ZT-View Cash Limit

December 17, 2012


We have introduced newer platforms since this post was published. Check out this user manual for Kite and Kite explainer videos here.

The following blog explains you on how to access and use the “View limits” window to keep track of your trading account cash balance and the percentage utilization for the positions that you are holding.

To see the Cash Limit menu, use the shortcut key : Ctrl+Shift+V. Alternatively click on Surveillance –> RMS Limits –> View Limits.

Once the selection is made as shown in the above picture, your RMS view limits will show as below. I have taken 150 qty long position in NTPC Equity.

Keep a track of the cash margins and the utilization levels continuously and don’t forget to use the SPAN Calculator to know your exact positions even before you take a trade.

Happy Trading,


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  1. lokanth says:

    What is the fullform of RMS.


  2. where do get explanation for all the terms use in limits page

  3. mera cash margin kal tak 5035 tha . achanak aaj saturday ko 00.00 rs bata raha he , what is happening here ?? please sir give solution or how to check balance cash in account

  4. 1sabarivasan says:

    SIR, whichone help me to know the cash balance after execution of CO order and that is still to exit. i just want to know the balance for the next order..

  5. gitesh says:

    What is the minimum balance requirement for functioning Zerodha trading a/c …..suppose I put 10k capital for trading…..but some reason I want this money back in to my saving bank AC…can I able to do this..???

  6. Nitin says:

    Sir I have zerodha account.
    I have cash balance of 49989 rs but total available balance is 94500. It means that intraday margin will get according to 94500 instead of real cash 49989, is it like that.
    For ex. If I opt for 9 time mis margin to trade stock like Reliance then whatm argin I get 49,989 * 9 or 94500 * 9


    • If total balance is 94500 and cash balance of 49989, that means you are utilizing some margin for your open positions. You can hence get 9 times margin of the free cash. 49989*9

      • Harpreet says:

        How it is 9 time.
        Sir will you tell me , how much margin zerodha gives in %
        I want to by 10 shares of rs. 10 means 10*10=100 rs. for that how much money i need to buy.

      • laxmikant says:

        sir why my available balance is 10544 and withdrawal balance is only 2953 …..no margin used till date …..4 days already gone why my balance is not updating as per settlement period

        • Matti says:

          Hey Laxmikant, you’ve sold shares on the 31st. The settlement time for this is T+2, i.e., 2 working days after the sale. That would be completed today and you’ll be able to withdraw the proceeds of the sales.

  7. pawan kaware says:

    Can I trade in nifty future of 5000 rs?

  8. Abishek says:

    for just equiting day trading …. necessary to summit income proof.. ?
    necessary six month old bank statement ?

  9. Shalini says:

    How to check limits available against open positions(holdings) in Kite?

  10. SHIVANK says:


  11. Malkeet singh says:

    Sir brought RCOM @ 51.60
    20 share, and it is my first trade of life. I did it just for experiment. And [email protected] 51.70. My profit should be approximate 1.5 rupee. It is not showing in my limits and marking.

    • Venu says:

      Congratulations 🙂 You can login to Q and view your ledger to see the credit/debit for the day. It’ll be updated on the trading platform by tomorrow early morning.

  12. Firoz says:

    What do you mean by
    1. Total account value
    2. Margin Used
    3. Free cash

    • Margin used is what is getting used currently for your open position. Free cash, is what is free. Total account value is sum of the both.

      • Pramila Patil says:

        Today is my second day on Zerodha, yesterday I had transfered some money say for example rs. 100 and today morning bought share of rs.70 and in the evening again transfered rs. 150 to zerodha account, all transfered to zerodha done by using immediate transfer.

        My question is as I have transfered total rs. 250 to zerodha and bought share of rs. 70, how my total value showing as rs.110 instead rs.180 and free cash as rs. 180.

      • Shivajee says:

        Why my account value is negetive and i have free cash of Rs. 389?

  13. dp3999 says:

    Hello Nitin sir,
    When I m trading for intraday MIS&CO You should show us how much shares I can buy with the margin when I m selecting one of the share for buying/selling, so it will be helpful for us to execute order fast. Can you do it for your kite mobile app. Thank you.

  14. Pushpa says:


    Thanks for Zerodha for first day of my trading experience.

    I bought Amtek shares then it has shown in HOLDINGS, after exiting why its again showing in my “POSITIONS”

  15. Rajesh says:

    i am new to zerodha trading. dont know so mch..today i bought 35 shares of iob for long term use. bt i dont know hw it comes under margin money.i wnted it to show in holdings..bt its showing in position. I want my money back as earlier.pls hlp

  16. raj says:

    Sir i have a balance of 26000 and it showing margin used 2000 . why is it showing that ? I am not able to understand what’s this margin thing ?

  17. Aman says:

    Respected sir
    I bought some shares and sold it after an hour had a profit of 160 rs received my principal amount ASA I sold my shares so can I use that again to buy something ? And the profit that I incurred it’s been shown in margin used so when the profit would be credited in my account .

  18. Sairam says:

    I want to hide the cash position panel in Pi. Is that possible?

  19. Sairam says:


    Shift + F1 is not working on the graphs when graphs are selected. It is working only on the Default MW. Please let us know how to resolve this.. .Also Can we edit the shortcut keys for options like Buy, Sell, Exit etc …

    • siva says:

      shft+f1 will work even when charts are opened but make sure the opened charts are not index charts as one can’t place orders for indices. If still you are not able to open order windows from charts you can write to [email protected]. One cannot create customized shortcuts.

  20. Kaushal says:

    I was trading in equity using margin.. after execution of order, I earned the profit… in dashboard also, the profit was added to balance, … but it shows margin used in negative.. what is it?

  21. Dharmdhir says:

    My bank (Union bank of India) account not show in fund menu then how to transfer money for trade.

  22. Pathik says:

    Showing Different Amount in Kite (Margin Availabe) And Q (Equity account Value) ..

  23. HASANPEERA says:

    Sir , I am new to Zerodha , on kite app funds sheet showing total value 7400 , free cash 65074,margin used is -7673, so my doubt is why margin is negative , whether I have to pay , or it will debit by free cash .

  24. abc says:

    How to get Total account value or total cash available at end of financial year for both equity & mcx account in zerodha as on 31st march of any financial year end. Secondly need records for 2011-12 financial year, not even available in old back office. How to get them?

    • For 2011-12, send us a request on [email protected], we will check if we can provide. You can get total account value, by looking at your ledger for whatever dates you want, you can also see positions and holdings as on that date. Login to Q.zerodha.com for this.

      • abc says:

        Thx for the reply Nithin, when you say You can get total account value, by looking at your ledger for whatever dates you want, what does that figure mean total cash + open trading position margin included ( Be it short or long position) . I have Dmat account with il&fs so equity holdings value will not be included in zerodha ledger, right? As far as request for 2011-12 is concerned that I have already done before posting question here, cc to you & Ashwath also ticket no is 820322.

        • Ledger will show cash and margin blocked. For long option premium value, look at the open position for that day and see the premium value of long options as they won’t be part of your ledger balance. For holdings value, open the holdings table and get a holding value (even ILFS holdings show up in holding table on q.zerodha.com). Check this post.

  25. abc says:

    Hi Nithin, It’s more than 3 working days but I have not got complete correct reports from customer support, can you look into support request #820322 & close the matter today itself ? My CA will be out of town for audit purpose from tomorrow eve for few days & then there are functions in family which can’t be escaped so I have to sit with CA either today eve or tomorrow morning to close this matter & if I don’t get reports till today eve I will not be able to maintain my books properly. Pls look into the matter & close it asap.

  26. abc says:

    Hi venu , Got p&l for f&o but no details about cash & mcx transactions. As far as mcx is concerned i think there will be no entry but will be good if you can recheck it & status about equity holdings & equity trading will be required if there are any transactions.

    • Venu says:

      Would appreciate if you can revert back on the ticket. I’ll ask my team to check.

      • abc says:

        I have already reverted back to ticket, got f&O P&l report but scrip code is hidden so I have requested 2 times to resend me report with complete scrip code.No trade in mcx as per support team but As far as equity trading transactions are concerned haven’t got any clarity & for holdings they have given me il&fs email details for getting holdings details. so waiting for p&l report with full scrip code & reply on any equity transaction.

  27. Abhinav says:

    Is zeodha also provide advisoray for trading to its Clients.. ???

  28. GAJANAN says:

    Dera sir kindly explain…meaning of
    Margine used
    Free cash
    Total value…
    And I wanted to buy stock on my Price and same wanted to sell with my Price in CNC ..how should I do it..

  29. Abhishek says:

    sir…. how much u will provide !!!!
    example ….if I invest 1000 rs ….then with limit .. how much I’ll get in my account to buy shares plzzz tell me

  30. Devendra kumar yadav says:

    Hello Sir, today I placed an mis order to buy 100 shares of SBI. But before 3.20 pm I cancelled the order. Now it is showing margin used 2200 rs . and rest as free cash. So my query is – when this margin will be added to my free cash.

  31. amit shaw says:

    i transferred 4k on sat from my bank to zerodha…..on that night total equity balance showed 4k amount…but Sunday morning I noticed my equity free cash balance is 0.
    Please note. My account opened on saturday night.

  32. Rajdeep Ghosh says:

    I can’t buy birla cotsyn on 0.05. every time rejected. when then price was .1 then it exicuted and i’m abale to buy. and sell that share in .05. That was a loss. Actually I need to buy this share when it will .05 and sell .10. So please help me if u can.

    • siva says:

      I believe you are trading in NSE and not in BSE,it is not getting traded at .05 might be to the reason of lakhs of shares were pending before your order as priority is based on price-time, as every one kept same price the priority will be to those traders who have placed the order before you.Anyhow will reach you tomorrow on this and get it sorted.

  33. Salman says:

    Hey I am new to stock market and have opened account with zerodha and have started trading but i have 2 questions in mind

    1) should i pay any amount othere then amount mentioned in contract note if i use margin for intraday.
    2)Everyday contract note is sent to client it has all charges mentioned in it
    so my question here is that why there is a (*) next to the brokerage in contract note.

  34. rohith says:

    i have account with zerodha. today i have transferred 20k to my zerodha account to invest in mutual funds. but now this 20k is shown in ‘margin available’ but not in ‘total account value’. why? how can i use this money in ‘margin available’ to purchase mutual funds units?

  35. akash says:

    what term in fund 1: Margin Available ,Margin Used, Total Account Value plz exlpaine me

  36. Deepti says:


    I have read through above comments but my situation is bit more complex and hence asking here:

    1) I have pledged Liquid Bees and Coal India, say I get a margin after haircut as 1 Lakh and 1.5 lakhs respectively.
    2) Also added fund from bank, say 50k
    3) Write 2 option which needs Margin of say 80k and 90k each.
    4) My assumption is that out of total margin needs of 1.7 lakh, first 85k should come from Coal India pledge margin (i.e. 1.5 Lakhs), remaining 50% should come from pledge of liquid bees (i.e. 1 lakh) and my cash should still be available for me to buy equity.

    Please suggest if this is not how calculation is being done today?

    Asking this since my Ledger is shown as negative 1.2 lakhs i.e. 50k- 1.7 lakhs. Will I be charged interest on this?

    My exact situation per is more complex since I have multiple positions but ideally concept should remain same. H

    • Calculation is done the same way you have said. Interest will be charged only if ur cash + liquid bees < 50% of margin used. The ledger will show negative balance, because there is no cash in the account, but ignore that, look at equity balance on the landing page of Q or on Kite. Note: trade process today has been delayed.

      • Deepti says:

        Thanks for your prompt response. So just to get my understanding clear: On Q- there is “Equity Cash Balance” and “Equity Balance”. I will start accruing interest only when “Equity Balance” is negative…correct??

        Should I be worried about negative value in “Equity Cash Balance” for any reasons?

    • Btw, you can also check out any interest charged here: https://q.zerodha.com/interests/display/

      • Deepti says:

        Just posting with the latest reply so its easier to track for you:

        Thanks for your prompt response. So just to get my understanding clear: On Q- there is “Equity Cash Balance” and “Equity Balance”. I will start accruing interest only when “Equity Balance” is negative…correct??

        Should I be worried about negative value in “Equity Cash Balance” for any reasons?

  37. Bibi Aisha says:

    The “total account value” shows “Rs. -150. How to proceed now ? Thanks.

  38. Vijay says:

    Hello ,
    I wanted to know , what is the usual turn around time for a query to be responded from Zerodha Customer care for clients ?


  39. geetha says:

    with a balance of Rs.2052 when I place order for a value of Rs2000 it gets rejected saying “rms:rule: check circuit limit including square off order exceeds for entity account-zy4336 across exchange across segment across product”

  40. somesh says:

    sir i have purchased 1000 share @9.45 and hold it for a day thn it was showing T1 sir now I am not able to sell tht stock and there is no margin value no margin used and total value of 100 which is left after i placed the order

  41. shiva says:

    hey zerodha, i loaded a total of 10k in my zerodha account 5k in the begining and 5 k today (i.e. 03/april/2017) right now i just opened my account ( time is 10:00 pm) and it shows
    my margin available is 15155.24
    margin used is -835.

    and total account value is 9320.24.

    i’m a new user , i don’t understand a thing about it. please explain the dash board terms and stuff…..

    And i got a doubt regarding the bracket order,

    if i purchase 100 reliance shares ( as BO ) @1340 and i put my target as 20 and stop loss as 10 points and trailing stop loss as 5. what does that means …..?

    sometimes my order book shows number of orders………. if it executes my order in 3 or 4 steps, do i charged for 3 or 4 times / transactions as shown in zerodha calculator or i simply charged for my 100 shares as a single order and levy the charges only once……..please clarify my doubts…….thanks

    • About your account info, best you send an email to [email protected] with client ID. About brackets, every time your entry order is partially executed, a new set of SL and target has to be placed. Since entry order is only one, brokerage is charged only once. For exit orders, it will be charged separately. Check this playlist of videos on Kite.

  42. Anirudh says:

    I am new to zerodha, I have transferred in zerodha account 14000 today and bought shares worth 10280; end of the day dashboard showing as this
    Margin available: 17718; Margin used: 10280; Total account value: 14000.
    Now why Margin Availble is 17718? it should be (14000-10280= 3720) 3720. isnt it?

  43. kotian sushanth suresh says:

    my client id is zw0056
    till yesterday my balance was 4700 + . and suddenly it went 0 today. how is that possible. whats wrong with it. hows that possible. i tried calling customer care no one is bothered to pick the call

  44. Akhil says:

    Sir im new to zerodha i open the account befor same week stil i not put any money on that now it shoing -6. 66 in free cash, what it means

    • Venu says:

      If you opened the demat account in the last financial year, an AMC would be levied on pro-rata basis for the demat account. Your account is in a negative balance of Rs.6, you need to transfer money to your account to be able to trade.

  45. Hrishikesh says:

    yesterday I bought CNC TataPowers 10 shares at 84.10 now today I want to exit this order , but I can’t. Whenever I try to exit this order it sells 10 shares CNC , and I get -10 shares in position. What is happening ? I have 10 shares of yesterday even though it shows -10 in positions. I am not getting my money back by selling my holdings. Please help , how can I exit my holdings like this and get my cash back ?

  46. mukunda says:

    What is the relationship between total value,free cash ,margin used ?
    How can i calculate profit /loss from fund tab in kite app ?

  47. Anirudh says:

    Dear Sir,
    when my account balance goes negative then within how many days I need to transfer money to my zerodha account to save myself from any interest amount or so if exists with zerodha?
    And what is the mode of transferring in money that has minimum transaction charges? BTW I have HDFC savings account linked to my Zerodha account. please reply.

  48. Prasanna says:

    Hello sir.currently my total acct value is -33.this means i owe amount to my trading account.i wants to know wheater i need to transfer a money to my trade acct or it will be auto debited.is there any additional charge for making trading acct negative?

    • Akshay.A says:

      Yes Prasanna, That means you owe money to your trading account.There isn’t an auto-debit facility, you would need to make a fund transfer to your trading account.

  49. paras says:

    My account is showing negative balance..
    Why is that so..
    How can I understand if I am earning or in loss..
    Does the profit gets credited to my hdfc account…
    Coz if at all I have done transactions there were no shares sold in loss

  50. Harmeet Singh says:

    I filled in my account open form the deatil of my saving account in Union Bank Of India.
    But today i see on zerodha’s website, there are 28 banks listed but Union Bank Of India is not in the list.
    Is Union Bank Of India is valid or not.
    Plz reply.

    • Akshay.A says:

      Harmeet, Union Bank is one among those banks which doesn’t have instant payment facility and hence you are not able to view the same on the trading platform.
      You can transfer funds via NEFT/RTGS or IMPS. Check here

  51. OneUser says:

    I want to know how to execute an order at full capacity in MIS ? Say I have 10000 cash and I want to trade shares worth 97 INR per share. I do not know what is the margin for each share as it varies and it is time consuming to go and check. Is there any setting which can consume all my cash and calculate by itself and place order for that calculated quantity ?

  52. Harmeet Singh says:

    Today i got my zerodha Client id and password… when i tried to add fund, there is no bank showing in Payment Gateway/ Bank list…

    • Akshay.A says:

      Harmeet, You have a Union Bank account which isn’t on the list for the Instant Payment transfer via Payment Gateway in Kite. You’ll have to transfer funds via NEFT/RTGS & IMPS. Check here

  53. Samresh says:

    What is margin available, margin used and total account value in zerodha kite? My margin available is 9500, margin used is 5000 and total account value is 4500 what does it mean. Pls reply

  54. Janardhan reddy says:

    In kite app under funds it showing negative value… If I add money… that negative amount is reduced or not….and one more thing that is while opening Demat account they said that no brokerage for booking and selling next day but. Observed 0.01 brokerage i didn’t do intraday till today why it is happened

  55. shueb mohammed says:

    Hello sir,
    Why is that q-back office total equities value is diferent & total account value in kite is different.

  56. Swapnil says:

    What is the difference between Margin Available and Account Value?
    Suppose I have 1K Margin available and 7K account value can I purchase stocks worth Rs 8K?
    The other question is,
    Why can’t a person withdraw the Margin Available? though these money is added through Payment gateway For Example, Suppose Today I have added 5K into my Zerodha, which gets added to margin available can I withdraw that amount on same Day?

    • Akshay.A says:

      Margin available is the total amount available on trading account to trade. Account value includes the free cash balance + any holdings
      Explained more here

  57. prashant says:

    Sir i want to know how much limit we get on delivery( holding) .suppose i have 10000 margin and then how many shares of coal india worth ₹260 i can buy on holding.And how to buy as holding.


  58. prashant says:

    And i like to ask that why there is no zerodha app for trading on windows store or windows phone.why such double standard.If you are creating an app than do consider every platform not only apple ios or android.
    Its really annoying.

  59. Sreekanth says:

    Sir , I am new to Kite zerodha , My bank details is not coming in ADD fund Column . i want to add the funds in my Account . What I need to do now…???

  60. Sreekanth says:

    Sir , I am new to Kite zerodha , My bank details is not coming in ADD fund Column . i want to add the funds in my Account . What I need to do now…

  61. Sreekanth says:

    I transfer 1000 Rs to Zerodha Account through IMPS . I received a msg from Zerodh like…money credited to your trading account…but where can i see that money in my kite website…and My euity balance showing Zero

  62. DEEPAK says:


    I have added fund of Rs.500 using ADD Funds through Kite. I can see the amount 500 under Margin Available in Equity. But when I look into Q tool Home page–> Equity Account value,Equity Cash Balance are showing as 0, also in the Funds tab of Q, the account balance under Equity is 0. I am new to trading, I dont see sync of Account balance between Kite and Q for Equity. Please guide.


  63. Chandrakanta Kabra says:

    I am trying to add more in my portfolio share of Integra Engineering but every time my order is getting rejected. rms:blocked for st b bse_cm cnc block type: all. Why so?

  64. Nipun Chitte says:

    Nitin Sir,
    I m new in trading recently i open the account in Zerodha. Zerodha support my any queries about Zerodha system online. But I dont clearly understand the solution. So I want to Zerodha support offline through Zerodha partner in pune. Whenever I clear the my queries, after that i used Zerodha system for trading confidently.

  65. Gowtham says:

    My invested amount is not showing in the invested section….i have bought the share 10 days ago…and they are already in my demat account…..the total amount for that shares is displayed as NA

  66. Rishikesh says:

    Does zerodha provides additional margins according to trading pattern. I added 7000 today (my day 1) and traded few intraday trades. In evening I can see 13.6k as margin available and 6.98k as account value. does it mean I can use 13.6k magin tommorow?

  67. HASAN KAMAL says:

    Sir I have opened a trading account recently .I purchased some PNB shares of Rs5000 under cash and carry (CNC) .Thereafter when I opened my account next day the trading account shows there is no holding and at the same time received a mail of contract note which shows (negative balance) ;the net amount receivable / payable by client is (5000). Sir please help in this regard I do not know much about the market.

  68. kalyani says:

    In a particular day how many times I can use margin given by Zeerodha??
    Suppose I traded for 100 times in a day so is it possible to take margin in all that 100 times?

  69. amir salunke says:

    why my account showing 0 balance in equity fund?

  70. Shreevardhan says:

    Dear sir,
    Where can I check real time cash available for CNC orders during market hours in Zerodha Trader. The ” Cash margin available” column shows EOD value & doesn’t update even after executing CNC orders. I am using collateral margin also for open FNO positions hence “NAM”-“Margin used” shows mix of cash & collateral margin.

  71. Ritesh says:

    Sir, i traded alot yesterday (Friday)& I have 8,500 /- .
    Today (Saturday) evening ,it showing zero in Equity funds, everything zero my holdings & positions and notification…Nothing is showing.
    Pls help what’s wrong

  72. Rihana says:


    I have the following information at Zerodha Kite:-
    Collateral: 4.01L
    Total Account Value: 3.77L
    Margin Used: 6.31L (NRML only)
    Margin Available: 1.47L

    1. As per my calculation, 61K should be the Cash Balance.
    But, I am not able to see this value anywhere in Kite/Pi/Q.

    2. Also, I want to know how much money will I be able to withdraw from my fund.

    • It is a little tricky to show the cash balance when you have collateral. If you can go to fund withdrawal on Q, you will be able to see the money that you can withdraw.

      • Rihana says:


        As per the calculation of 50% from collateral and 50% from Cash,
        About 3.16L should be used from each, right.
        So, I should be having about 68K(3.77L – 3.16L) as Cash Balance and 85K(4.01L – 3.16L) as Unused Collateral.

        But in Q Back Office, it shows the Withdraw able balance in negative i.e. -2.54L (3.77L – 6.31L)
        i.e. Total Cash – Total Margin Used.
        It is not considering the collateral at all.

        I believe, the system should allow unused Margin which is 1.47L in my case to withdraw.
        Please let me know.
        Many Thanks,

  73. manas says:

    I just started trading at zerodha(today) after transferring 10000 to my trading a/c. Now at 5.42 p.m. in fund section i can see total value 0, free cash 10938.79, margin used (-938.79), payin 10000, realised profit 938.85. When will borkerage deducted and I will get total p&l data ?

    • End of day, around 7 pm. You will have to login to q.zerodha.com for that, you can see the option right below your client ID on Kite at right top of the page.

      • Rihana says:

        I am sorry to say that this doesn’t happen at 7 pm. It only happens 7 am the next morning. It is already over 11 pm and it has not yet refreshed. I have checked early morning also. Not refreshed at 6 am. It only gets refreshed at 7 am.
        It will be great if this would be refreshed at 7 pm as being told everywhere.

  74. rajashekar says:

    Hi I brouth mis share around 6k and I made profit 20rs ,on that day it showing on dashbord ,but in next day it shows empty balance ,pls reply back …..

  75. NITIN RAWAT says:

    Margin Avl. 7k booking a Buy Call for a product LTA Rs.4.2 at limit price Rs.3.8, Qty. 100 – rejected, again place for same at LMT Rs.4 at Qty- 10 – Rejected. again place order with LMT Rs.4.1 Qty. 1 – Rejected.
    Each time reject with Message: rms:rule: check circuit limit including square off order exceeds for entity account-zd8990 across exchange across segment across product .

    Kindly resolve to way out.

  76. chaw chuaong shyam says:

    Hi there,
    I have done an MIS trading on 18 Aug/17 of two stocks(say X & Y). I make a loss of Rs. 106.80 of stock X and a profit of Rs. 52.50 of stock Y and finally I loss Rs.(106.80-52.50=)54.30. After the trading period when I checked my dashboard, I found that Rs. 54.30 (assigned as Margin Used) has been added to Margin Available which sums up to Total Account value. What if I make a profit of Rs. 54.30 and What does Margin Used Mean?

    With regards



  78. Navin says:

    I bought INCAP bse shares, order successfully placed. But when I try to sell the shares. It is showing (rms: Blocked for XT S bse_cm CNC block type:INTRADAY-SQROFF). I was unable to sell the shares, What does it means?

  79. Suthagar says:

    while selling i am not able to sell directly.Some time it’s moving from Holding to position.

    Why it’s happening like that?

  80. Suthagar says:


    How to add Hull Moving Average Indicator? I could in find that i list?

  81. DEEPAK says:

    Today I received a message from NSE and it reads “ZERODHA has reported to NSE that your fund balance +XXXX.XX and securities balance 0 as on end of Jul-17. See details at email.” Is this a monthly report zerodha sends to NSE or “reporting me” in negative sense? Bit confused since I am a newbie..Thanks

  82. Shashikant says:

    Sir , I am new to Zerodha ,in my commodity account fund sheet display

    Total account value 13050.04 Rs.
    Free cash -4079.96

    Margin used 17130
    SPAN 17080
    Unreleased profit -50

    I cant understand the meaning of this please explain me.

  83. Paras says:

    Hi There,

    I have one query in my mind-

    What happen if I purchase stock that is in T1 status and will sold on the same day ?

    Is there any thing that I suppose to be kept in my mind while trading in this manner?

  84. devendra says:

    hi sir i have deposited 22k in zerodha account its showing actual value as 22k but margin available as 44k is that mean i can hold stocks of 44k or just 22k and why what exactly is margin available

  85. sunil says:

    I have purchased 100 shares of SAIL yesterday and today these are moved under HOLDINGS. And now when I expand it shows ” signifies long term holding”. Please do let me know how can I sell these shares (MIS & CNC) or how to move these under tab”POSITION”?

    Thank you in advance.

  86. Ashish says:

    hello sir
    i have open zerodha account couple of days before. i got call from zerodha andheri on opening of account and told me to deposited 5000/- Rs.through FUNDS section tap. i had deposited 5K but now it shows 4989.38/-RS.actually it must shows 4991/-RS after deduction of trasnfer charge of 9/-RS. why the amount decreases ???

  87. Vishal says:

    Sir I am unable to get the mail of daily trading .. what can I do for it

  88. Sunita surana says:

    Till evening my balance in funds was 14.3 k approx and now when I am seyeing funds it is showing zero balance.

  89. Silambarasan says:

    Sir yesterday my balance was about 7500 somthing.. but today saturday my account show zero balance.. i am a newbie i am very shocked please help me…

  90. Ambarish says:

    hi Nitin sir, yesterday I opened new account deposit 10000 & my free cash is 20000 but today it’s showing 10000 free cash pls tell

  91. tejab3 says:


    I have bought MIS Stock yesterday and sold it at end of the day, where the profit is shown as part of ‘Margin Used’ in Negative.
    That should be added to account balance. But today i have checked it and its not added and also now it is not even shown in ‘Margin Used’ value.
    Is there any way that i can verify current day’s available value and previous day’s available value.

  92. Ankur says:

    Yesterday (on friday), I sold few stocks of around Rs 25000 and have already 5k margin available. So i think it supposed to show 30k margin but instead of that it’s showing only 5k today(on saturday). I’ve got margin statement from zerodha which shows 30k margin but application & website don’t.

    An early response would be appreciated.



  94. Mohammed says:

    I opened my account today and transfered 400rs to the free cash and bought and sold a stock and suffered 51rs loss. The loss was shown in the margin used and the free cash was rs.348 but in the evening the free cash was changed into rs.726. Why did this happen?

  95. viswa says:

    i withdraw ed all my money in starting of the year and my account was zero balance till now.and also i didnt take any position ,place any order or use any margin. yesterday i deposited 11000rs and its showing my margin available is 11000 margin used 0 but total account value is also 0.and also if i go to q-backoffice to withdraw my amount its showing 0 balance..

  96. Sahar says:

    Hello sir
    When we use cnc and ioc in trading .after one day it’s showing NA .what is that means. Loss full amount ?

  97. Antariksh Srivastava says:

    Hi, sir.

    I am trading in mcx intraday. I started this morning with Rs 15000. The first profit I earned was 1000 Rs and in Pi cash position it reflected as 15989 free cash.

    In the second trade I earned Rs 250 and in the third trade again I earned Rs 1000 as profit. But it is not reflecting in the cash position it still is showing 15989. Why is it so?

    Please guide me. When is it going to show in my cash position and how can I see my total Intraday profit.

  98. Hitesh says:

    In my Zerodha account it shows equity margin avaibale = -36 .What does that mean.
    Also Four Days Ago it was -4 and I have not taken any trade since then , but still it has reached -36 how did this happened?Do we get any e-statement of all the transactions and effective margin after that?

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Hitesh, you can check out all the settlement entries on your ledger in Q. You can check your contract notes for trade details.

  99. JITU says:


    • Matti says:

      Hi Jitu. No, we don’t provide any leverage for purchasing stocks and holding overnight. You’d have to bring in full cash. Futures and options are already leveraged on the exchange level and the full exchange stipulated margin (SPAN + Exposure) is required to take overnight trades. Check out the various margin requirements here.

  100. Ruben says:

    Yesterday my total value was showing 74 where as in free cash it was 34 and margin was 40, today total value and available free cash shows 29. Could you please explain?

  101. ali says:

    I bought shares… my money is deducted… but shares aren’t visible in holdings even after 3days.

  102. jai prakash barnwal says:

    I tried to place purchase order for 100 shares of Dhanlaxmi Bank with limit price of 32.55. The order got rejected. Status message was
    rms:lt rate not found for rule: check price based on ltp for buy and sell orders for entity account-xxxx across exchange across segment across product

    Could you kindly explain this

  103. anamika says:

    MARGIN AVAILABLE and payin is 4000 but total account value is 0. unable to buy shares

  104. Shankar says:

    I opened a demat account in zerodha recently and added 5k to the account.Upon addition,it was showing that the total account value is 5k but the very next day it went down to 4989.38 even though i haven’t done any trading.how did that happen and can the total account value and the margin available change on its own?

  105. Dhiraj singh says:

    Sir I have total value ₹5478 and free cash is ₹7978.
    Through zerodha margin calculator,I calculated BO for one stock..it was showing 20.8x margin.
    To buy 200 quantity which was of ₹54080 I need only ₹2600.

    Can I buy it or not?

  106. Bharat Bhosale says:

    my account balance shows zero, even Rs 5026 is actual balance when I was checked yesterday on Friday… could you help me regarding this issue.

    • Matti says:

      Bharat, at the time you posted this comment, we run our trade process (between 6 and 7:30 in the evening). Balances may be displayed wring at these times. Can you check again? Write to support[at]zerodha.com if you still see the same discrepancy.

  107. Anubhav says:

    How to calculate Total Account Value if my dashboard is showing Margin Available 3,861.02 and Margin used 14,255.63 ?
    Its showing my Total Account Value that is 116.64 ?
    How it is calculated ?

    • Matti says:

      Total account value is calculated based on your holdings and previous closing balance. For trading, you need to look at the margin available. Basically, you can place trades for up to 3861.02 without any leverage.

  108. Brijesh says:

    Is realized profit is net profit to be credited in withdrawl account or some other charges has to be deducted from this amount

  109. Brijesh says:

    LICHSGFIN. -8.65
    SBIN. + 616.55
    YESBANK. -120.20

    Total. — +487.70
    What does it means???
    What is my net profit???

  110. Anubhav says:

    what is the mean of DP Charges for 01/12/2017 in my ledger statement i saw? They charged Rs.15.93/- for same ?

  111. manjunath vc patil says:

    today was my first day of trading i added 5k to my zerodha account made a profit of rs136

    i wanted to withdraw my money but is showing the value is zero in q zerodha

    • Anubhav says:

      Tomorrow you will be able to do.

    • Matti says:

      Manjunath, the Q balance is only updated at the end of the day. Also, all trades are settled on T+1 (T+2 if you’re taking or giving delivery of shares), so withdrawals of this amount is only possible on the succeeding day.

  112. parminder singh says:

    sir i want to know why my total account value is in negative i.e it is -15.93 ?…what does it mean? i do not understand that. also some past days it showed near -8 and now -15.

    • Matti says:

      You can check your ledger and see why your account was debited Parminder. The ledger is available in the backoffice, Q.

      • parminder singh says:

        i saw ….and today it showing -30 …i dont know what to do …i saw in ledger it showing clearing and settlement and also closing balance.

  113. Anubhav says:

    How to set bid for sell in Zerodha not for intraday but for all the days ?
    for example i have 1 unit of share whose current price is 90, i want to sell my unit when the price reaches to 100 doesn’t matter today or tomorrow or day after tomorrow.


  114. prasanna says:

    rms:rule: check circuit limit including square off order exceeds for entity account-ye2806 across exchange across segment across product. when i place order this msg coming why

  115. prasanna says:

    rms:rule: check holdings ,no holdings present for entity account-ye2806 across exchange across segment across product. when i want to sell order this msg comming why

  116. Amol says:

    My kite equity balance is showing zero balance but q.zerodha showing equity balance.
    Why this change ? How can I see balanced money back in my account?

  117. Anubhav says:

    When i am setting the sell bid the i am able to see this why ?????????????????

    RMS:Rule: Check circuit limit including square off order exceeds for entity account-YS8170 across exchange across segment across product

  118. dhruv says:

    I added 10000rs to my zerodha trading account.It is been shown in the margin available but it is not shown in the total account value???…is there any problem with my account??please tell me…

    • Matti says:

      The funds are actually settled on a T+1 basis, which means we receive the funds in our bank account on the next day. On the day of the transfer, we only get confirmation of the transfer hence this margin is allowed for trading.

  119. Meet Viradiya says:

    Sir I have traded first time today. I got profit of 182 rs. But It is not added in my total account value. It is showing in negative margin used. When will i get my profit in Total account value ?

  120. Rohit says:

    Not able to sell BSE shares due to RMS.
    like to know about it , can you help me out?

  121. Kumar G says:

    I have purchased a share, in holdings the name of the share is displaying but qty and value shows 0 (Zero) why it is showing like this…?

  122. Yn7569 says:

    sir i had a balance of 31800 and i pit withdrawal req of 25000. Now my free cash is -25000 why loke that?

  123. Yn7569 says:

    Yn7569 says:
    January 26, 2018 at 7:40 am
    sir i had a balance of 31800 and i put withdrawal req of 25000. Now my free cash is -25000 why like that?

  124. Anubhav says:

    Not able to sell my shares. I can see there is no fluctuation in share price and its ideal through out whole day. How to sell this share or to say how to get rid out of this share.
    Share name is “SKP” (BSE)

  125. Nilanchal says:

    I have added 5000 to zerodha account. But 19 rupees got deducted . My free cash was -19.
    Why it’s -ve ?

  126. ratna says:

    When i am keeping order to sell my shares am getting this error
    rms:rule: check circuit limit including square off order exceeds for entity account-yc5718 across exchange across segment across product And also the current price also not showing in holding,

    am unable to sell now ,any problem in zeroha,,

  127. Anubhav says:

    When i am keeping order to sell my shares am getting this error
    rms:rule: check circuit limit including square off order exceeds for entity account-YS8170 across exchange across segment across product And also the current price also not showing in holding,

    am unable to sell now ,any problem in zeroha ???

  128. Rahul Pandey says:

    Hello sir,
    I have -755 rs as free cash. (Free cash is in minus)
    Please let me know if I add 1,755 rs in my trading account , can I trade with 1000 rs only?

  129. Sohan Singh says:

    Sir pure month margin mey trading krne per kitna paisa deduct hota h one month mey kee kya koi charge lgta h toh plz batao

    • Matti says:

      If your account remains in debit, i.e., you don’t have the required funds, you’re charged an interest of 0.05% of the shortfall per day.

  130. siddanagouda says:

    Sir for experiment i took idea share at 84.45 and sold at 84.55 then the profit is 0.10 .
    before trading my balance is 500 but now account value it is showing is 489.38 plz explain wat is it…

  131. siddanagouda.patil says:

    Sir for experiment i took idea share at 84.45 and sold at 84.55 then the profit is 0.10 .
    before trading my balance is 500 but now account value it is showing is 489.38 plz explain wat is it…

  132. RamaRaju says:

    I have hold yes bank and vedl futures. Due to loses showing below figures.
    MARGIN USED: 1,62,938.63
    MARGIN AVAILABLE: -13,167.32
    TOTAL ACCOUNT VALUE:1,49,771.31

    Here Margin available is negative, I want to how long this or how much this negative will allow.
    Please let me know how long my CNC carry or let me know what I need to do to continue my CNC two futures.


    10,000/- BUT BUY SHARE VALUE

  134. Sathish Kumar S says:

    Unable to add cash in commodity, if added it’s reflecting in equity. Kindly help. My I’d is cb3933

  135. Aashish says:

    Plz Explain me How Much Free Cash Should I Keep In My Account If I Am Trading in Futures.

    For Eg – If I have to Use Margin and Trade in MIS to Buy Nifty Futures and it’s CMP is 10500 Lot Size of 75 so Total Amount Comes Around Rs.7,87,500 for that How Much Free Cash Should Be in My Account?

  136. pk says:

    suppose i added 250000 in demat acc on monday morning and purchased share worth 249995/- under CNC. after adjusting STT and other taxes on T+1 day my account showing margin of -280. Will it affect my purchse and how will the remaining amt of 280 will be deducted. is there any panelty also

  137. Meher says:

    why my funds decreased by 40rs. Are there any hidden costs? how can I check my debits?

  138. Swastik Mohapatra says:

    Today I added Rs 10k to my funds in Zerodha Kite account. I did not do any transaction at all. However, when I check my account at the end of the day, it has become approximately 9989 Rs. Why and how is it possible?

  139. Madhu says:

    I’m new to trading started with 5k capital,so I have traded share of price 23.5 quantity was 210 and sold it 23.55 and made profit of 10 rupees,what will be my profit after all taxes like stt,SBI,and dp charges,can u give clarification on this.

  140. Sudhanshu Mohan says:

    What is the difference between total value(in my account it is 154007.75) and free cash( in my account it is 200882).
    I am not clear about these 2 terms. Plz explain.

  141. Ashwini says:

    My available balance is 4091.00 then too it shows orders rejected due to margin exceed. Buy Qty;- 100, rate 138:00. Kindly suggest what to do.

  142. akshat says:

    your margin utilization has reached 100.03% of your available balance. please add funds to your trading account to avoid square off of your positions. To add funds please go to the link….. I Received this messase today i have placed an order of 10000 of intraday and taken 5 times limit…. Is there anything to worry about?

  143. Ankush Sharma says:

    I loaded few RS to my kite app through UPI. But when I am clicking on funds it shows zero balance and message is being popped up – Get RMS limits entity response : request not registered.

  144. K Shasaidhara Sastry says:

    I am just a beginner in trading .By oversight I committed 2 mistakes
    1. I purchased(BUY) shares from Deepak nitrate(CNC) and while selling it next day,I placed the
    SELL order under DCB, by mistake. Any problem.
    2. After trading(BUY/SELL), how can I come to know that , what is withdrawable amount after some profit or loss. How it will be displayed in dash board

  145. xyz` says:

    Does zerodha provides any limits facility like in angel broking against collateral of my shares?

  146. Dharmdeepsinh Zala says:

    Sir I am new in Zerodha
    I open a dmat with 10000 for treading
    I bought a share of jbl food of 1401.35 and sold for 1401. 75 earned .40 paisa profit
    After 7.35 total Account value is -10Rs and total margin left is 9989
    can you tell me how the system works….

  147. JAYANTA says:

    sir , how many minimum Rupees deposit in commodity ?

  148. Ashish Kadam says:

    How much I need to add??
    Dear Your Margin utilization has reached 102.14% of your available balance.Please add funds to your trading account immediately to avoid square off of your position.To add funds please go to https://kite.zerodha.com/funds

  149. abhimanyu says:

    i have free cash of rupees 5200 yesterday. i got profit of rs 150. that means 5350 . but tuday i am seeing 4700 rs only total balance. why??

    • Faisal says:

      Abhimanyu, can you check the contract note that was sent to you on your email. It will contain details of all brokerage and charges for your trades. You can also check your ledger on console.zerodha.com

  150. MD wakas ahmad says:

    I have submitted my poa 3 days back but still message is coming from zerodha to submit it


    Hello This is Shivansh Mnai tripathi I am opening new account with zerodha for intraday trading and by mistake i have entered wrong Mobile Number and made the payment of 500 and I cant able to proceed after that. I have tried Customer care many time but they are not giving me valuable feedback.
    Sir can you please help me

  152. Pankaj Paul says:

    When market closes my intraday trading realised profit was Rs. 2500, margin was -286 and free cash Rs. 1200 but after an hour the total value is showing Rs. 1444, where are my realised profit gone.

  153. Ajay Kumar says:

    Equity cash mai kitni limit milti hai yani kekitni guna

  154. Guravaiah says:

    If new invester, What is the max investment limit for intraday trading for first 6 months. Is it 20000INR for buying?

  155. Sudhir says:

    What is the limit of zerodha fund?

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