ZT – Reset or Change Passwords/2FA

October 12, 2012


We have introduced newer platforms since this post was published. Check out this user manual for Kite and Kite explainer videos here.

Changing Passwords/2FA answers:

If you want to change your existing login/transaction passwords or the 5 answers that you had saved for 2FA questions/answers, follow the steps mentioned below. Once you are logged in, click on the file menu and then click on either change passwords or change 2FA questions.

ZT Password Reset

Resetting passwords if you have forgotten them:

You don’t have to call us or email us for resetting passwords if forgotten, you can do it yourself by following the steps mentioned below:

Click on the Zerodha Trader icon, in the login window that opens, click on the link forgot password. After that, mention your login ID, registered email id and PAN number; an email with the new passwords will be sent to you immediately. See the images below:

ZT Password Reset

ZT Password Reset

Resetting 2FA answers if forgotten:

If you have forgotten the 2FA answers you will not be able to login, as show in the image below. The only way to reset the 2FA answers presently is to call us on 080-40402020 or send an email to [email protected] Once you ask us to reset 2FA, we will send you an email with answers to 5 questions (answers will be cryptic alphanumeric). You can use these answers and change them by following the steps to change 2FA answers as mentioned above. Hint: If you save your 2FA answers as ‘a’ or something similar, you will never forget them. 🙂

ZT Password Reset

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  1. Pratik_Phunguskar says:

    I forgot my transaction password.
    how can i recover it or change it

    • Hanan says:

      If you’d like to reset your transaction password there are two options:
      1. You can click on the Forgot Password link as shown in the article.
      2. You can simply email [email protected] or call us on 080-40402020 and ask for your transaction password to be reset.

  2. sivagamee says:

    I forgot my userid and password. Pls advice how to get that

  3. Mahantesh says:

    How to reset my mobile trading password which is blocked after failed attempt.

  4. Huma says:

    After I login to pi, I m asked to change password , but m not able to change. Error msg is “invalid format”.

    what could be the problem? R there new password rules?

    • Huma says:

      In reply to my problem I got a link to an article.

      Please note
      1. the solution to my problem is not in that article at all
      2. the wordpress link sent to follow does not show any option for me to respond and convey that my problem is not solved

      still wondering…..

    • Huma, currently some issues with special characters. Use a password without special characters.

  5. Huma says:

    now I m blocked. please make communication easier!

  6. mpatel says:

    Hi, How two permanently set 2 questions out of 5 questions, so that upon every login it will ask only these two questions.

  7. vijay says:

    i want to reset my q.zerodha password pls advise

  8. sathish says:

    hi, where to change security password for those 5 questions there is no option to change in updated pi version ?

  9. Senthil Kumar says:

    I am use Desktop Trader Application to forgot password,

    My DOB 100% Correct, But i got Incorrect DOB Error,

    Please check it

  10. nitin k says:

    Hi ,
    I wanted to reset my password.
    I followed the link Forgot password but still its keep on saying that reset credential sent to your email. but there is no email i received to reset password.

  11. KOTESWARA RAO D V D says:

    my client id is DK3810

    please let me know how to reset the transaction password

  12. Suresh says:

    I need to change one of the five security questions on pi as it always gets wrong. So, Kindly guide me on how to change one of the security questions.
    Thank you

  13. Rajaganesh says:

    I like to change the five security questions and password on my login. Intially i created, but now i like to keep updated. So, please kindly guide me. Thank You

  14. venky says:

    it is possible to open any client account by your system administrator ? Who is controller of Trading Platform Kite? machine created passwords are fully secured? Plz clarify my doubts sir?

  15. venky says:

    Thanks for responding in less time sir.i don’t no it is valid to ask u or not but am asking behalf of all the traders that if zerodha run away with clients money like unicon securities had done then what can they do? i mean how one can assure that zerodha is completely secure? plz answer it sir ?

  16. venky says:

    Thanks sir Now i am very happy to trade with zerodha.

  17. hemanth kumar says:

    Please make the font clearly visible in kite & Q desktop site….

    Does zerodha conduct free seminars & workshops like what Sharekhan does ?

    • Venu says:

      Hi Hemanth,

      All of Zerodha’s initiatives are online.Have you looked at: Zerodha Varsity: http://zerodha.com/varsity/ .Varsity gives you in-depth knowledge of the markets and explains complex market concepts in the simplest of ways. The benefit of being online is that you can read & learn at your own convenience rather than being restricted to learning it at a particular time as it happens in seminars. You can post any queries, if you have at the end of each blog.
      About your query on Q, it could be with your display settings also. Could you try it on a different system or on your phone?

  18. ravi kiran says:

    Hi Sir! Kindly release kite mobile app for windows too. The windows app is pathetic. unable to transact…

    • Venu says:

      Windows app will take longer. Till such time, I suggest you use the web version of Kite which renders quiet well on any mobile device.

  19. Harsimran says:

    How to reset password using web kite? I am only using this tool to trade.?

  20. Biju chacko says:

    In my market watch screen -Kite app-shows share name, Ltp, change,% . l have shortlisted10 shares in this screen. My suggestion is when a share price increase give green colour to “change & %”. If decrease give red colour. This is global practice. This will help us to get idea of market in just one look. Now we have to Check all share prices “change and % “to know my shares increasing or decreasing.

  21. Ven says:

    How to modify answers to 2FA questions or choose different 2FA questions?

    • Hanan says:

      You have two ways to modify 2FA questions.
      1. You can go to the login screen on Kite on https://kite.zerodha.com and choose “Forgot Password”. On the Forgot Password screen, you have an option to enter your Client ID, PAN and email ID. Once this is entered, you can choose “Reset Password” or “Reset Questions”. Each of those options does what you’ve specified.

      2. You can simply call our office or send an email to [email protected] requesting for a password and/or 2FA reset.

  22. Dip says:


    I wouldn’t found a way to change security questions
    & Answers how can i change it?

  23. Yogeshwaran says:

    I need to reset my forgot transaction password. Can you just tell procedures for it.

  24. Romil Mehta says:

    How do I reset my zpin? I don’t know what it is

  25. Anjali says:

    Undo of registration at web page “open-account” should be permitted. User should be able to use Email address and mobile no. for new registration if a wrong pairing is done due to oversight.

    • Venu says:

      When you’re filling the form, you can still update the correct information and that’s what gets captured for account opening.
      Alternatively, you can also inform your Sales manager and he can get this info changed for you.

      • Anjali says:

        True. It should be so. But I had a bad experience. I am struggling hard for last two days to get my mail address changed to a address that is trapped with a “not in use registration”. I used existing mail address as trapped address was not available. With existing office mail address I am unable to receive password as my office System Anti-Virus Administrator is interrupting the mail content. I am chasing your team with full hope. Thanks for prompt reply.

  26. Hari says:

    How to change or reset 2FA quetions in the latest software

  27. prateek says:

    Is there any way to change security questions answers
    Plz let me know ASAP

  28. Badrinarayan.R says:

    Iam extremely disappointed with Zerodha software. I had placed order in the morning. All of them got rejected because of some weird reason “Server not ready”. I lost money because the orders weren’t executed on time.If you can’t maintain your software, why do you even have an app for that.

    • A few of our clients who were on a leased line had issues, both primary and backup for those clients went down completely. Took us more than usual to move clients to another setup completely. Unfortunately leased line infra in India is not great, we are working on ensuring that moving from one setup to another happens faster if an issue like this happens in the future.

  29. Anand says:

    I am not able to change my transaction password, using the forgot password link. when i click on forgot password, i am first directed to change my login password, after i click continue, it goes to transaction password. When i enter the transaction password, it says enter old transaction password. Please help to resolve this.

  30. surinder says:

    i trades from my mobile and I want to change my password. But there is no option in mobile app for change password. So pl. guide how i change my password.

  31. Ravindra says:

    “2FA is not enabled” getting this message when trying to log in. how to enable it?

  32. Dhruv Satija says:


    I have tried changing my password thrice. Even after getting the new password, i was unable to access my account.The message that I got was 2FA not enabled.

    Please help me in this regard. This sort of issue cropping up is extremely disappointing. Kindly resolve it at the earliest.

  33. leg says:

    after u r logged in ?? to what ?? kite , q , pi which 1 is it ?? aaahhh why cant u just put all things in 1.. its sso complicated.

  34. shikha gupta says:

    hi, how can we change our login user id, is there any way or cant…

  35. Shreyas Ray says:

    I wanted to reset my 2fa answers, but when i clicked on the link and entered all the details it gave me an error saying “invalid or missing user ID”. How to reset my password?

  36. Harshit Rathod says:

    Hey, I created account with zerodha but email entered by person from zerodha is wrong and because of this didn’t get any credentials on my email even though my account is activated. I called support multiple times and opened 2 tickets also for same. In response, I get email for password reset but that is not my account. My client id is zx3641 and get credentials for account with client id ZV4125 and able to successfully login into that. This is critical situation according to me and as support is not available now, I am writing issue here.
    Ticket I opened – #505041 and #943371

  37. sudhir says:

    Please help fixing this issue:-
    I added chrome extension for Kite App and then tried logging in. It’s showing this message “2FA is not enabled”.

  38. Zishan says:

    I am new user. My login was working perfectly fine. I even did one trade today. And suddenly from last hour i am unable to login feom your app and when i tried kite web it shows 2FA is not set. Well i already set the 2fa.
    Before that fund withdraw link was not opening. It showed 502 bad gateway. When i tried externally opening q and tried to logged in. It said invalid credential. Please help

  39. Prasanna.V says:

    Where I can get my Z- Pin? There is any way to call with your support team without z-pin

    • Hanan says:

      We’ve reset your Zpin and sent you a fresh one by email and SMS. Whenever you call our office for Support or for placing orders, you have to key in your Zpin to get access to your account.

  40. SANKET says:

    Dear Team,

    I need to change my security questions. Please guide..

    (Earlier while setting the answers for security questions, i have written long answers. It is becoming tedious to type these answers every time while logging in.)

    • Akshay.A says:

      You can do change the 2FA answers when you login to Kite and enter your password and go to the security questions click on ‘Forgot Answers’. You would then be able to change the answers.

      • SANKET says:

        I tried….. But when i click on forgot answers, it redirects me to change/reset password.Then i am allowed to change the password only…There is no option for changing the answers to security questions/changing the security questions….
        Please help… i feel frustrated while logging in every time… .

  41. SANKET says:

    Dear Team,

    I need to change my security questions. Please guide..

    (Earlier while setting the answers for security questions, i have written long answers. It is becoming tedious to type these answers every time while logging in.) .

    When i click on forgot answers, it redirects me to change/reset password.Then i am allowed to change the password only…There is no option for changing the answers to security questions/changing the security questions….

    Please help… i feel frustrated while logging in every time… .

  42. Naresh says:

    After entering 4 digit client I’d it is asking pin….where will I get pin

  43. Girish Thapaliyal says:


    today i got my login id and password but when i use these credential in Kite showing “MSG_FAILURE” error, what does it mean ??

    Girish Thapaliyal

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Girish, you get this error when you try to login to Kite from 12 AM to 6 AM. We run our internal processes during this time and you won’t be able to login.

  44. CHIDAMBARAM A says:

    I had purchased ten stocks of Rain industries on 09-11-2017 and 15 stocks on 13-11-2017. The average price has been adjusted accordingly but I am able to see the qty as only 15 under T1. The 10 stocks bought earlier aren’t reflecting under Qty. Please help me in this regard. Kindly resolve it at the earliest

  45. Rajat Singh says:

    2FA is not clear

  46. bindiya mishra says:

    nithin ji
    i want security alert to register mobile no also e mail just like nest trader. pi software in not ab level this facility . if possible pz update

  47. Black says:

    client id YB7756
    i have been trying to reset kite password using zerodha kite web.

    i fill up the reset form and system systems says “your password has been reseted successfully “

    However, i don’t receive any email or sms to reset password..

    p.s i have tried this like 20 times in last couple of days.. but not received any mail/sms

    • Zerodha Social says:

      There is a deliverability issue with icloud emails, will have our team manually send you an email with the new password.

      • Black says:

        so changing my email address (new with gmail) will solve the issue ?
        is there any delivery issue in gmail account??

        • Zerodha Social says:

          Yep, Gmail will do. You can update your email from Q>Profile.

          • Black says:

            i have requested to change email address in q edit profile menu.

            now in q back office profile it shows updated email address but whenever i try to reset kite password using new email address system says invalid email address.

            also i have not received any email (in cloud ) nor any sms after i changed my email address in back office profile. (i.e confirmation message not received)

  48. amit gupta says:

    i am not able to reset password.
    Error message- Error while changing Login Password.Password could not be changed. Check Dealer Id or Old Password entered and try again.

  49. Srinidhi A R says:


    This is my first log in and answered 2fa but non of them are accepting the same can you kindly look into the same.

  50. Pritesh says:

    Can you please tell,how to get Zpin?, if I forgot Zpin details.

  51. Viswesh Sundar says:

    Will I get any notification If some one tries to open my account or give incorrect 2fa answers ?

  52. Ajay Patil says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I am really upset with zerodha team now day. Because.
    I have never requested you to change bank account details.
    How can your team change bank account details(as you know how much this important).

    this is the second time your team is doing like this.
    how can we trust zerodha.? revert it.

    .As this is the second time you guys are doing.
    1. First time your team has updated some other address to my address (without my request) i.e. also some MadyaPradesh address which is irrelvent to me.
    2.Now you guys are changing my bank account details without my request.

    I am feeling now. how can i trust Zerodha ? if i didn’t saw this message ,what would have been happened ? I am wondering

    below is the message i got from below mutual fund(which is in zerodha)
    Your request for change of bank account details in folio XXXXX/XXX has been processed.
    A confirmation will be sent to you shortly.

    Ajay Patil

  53. Angsuman says:

    Since morning I’m asking to help me with forgot password issue,till now I didn’t get the required help! Really frustrated with you service.

  54. Bala Guru Nathan C says:

    Hi Team,

    Can anyone guide how do i change answers to one of the security questions for logging in to zerodha.

  55. Kaibalya Kumar Behera says:

    Today I try to change my password. But it keep saying that msg failure and invalid response from oms.
    What I should I do plz suggest me…

  56. Anup sharma says:

    Dear Zerodha team,

    Kindly call me , u teach trading. I want to learn.

    Kindly Update and suggest me.

  57. bharath says:

    Is it possible for me to change my PAN number
    i have mistakenly entered it wrong when i was logging in for the first time.

  58. Bhuvanesh says:

    How to change new password ????

  59. MANOJ GUPTA says:

    How to change 2fa questions and ans in kite …… as now I use kite only …. not ztrader

  60. Vikas Tehlan says:

    I’m new to Zerodha but after login Id and password it’s not logging in saying 2fa what is please guide me how to open kite app

  61. Tony says:

    I signed up but not able to create client name or password.

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