I’m Manjeshwar (YQ8239). I opened account recently. A newbie to share market trading. I started trading on Friday 29 Dec, 2017.
    In the morning, I bought few shares in YESBANK scrip (CNC MKT) and sold ’em in the afternoon. After this, I bought 90 shares in FEDERALBNK (CNC LMT) for 109.4 rupees/quantity. As price was going down to 108.5, I didn’t sell it on the day.
    Now, I’m not able to see my shares in holdings (on kite app as well as website).
    On the kite website, under portfolio-> Holdings-> Historical, I’m able to see it and loss was calculated for previous closing price and shown up under T1&T2 holdings.
    Today is my second day. The FEDERALBNK scrip is shown there with T1 superscript.

    Kindly, explain me what’s happening and why so. When this will show up in holdings? why is this not shown up in holdings? will I be able to sell those shares? I didn’t face any problem when I bought and sold YESBANK shares!!

    Awaiting your reply 🙂

    • Matti says:

      Hey, if you’re not able to sell, that’ll be because you’ve not yet submitted your PoA. PoA is required for us to be able to debit the shares you’ve bought for selling.

  200. Anshul Saini says:

    I had sold 520 shares of urjaglobal from my holding account, but on the same day(Monday) I bought 924 shares of the same company.
    Then on the next day(Tuesday) kite application showing 924 shares in my account. No problem from this.
    But today it is showing( T1) only 404 shares in my holding account and my total invested amount is also decreased.
    Now where are my 520 shares?
    Should I wait for tomorrow. Because every day it showing different things, please help.
    I want my 520 shares back

    • Matti says:

      This could have happened because the shares could be short delivered. Check your email for a notification from us in this regard.

  201. Diwash says:

    Where should I call for call and trade..while that answering machin we’re talking I lost thousands..you guys don’t give any relationship manager.totally downhearted when I wanted to sell to book profit as I was travelling but end up with loss because of poor services..quitting zerodha.

  202. Chethan says:

    Hello Zerodha team
    In my holdings, one of my stocks average price is showing NA and is same with the P&L and net change.
    Is it a bug or what?

  203. Mukesh Mishra says:

    Hello Zerodha team
    In my holdings, one of my stocks average price is showing NA and is same with the P&L and net change.
    Is it a bug or what?

  204. Gangatharan says:

    Average price & LTP of all my shares are showing as N/A. Looks like Kite is completely broken. Kindly fix it immediately. I am not able to trade.

    • Gangatharan says:

      I am facing issue with Kite for the past few days.. There are some inconsistency. Kindly fix ASAP. We ll be under huge loss due to this.

  205. Britto says:

    hi sir,
    i have bought some shares an hour before… can i cancel the completed order and buy again?

  206. Sarthak says:

    I have sent out my PoA to Zerodha and the same was received on 8th Jan. Ideally the PoA should have been updated in the system within 48 hours of the receipt.

    As per my conversation the ASM of Zerodha over the phone it was supposed to have been updated yesterday but I have not received any intimation on the same. Also note I am unable to view my Holdings.

    Please take required actions from your end and let me know.

    Ph no. -9038785954

  207. MADHURJYA says:

    RMS RULE: Check holdings,n o holdings present for entity account-ZL3427 across segment across product.Why this msg comes.I have 581 quantity of Calsoft which I have bought today in CNC(12/01/2018).I want to sell today itself,why it is not sold.My money has been blocked for this reason and can’t use for other purpose.This is irritating

  208. AKASH says:

    I have bought 1000 shares of a company in BSE but in my portfolio, it is showing in NSE on T1 day. How it is possible and how I can sell the share in BSE only ??

    Please Help the same.

  209. kalesh13 says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I just started learning the basics of trading. I have bought 1 ITC share on 09/01/2018 @ 270. It was a CNC transaction. Until yesterday evening this was reflected on my Q dashboard as my holdings. But when I checked the same today morning, it was gone. My account value got decreased by 270 and I can’t find the same on my Holdings page. Where did that 1 share disappear? Considering the T+2 scenario, the stock should have appeared on my Holdings section at least by today morning. Any help will be appreciated.

    Do you offer Sandbox account for Connect API?


  210. Salahuddin says:

    Hello sir
    my id is YY1354 and i cannot see my holdings and how can i know thay i have a demat account already or how to make one please help
    with regards.

  211. Chirag Ravani says:

    My holdings are suddenly not reflecting .till today morning it was visible

  212. Sunilsinh Dahima says:

    Ok. Now my all stock holdings are visible. Pls reply me through email why that happened? And delete my above comment.


    • Sunilsinh Dahima says:

      and please do something about this issue. We don’t have any personal advisor in Zerodha. Only our portfolio holdings are assurance to us. It will be very helpful for your all clients if you give complain help centre 24*7. Yes no broker firm is providing it but it will be very very helpful for new investors like me. We invest our most of savings with trust on Zerodha and when this type of errors happens it disturbs is very much. And pls update your mobile apps. And add some features where we can see our past transactions so we can be assure that demat holdings is not visible due to some errors and it will be corrected soon. In present app this error makes us feel like we lost our all investments. And this is scary for new investors like me. Otherwise I feel Zerodha is the best trading platform in present time because of its transparent and less brokerage charges. I also have an account in Motilal and it’s brokerage charges are very costly compare to Zerodha but in Motilal we don’t face this type of errors and they provide us a personal advisor so it feels more secured and standard. This is like bank account. We can only see our money on screen in account balance. So this holdings disappearance error is very disturbing for us. I hope Zerodha will find a way to correct it permanently.

      • Sunilsinh Dahima says:

        I just got reply from Zerodha Support and they told me to check my account on q.zerodha.com to get accurate information about my account. And it’s very helpful. In this website it shows actual profit and loss by calculating differences between NSE and BSE stock prices. As I brought one stock in BSE but in kite app they only compare last price of NSE and there is O.28₹ difference between two exchanges. So on app my profit is 68k and my actual profit is 90k. So guys use q.zerodha.com for all the accurate information of your Zerodha account.

    • Matti says:

      This was due to maintenance processes we were running over the weekend.

  213. Salahuddin says:

    Thank you zerodha and nitin sir
    holdings showing back today
    keep up the good work

  214. Nitin says:

    My POA was delivered on 10th Jan, why are you making things difficult for us? It’s been 5 days and still I’m not able to view or sell my shares. My id is YZ3103, any update would be appreciated.

  215. Nilesh says:

    Recently I opened my Zerodha account.
    ID : YY9264
    I am not able see my holdings in Zerodha – kite app. As per above blogs, i understood that it could be because my POA is yet received. as per Speed post tracking it shows that my POA is delivered.
    Can you please let us know status of my POA and when can I see my holdings back in my Kite account ?

    • Matti says:

      PoA takes 2-3 working days to be processed and mapped. You should be able to see the holdings now.

      • Nilesh says:

        Hello Matti,
        Thank you for quick reply. Yes, I can see my holding now. However, on 1st day I purchased 10 TATA Motors shares (Rs. 438*10 = 4380) and yesterday I purchase 10 more shares of TATA Motors (Rs. 415.50*10 = 4155/-).
        Today My holdings shows Total investment as Rs. 8760 but total quantity is still appearing as 10 (T1:10).
        Isnt it should show total quantity as 20 ? Why it is showing it as 10 ?

        • Matti says:

          The quantity shown in T1, bought yesterday, is not yet delivered to you. Once delivery happens (after T+2 end of day) you’ll see that the quantity will be updated.

  216. Sparsh says:

    Whenever I sell my holdings it comes and start reflecting in position with negative sing.
    What to do plz help?

  217. Anuj says:


    ID: YC1508
    I have squared off my small position in commodity and received a loss of -150 INR, however, in dashboard, it still says margin used as the complete amount which was earlier taken for trading, where in down below it says -150 only… and margin used and margin available still changing where in I have no position open.

    Kindly please help.

  218. Bishal Basu says:

    Hi, I have subscribed Apollo Micro System IPO.. Yesterday it has been listed already. But it is not showing in my Zerodha account.. please help & also let me know how to sell it.. I have raised ticket already but it’s not resolved..
    Ticket: #379229

    • Matti says:

      I believe your ticket was answered. The shares were never credited to your demat account, and as such not available for you to sell.

  219. Sajin says:

    Dear Zerodha,

    I have purchased some shares on RCOm and Federal bank yesterday morning. BUt when i check today i cannot see it in my account. i dont understand.

  220. Arun Jagtap says:

    Holding which are right now in T1 , is there any possibility or way to cancel order and get your money to Zerodha Account back ?

  221. Arpan Chattopadhyay says:

    I bought 2 shares of Mindtree on 24th Jan 2018. Today on the 29th, the stocks are showing as T1 but i am unable to see the average price of the stocks bought. It is showing as NA. Please help.

  222. Shiva Reddy says:

    my ticket no #751232, till now it is not resolved , my SBIN shares(22) are missing in my holdings which were present till yesterday. the customer care executive whom i called twice promised to get back to me in 15 mins, till now there is no response from them, worst support team, i regret referring my colleagues to zerodha, you have wasted my whole day and given unforgettable pain.

  223. SURAJ says:

    I cannot see my shares in Kite brought on 2nd February 2018.
    But I can see the previous shares in holdings..

  224. JYOTI PRABHA says:

    One of my holding share’s average price is showing as N/A. I have bought it 2 days before. Am not getting any profit over but the market is running. Please help me.

  225. Ranjit Nayak says:

    I would like to know if its showing T1:400- means its in holding in T1 and 400. If I see the share price is high, can i exit then and there or not? and How please explain.

    • Matti says:

      T1 indicates that the stock has not yet hit your demat account. Stocks are settled on a T+2 basis in India. That means if you buy a stock on Monday, you actually receive the credit of the stock in your demat account only on Wednesday. Until then, stocks are shown with the T1 tag. You can still sell these stocks provided BTST is allowed on these stocks by the exchange. The shares could be short delivered to you in some cases and the consequences of short delivery are listed here.

  226. Ranjit Nayak says:

    What the rules for CNC trading, how can we sale and when?

    • Matti says:

      If you’ve bought a share in CNC, that means you’ve paid full cash for it. That being the case, you can sell it at any time. Using CNC means you are allowed to hold the stock for as long as you want while MIS means you have to square off before 3:20.

  227. Priyank Maru says:

    Dear Team,
    I got allotment in Amber IPO same showing in the Portfolio, but I don’t know why average price is not reflecting due to that after selling its also not showing Amber in profit and loss. What is the matter and solution for this ?

  228. Taha Shaikh says:

    How i sold my T1 quantity.

  229. Ajay Kumar says:

    My dob is not showing in my Q back office and my name is Ajay Kumar, so my name is Ajaykumar doing the show Is this a problem
    Matlb ki name me space nhi dikha rha

  230. Linga Reddy says:

    i bought HINDMOTORS-BE shares 100 on Wednesday and till now its not shoeing in account.

  231. Amar Tej says:

    Hi Zerodha Team,

    I have bought shares using Zerodha account XL24** which i created 3 days back. The were bought on 28th morning around 11 am and they were showing in positions and all of a sudden they got disappeared from 29th and i am not seeing them anywhere, the balance amount which is left out also got decreased.

    I am new to this please help me. Also please confirm if XL24** is my Demat account right

  232. V.Nelklington Wilwin says:

    Dear Sir
    My name Nelklington Wilwin today i deposit the amount of rupees 10,000 through kite app but the amount of rupees 10,000 was not credited in my demat account. I have the proof of transfering the amount of rupees 10,000 now what can i do i already call the 08040402020 but still its not credited in my account please help me.
    My demat account NO YL1264

    Thanks & Regards
    V.Nelklington wilwin

  233. Shafique Ansari says:

    I have buy some shares on Friday but still not showing like ,Gati,Unitech,Uttamvalue please look into the matter

  234. Ashwini says:

    I have bought 50 shares of Lanco Infratech on April 27th, but I can not see the shares under the Holdings tab on Kite.
    It is visible in backoffice q under portfolio->holdings.
    Please let me know the reason. Thanks.

  235. Vivek Goel says:

    RMS:Rule:Check Holdings, No Holdings Present for Entity account across exchange across segment acorss product rejecction
    I am getting above error while doing intraday trading..please help

  236. Sanket Nimje says:

    MY id is YM2961
    I have bought 4160 shares of Rainbow Papers, but I can not see the shares under the Holdings tab on Kite
    It is visible in backoffice q under portfolio->holdings.
    Please let me know the reason. Thanks.

  237. Akshay says:

    A holding shows in my id
    Of ICICI Bank. But i click on exit it is still the same and shows in my seedha account in holding tab.
    Kindly guide me ASAP.

  238. ashish vashistha says:

    Can we sell the shares which are being held in the holdings, anytime and sometime? Please tell me

  239. Manoj says:


    I was seeing my shares on backoffice holdings till yesterday but today its just vanished. I couldnt see anywhere my holdings. From earlier comments i can make out that if POA is not submited it will not be visible. please clarify.

  240. nataraj m p says:

    hello sir,
    please solve my confussion.
    if i sell a stock from my holding in a day and buys back it in the same day, when stock price is low and in position it showing profit, will i get the profit amount into my account,.

  241. PRASHANT says:

    Yesterday day I bought 30 share in nse and 20 on bse of a script.
    Today in my holding in kite ,it is showing only 20 in t+1.where are other 30.

    • Matti says:

      Hey Prashant, if you buy shares on 2 exchanges, on T1, you’ll only see one of these purchases. This is because you can’t sell shares bought on one exchange on another until it hits your demat account.

  242. Rahul Shah says:

    Will I be able to see the shares I purchased after submitting POA as I am not able to see it right now.

  243. Sunil Rana says:

    One of my holding share’s average price is showing as N/A. I have bought it 2 days before. Am not getting any profit over but the market is running. Please help me out of this.

  244. Sanjiv Gupta says:

    I am not able to sell share from my holding. Whenever I am selling any of my shares from my holding it is showing active trade in position like intraday.

  245. yogesh says:


    On 18th of July I had bought two shares and was put on sell but it did’t sold as market was closed.
    On next day till 19th of July, It was shown in HOLDINGS of PORTFOLIO of back office.
    Now on 20th of July onward it is neither showing in HOLDINGS of Kite Dashboard nor in HOLDINGS of PORTFOLIO.

    Where it gone actually ?
    Where I can see it, How can I sell them now ?

    Also, I am having two questions.

    1: Can I buy share using CNS as type for next day trading?
    Ex: I want to buy shares today and sell on tomorrow?

    2: If I bought shares today and put it for sell, But not managed to sell today, Then where it will go ? and When I can sell It?

  246. XN8201 says:

    Hi There,

    When I am logging to Kite Zerodha on my laptop or on my mobile app/browser, I am able to see the rates of securities I had added/shortlisted on left side of screen. However, when I login from my office, I am only able to see the securities added/shortlisted on the 5 tabs provided and not the rates. Also, not able to see the market depth of added securities. I am sure, it has to do with system setting at my office, (and no fault at Zerodha systems), but would highly appreciate if you can help in this regard. Zerodha is not blocked at my office, that’s the reason I am able to make a login. Also, I can see the position of my intraday holding but there also can’t see anything when i select the market depth option. Request you to provide the preferential system setting pls. I called your office and given Bangalore landline number as well today but they said they could not transfer the line to technical section.

    I am making loss because of this. Please assist at earliest. Will be highly thankful.

    Under name option, I had shared my actual login ID, however, would request to maintain anonymity of my name.


    • Matti says:

      Hey, this could be because while your office doesn’t ban Zerodha specifically, certain ports may be blocked that prevent streaming data. You’d have to check this with your network admin and ask him to make sure your firewall doesn’t block long-standing ‘WebSocket’ connections.

      • XN8201 says:

        Thanks Matti for your reply.

        Not sure if blocking the streaming data is an issue. This I am saying based on 2 facts:

        1. Its not the rate are not refreshing so as to reflect rate real time basis, but they are not visible at all.
        2. Since rates of securities where I am having position, (Under Position Option of screen, which comes at top right after holding option) are frequently refreshed on their own without me manually doing so, it indicates that streaming may not be an issue.

        Matti, could there be some other reason to this (rates not reflecting on left side of screen, i.e. market watch).


  247. Nazeer says:

    How long will it take to verify the POA and map it so that we can view the shares bought.

    • Matti says:

      Hey Nazeer, this would be done within 24 working hours once we receive it, if everything checks out. We would need to verify the signature before mapping the PoA.

  248. Praveen says:

    I have just opened my DMAT a/c with Zerodha last week. I have been buying a few shares for past 3-4 working days as CNC order for delivery.
    From 20 august to 27 august I have bought shares daily, But in my Kite log in No holding is visible even after T+2 days. The only message I get when I click on the holding tab is this———-
    “”You don’t have any stocks in your DEMAT yet. Get started with absolutely free equity investments.””
    Please assist me, where will I see my bought shares and how will I sell them????????

  249. Tushar says:

    How can I know for how many days I am holding a stock in kite app & kite website ? please help

  250. Ashish Arun Tiwatane says:

    I have bought some shares on 5th September but still haven’t received in holdings.. how can we get this acknowledgement from you?

  251. Mahesh Sontakke says:

    I have purchased share but not showing in holding and also i ma not able to buy any share in my account, i have submitted the POA form
    I have already loss some money because of this holding problems
    Please check it

  252. AMAR GEDAM says:

    I have bought 100 quantity of yes bank at 191.5 on Friday ..but it’s is showing 223.10 ..25 t1 75 …why ??

  253. Mehul says:

    Why I can’t see my delivery in my holdings even after 4 days?

  254. Gaurav Bansal says:

    Hello Team,
    I have opened a demat with Zerodha (ID – IY1170) and bought few shares on Oct 15,Monday. Till Monday night these shares were shown as positions (on the KITE app), but the same are neither appearing under position nor under holding section. Whether I will be able to check the same after delivery or is there something to be worried about?

    Further, I have sent POA to Bangalore H.O., whether am I able to sale the shares before the confirmation (of receipt) or there will be risk of non delivery?

    Thank you in advance.

  255. Jeba says:

    i bought on CNC 1) ONGC RS.180- 9shares
    2) Jetairways Rs.229.88-12shares both shares are going down so i want to sell that. its showing T1 & T2 holdings. isin INE213A01029, isin INE802G01018. how to sell where is the options to sell i dont know plz help

  256. ajay says:

    bought sbi shares now i want sell after putting cnc sell order it is getting shorted in my postions.Please tell me how to sell from my demat holding and what will happen after selling from demat holding.

  257. Prajakta says:

    I have holdings in my account. I want to sell it. How can I do that?

  258. Mohith says:

    I got some 200shares in holdings whe I sell it it show minus(-)200 in position Wat is dat mean bcoz i want to take out my money invested in that…..

  259. Abhijeet Rastogi says:

    my id
    After 3 days of purchase also my shares shows T1 and Qty 0 .

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Hey Abhijeeth,

      Depositories don’t work on weekends. So, if you have purchased shares on friday, it will be showing as T1 till Tuesday end of day.

  260. Anil Kumar JS Vernekar says:

    Sir some Questions!

    suppose I have a stock, 1 Qty holding in Dmat Account,
    if I buy 10 qty today and sell 10 Qty tomorrow (on T1 or T1+1 day)

    >>> Why should Zerodha selling Dmat account stock qty?
    >>> Why Zerodha making innocent clients to pay DP charges?
    >>> Do BTST lost its meaning in zerodha?

    I have SBI CAPS trading account and their they dont sell Dmat holdings for BTST trading!!
    they have separate listing [obligations] for BTST trading, in this regard Zerodha failed 100% !!!

    • Faisal says:

      1. All stocks are supposed to be settled in a first in first out(FIFO) basis. Hence, the stocks you bought first will be debited first.
      2. This is a system driven debit and credit and you would have been charged DP charges.
      Also, enabling a BTST settlement enables the risk of short delivery. Read more here.

  261. Surendra Kumar Gupta says:

    Hi My User Id is YH4570. I have receive following below error when convert MIS to CNC
    of EverReady 40 sale share.
    Partial Pos Conv Exp Response : RMS:Rule: Check holdings ,No Holdings Present for entity account-YH4570 across exchange across segment across product
    Please help urgently.

  262. Vikram V. Dalvi says:

    There is an error occurring with NA in avg price, P&L & Net Change.

  263. Raju says:

    Hi Team,

    I am new to this Zerodha account. Yesterday 16th January 2018 i have bought some share in Zerodha by using CNC & MNK option. But today when i checked in Holding am not able to see them .
    is these share are adding to my account after 2 days?
    it mean those share values can not share as per market ? is this only one day i can trade it ? or those share will be in trade until i sell.

    Could you please clarity ? thank you in advance

  264. Gauri Shankar says:

    Hi my user ID is pu2260 I have mailed my signatures POA form to zerodha and it is showing delivered on 14 th January but my holdings are still not visible in the kite app and website it is 18 th Jan now how can I check my POA updation status please reply

  265. Dhananjay Pal says:

    Hello Team,

    My client ID is TF2904. I am not able to see my equities in the holding section. I have duly submitted the POA form and hence would like to know the status of my holdings.

    Also on calling the customer care with my client id and zpin, its saying wrong entry.


    • Nakul says:

      Hey Dhananjay,

      Kindly raise a ticket for this from our support portal with the courier tracking details. It’ll help our team to track the consignment and get the POA updated soon. Also, we suggest you verify your Zpin under the profile page in Console. You may also try resetting your Zpin on the same page.

  266. sudhir says:

    I am new to Zerodha my id is RC8854 and yesterday was the first day in share market on your kite plateform i bought different shares of around 26000. I also send yesterday my POA to your office which yet to reach i suppose
    Today to my surprise there is no share showing in my portfolio and received messages like
    Net settlement for NSE-Equity with settlement number: 2019042
    Net settlement for BSE-Equity with settlement number: 1819230
    what that means, is that mean i lost money and all shares.
    I am really worried please help

    • Matti says:

      Hey Sudhir, the stocks will be credited to your demat account. However, they would only be visible once your PoA is received and approved.

  267. Gopal agarwalla says:

    Why i am charged brokrage on CNC trading.

  268. Jayantee says:

    I have purchased 10 shares by putting cnc order yesterday. It is showing as T1 position on holding. But I could not sell it today by putting cnc sell order for the same shares I had purchased yesterday. Error message coming is “insufficient holdings or you are placing a short sell order using cnc.” Please guide what’s the problem.

  269. Bhagyashree S says:

    1.what is the difference between realized and unrealized profit with an example
    2. When will the holdings under T1 reflect in the ‘Qty’ Section
    3. Does T1 & ‘Qty’ addition form the total shares bought from an stock exchange

    • Matti says:

      1. Realised profit is the profit you book after exiting a trade. Unrealised profit is the profit you can book if you exit a trade at any given time. For example, assume you buy stock A at Rs. 100 and sell it at Rs. 150. For the sake of simplicity, let us ignore all the charges associated with the trade. In this case, your realised profit is Rs. 50. Similarly, you bought stock B at Rs. 100 and it is currently trading at Rs. 125. You have still not sold the stock. In this case, your unrealised profit is Rs. 25.

      2. Stocks are settled on a T+2 basis, so, if you buy a stock today, it’ll be displayed under T1 tomorrow and in ‘Qty’ after the second day of purchase. In simple terms, stocks bought on Monday are in T1 till the end of Wednesday.

      3. Yes.

  270. Bhagyashree S says:

    1. how is the buy average determined…can you plz explain?
    2. what does the term ‘present value’ mean in zerodha?

    • Matti says:

      1. Buy average calculation is explained here.
      2. Present value is the current value if the investment. It is calculated as LTP multiplied by the number of stocks held.

  271. Mani rajyalaxmi says:

    I purchased infosys shares in delivery on 22nd and there is a news that interim dividends are issued on 23rd I am still not able to see them in holdings. Will I get the dividends? Even though it takes t+2 to get the shares

  272. Karthik K N says:

    On 23 October 2019 I have purchased 20 shares of Yes bank for Rs 51.60 in CNC, and on 24 October 2019 again I purchased 220 shares of Yes bank for Rs 48.50 in CNC. Now it’s showing only 220 shares in my holdings with an average of 48.78. why it’s not showing the remaining 20 shares in the holding?

    Can anyone please help me.

  273. sateesh says:

    can i buy pre IPO shares in zerodha

  274. LOKESH says:

    If i bought a share one day before Ex dividend, will i be eligible for Dividend if the record date falls on T+2 DAY?. example share bought on Monday, Tuesday is ex-dividend and wednesday is record date.

  275. Chaitanya Chavan says:

    I purchased 10 shares around on 13/03/2020 but these shares are not reflected in my account . How many days it will take to reflect these shares. My ID is EN5742

  276. Rajesh says:

    I am unable to see shares in my holdings of zerodha panel. But shares are displaying in the console panel

  277. Saanvi says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have bought shares (Qty: 10 nos.) of 3 company on thurdsay i.e on: 30th april. It is tranfered in my holdings in the qty row it shows (T1:10) 0, what does it mean. can i sell it or not

  278. krishna mohan says:

    NQ8577-I bought 850 qty of Ujjivan shares on Tuesday (05.05.2020) and today is friday (08.05.2020), still it is showing in T1 in holdings. i read that after 2 days they will come into my demat account. please clarify..when they will come into demat account

  279. Ajinkya says:

    I had bought the shares, but it is showing Qty 0 and T10
    Is there something wrong, since I bought 10 shares

  280. Prashant says:

    If I bought shares on Monday & sold it on next day( Tuesday). Do I need to pay any extra charges for it ?? If yes how much are the charges??

  281. Ruchir Dwivedi says:

    Hey ,

    I have purchased 30 shares of FRETAIL by using GTT feature of Zerodha on Thursday for selling them on the same day when the prices rise to a definite level. But when I tried to sold them, it gave me a message that I don’t have enough stocks in my demat account to sold. Therefore, I was not able to sell them at a higher price. And today is Monday, but it still showing T1:30 in my holdings. So, I just wanted to ask that how others buy and sell on the same day and I was not able to do it ?

    My friend bought the same shares with the help of a broker on the same day and was able to sell them on that particular day itself. But I was not able to do it. So, I just wanted to know the reason .

  282. Sapna says:

    Few of the put options that I had sold for Sept Expiry were ITM. I wanted to have a physical settlement of those stocks so I put cash worth their contract value in my demat. It is T+2 day (Monday) today but I haven’t received the delivery of those stocks in my demat yet. Please help !

  283. DIGVIJAY SINGH says:

    My ID is AK7575, I bought two shares of Vedanta on 27 October but even after t+2 days in holdings section it shows 0 qty. CDSL mailed me we credited your shares, contact to your Depository Participant with which you hold your Demat account.
    Please resolve.

  284. Pooja Inani says:

    Dear Sir

    I purchased shares on 8th Dec 2020 and sold on 10th Dec 2020 due to which my account has been debited with description “Being margin blocked for sale of SCI-EQ”.Pls confirm when it will be resolved and what are the charges and consequences

    ID – WJ3358

  285. laxmi says:


  286. Rajib Sinha says:

    My Tata steel Equity is showing T – 3 …what does it mean ??? and why ..it s been three days already…

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