ZT – Login, Passwords, 2FA Authentication

October 10, 2012


We have introduced newer platforms since this post was published. Check out this user manual for Kite and Kite explainer videos here.

Once the installation of ZT is complete, you will require the login ID and password before starting to trade. You would have received your passwords in an email from [email protected]

Follow the process mentioned below to login to the trading platform.

Step 1: Login to your registered email ID and look for an email from [email protected] You will see an email which would look like what is shown below:

ZT Login Passwords

Step 2: As you will see the login ID at Zerodha is a six character alpha numeric ID, 2 alphabets followed by 4 numerals.

You will also see 2 passwords: a Login password required to login to the platform and a Transaction password required before placing a trade. Do note that the transaction password won’t be asked every time you trade, it will be asked only once when you login to the platform or whenever you logout and re-login.

Step 3: Double click on the Zerodha Trader icon on your desktop(you can also right click on the Ztrader icon and click on the option “run as administrator”), mention your login ID and click on Go. Now mention your password and click on “confirm scrips download’ and “launch plus” and then click on login. Look at the image below:

ZT Login

Step 4: As an authentication measure, you are now asked to choose a display image from a list of 5 images. This image will be displayed every time you login subsequent to this login. Choose any 1 image and click on save as shown below:

ZT Secure Access Image

Step 5: As part of a 2-factor authentication (2FA) mandated by SEBI, we need 2 extra levels of security other than just the login password. The display image mentioned above acts as the first authentication and for the second authentication, you are asked to answer 5 questions amongst a random bunch of questions. Every time you login after that, you will be asked to answer 2 of these 5 questions randomly, failing which you will not be able to login. Ensure that you are sure about the answers you mention and remember them, but if you want to keep it easy, you can answer all the 5 questions with just ‘ a’ or something similar. Check out the image below:

ZT 2 – Factor Authentication (2FA)

Step 6: Either the first time you login or every time you reset your password, when you are logging in you will get the following message next, Click on OK.

ZT Login Password

Step 7: You will see the following image after this. Mention your old login password that has been sent to you on the email (step1), Change the password, by mentioning the new login password twice. Once you change the login password, you will be prompted to change the transaction password. Follow steps 1 to 4.

ZT Login Password

Step 8: Once you change the password, you will see a progress bar which shows the download of scrip files. This might take upto 15 minutes the first time you are logging in and you will see the progress bar slowing down or stalling at 35% as almost 16000 different F&O contracts will be downloading at this time. Check the image below:

ZT Scrips Download

Step 9: Once the progress bar above reaches 100%, you will see the window as shown below. You will see a window asking if you are already registered on Nest Plus or not, and if not you will get an option to register. Your account with Zerodha will come to you pre-enabled on Nest Plus, but this might take upto 24 hours. If you don’t want to wait for that long, you can go ahead and register immediately, it will be an instant registration. Details of Nest plus will be mentioned in a future blog. Nest Plus is used for various advanced features as mentioned in this link.

Nest Plus

You are logged in and set to go now!

Happy Trading,


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  1. suvajit says:

    My Trading Account have been activated yesterday & I received passwords in my mail. Today when I tried to log in for first time in ZT or Web Platform it says USER IS BOLCKED. My Login ID is DS1975. I can login to the backoffice however…plzz help.

    • Nithin Kamath says:

      Resetting it now, but send these requests to [email protected] in the future.

      • s d umashnakar says:


        Zerodha can provide OTP (from mobile ) login as additional secured login.


        • Matti says:

          We’ve considered this in the past, but SMS delivery has always been patchy and this is not worth the trouble when OTP isn’t delivered.

          • Vinayaka S says:

            If SMS is buggy then consider other Authentication methods like Google Authenticator. I don’t feel safe just by password and security questions. SMS/Authenticator don’t make mandatory but provide as extra option for those who feel the Need for more security.

            • Matti says:

              Will consider this, but it’ll take some time.

              • Kunj Krishna says:

                Vinayaka correctly said. Even I feel insecure about this. In case OTP thing is an issue the better option is to enable email/SMS service whenever a new machine (either mobile/PC) is used to log in into the Zerodha account, the way Gmail send us an email when we login by a new device.

                • Matti says:

                  This notification when your account is logged in on a new device is in the works and should be live soon. In the meanwhile, you can set up TOTP on Kite as explained here.

      • Amit says:

        Maine friday ko e-sign kiya aur mere email pe welcome onboard message aaya jisme client ID tha but 24hrs k baad v password nhi aaya

        Kya ye saturday sunday k wajah se avi tak nhi aaya

    • suvajit says:

      ok thanks..

    • rajesh j says:

      am the new user on zerodha i tryed to login 1st time and i get blocked am not able to login please do the needful t

  2. gksagar2011 says:

    Yesterday I have opened Trading account But when I tried to login it showing user blocked Why?

  3. my trading account has been activated yesterday. when i logged in to ZT, it is saying Nest plus is a plug in on ZT and takes 24 Hrs and to activate it immediately, click Yes.
    what is the login for this.

  4. varun says:

    how much time to take for loginfirst time

    • Varun,

      The first time the platform downloads over 20,000 scrips and hence can take between 3 to 10 minutes based on your system and internet speed. It will be much faster from the second time onwards.


  5. Karthick says:

    i tried to log in at trade.zerodha.com as I cannot install the software in my system

    But its not logging in,The page simply stays there(login screen) after pressing the log in button

  6. Karthick says:

    Thanks for your support.
    It is working now, it may be due to server error in the morning.

  7. rav.prasad says:

    how to change password in nest plus

    • Hanan says:

      Changing your password in Nest Plus is actually unnecessary because all Zerodha accounts are directly mapped to Nest Plus. You just need to select the “Launch Plus” button and login for seamless connectivity between ZT and Nest Plus.
      If you really need to change your password on Nest Plus, do it from the website plus.omnesysindia.com

  8. abi says:

    now i tried to open my trading account it shows user is blocked,why it is?

  9. paul john says:

    My Trading Account have been activated yesterday & I received passwords in my mail. Today when I tried to log in for first time in ZT or Web Platform it says USER IS BOLCKED. My Login ID is RP1370. I can login to the backoffice however…plzz help.

  10. Sakthi says:

    My id is DJ9810 & it’s a trading account.
    After loging in aerodha trader i can’t view all the exchanges and downloads (as per step 8) & how to get OHLC, candle stick charts.

  11. manjunatha g r says:

    i reset my login password successfully. but when i try to reset my transaction password it is asking enter your old transaction password again and again, and password could not changed.
    kilndly help me to reset….

  12. I am not able to reset my transaction password, do I need to reset my password as well to rest my transaction password.

    Please help…


  13. ashok says:

    I am existing user in zerodha.can you please tell me How can i change my secure image?

  14. MC SARAVANAN says:

    My user name : DS2839 and trying to reset my password but forgot my authentication answers since it was a long time usage.

    Now I want to use it effectively, would you able to help me !!!



  15. GK says:

    I’m new customer. Installed NEST Trader.But getting below message. NEST INSTALLATION FAILED FOR INTERACTIVE ENGINE : <>

  16. pranav parekh says:

    this is ridiculous…I cant imagine, company like zerodha can provide their users trading platform like this. Very poorly designed and hopeless. Definitely engineers who created codes for this were poor quality and looted zerodha in software development.
    My ID is blocked as wrong answers now I don’t know what to do.

  17. Pradeep Bastia says:

    I am a new customer wanted to have zerodha pi but didn’t get any link to download. Also tried to login Q but it is asking for Customer Id where as I didn’t receive any customer id, only I have userid which is “DP2620”. Could you please help me to get pi install in my machine?

    • Pradeep user ID for Q is the same DP2620. You would have received a welcome letter with password to Q. If you don’t have it, use the forgot password on Q. Trading password and backoffice password is different.

  18. Pavan says:

    which is better nest or pi.??

  19. Please send me a link for zerodha PI to download in my desktop.


  20. Venu Madhav says:

    Everything that you need to know on how to trade is available on this link: http://zerodha.com/z-connect/category/tradezerodha

  21. santa nu says:

    forget transaction passwd

  22. GURUVELSAMY says:

    How can I change my 2FA security questions?

  23. raju says:

    how can i change my security questions

  24. Ramesh says:

    I am a new customer. Just received my login and passwords etc last week. But I did try via kite app in my moble it is not getting logged in at all and always says wrong 2fa answers. But if I try via web browser from my mobile or laptop am able to login and use it. May I know why am not able login via moblle.

  25. G.S.SIVARAM says:

    I have created a zerodha account just now. I made the payment for the Equity and currency (Rs.300). I dont know what is my client id and passoword.Can someone please send me my client id and password

  26. Avinash Ankolekar says:

    How to change the registered email id of my zerodha account

  27. Madhurjya saikia says:

    I want to change my security questions. Please guide me.

  28. tejas says:

    if i had to change security then what is the procedure

  29. NILOY BISWAS says:

    I have applied for opening a trading account with Zerodha in early April. I have sent all the necessary documents to Zerodha. They have also received all the documents and verified and confirmed them on 12/04/2017. However since then I have yet not received the login credentials. I have repeatedly followed up with the sales manager as well as with the support team. However, no progress has been made. Kindly suggest a suitable method to resolve issue quickly.

  30. Premanand says:

    Sir…i have created an account in zerodha 2 years back..i have to revive back my reading account.. so kindly direct me with the further proceedings.



  31. Manojkumar Sharma says:

    How can I change the language in kite mobile app???

  32. Vikas says:

    I have open demat account yesterday only client I’d sent in mail not password when login credentials

  33. ashutosh says:

    My Trading Account have been activated yesterday & I received passwords in my mail. Today when I tried to log in for first time in ZT or Web Platform it says USER IS BOLCKED. My Login ID is YA5698 . I can login to the backoffice however…plzz help.

  34. Dhrubajyoti Nath says:

    sir,today I received backoffice login ID and password..but kite login password not receive yet..



  36. Sowmya says:

    Hi ,

    I completed the procedures for demat and trading account creation using Aadhar . But yet to receive the login/password in mail. I couriered the POA . Do I need to submit any other document for account generation ?


    • Zerodha Social says:

      How Sowmya, that’s it. Due to the long Diwali weekend, the generation of your login credentials might be delayed. You will receive an email when they are.

  37. shankar reddy says:

    i am using zerodha pi but how to use zerodha kite can i use both the platform


    I open account at zero dha on 23 october. Everything is okay . But i don’t receive my login credentials in my email. Please guide me what are the processes after register om zero dha?

  39. Antariksh Srivastava says:

    My Login ID is YA4450. Didn’t get any welcome letter and passwords yet. Please help.

  40. Black says:

    my client id is YB7756
    i have set up password on zerodha q
    i want to login into zerodha kite,
    1- do i have to use same id for zerodha q as well as zerodha kite?
    2- i have tried like 10-15 times to login to zerodha kite using same zerodha q id and zerodha q password but have not succeeded.
    3 – whenever i try to reset password for zerodha kite, the system either says invalid client id or user is blocked (so system never sent me any email to reset zerodha kite password but system sends emails when i try to reset password for zerodha q)
    4- do i need pc to login into zerodha kite? i have never used pc (all those login attempts have been made on my phone)

    • Matti says:

      The Kite and Q passwords aren’t the same. The system generated password for Kite is sent sometime AFTER the Q password is sent. Please check your email and use that password to log in. If you see a message saying your account is blocked, you’ll have to call customer support and get it unblocked. The ID remains the same for Kite and Q, but the passwords aren’t.

  41. Aparajita says:

    I have registered for a trading account yesterday. How long will it take to get trading ID and password. Is there any mobile app developed by Zerodha for on line trading in IOS.

  42. Karthikeyan. S says:

    My login id is YG0229
    Whenever I get logged in to 2fa authentication it always says that the 2fa answers are incorrect even though I have entered it correctly.

  43. shiv says:

    how do i reset my security question and answer

  44. Vishveshwar says:

    How do i change my security questions ?

  45. Radhe shyam says:

    When I login in zerodha
    There write internal error occurred
    I m new user

  46. Anuj says:

    I recently opened my account using e-sign features.
    I have couriered the documents today to Zerodha office.
    After I opened my account online I had received a mail with my client id.
    Somehow I am not able to find the mail with client id.
    How do I proceed?

  47. Rajesh says:

    Hi team,

    I am trying to reach the support but I do know the the ZPIN. Can you please help. This is with regards to a query that I have with trade done.

  48. Abhijeet Sontakke says:

    Hii Sir,
    I am trying to log in in Pi with my Q login id and password but it is saying that my password is invalid.So what should i do?

    • Matti says:

      Abhijeet, the login credentials for Q and Pi are different. Please use the password for the trading platform. You’ll have received a separate email with subject line ‘User successfully added’.

  49. Jayu says:

    1. From how and where can i change my login password?
    2. Can I customize my login id. Like we do for ICICI netbankig?
    3. When zpin is required and can i change that? From where?

  50. Bhargav says:

    Zipn ke bina call centar me call nahi kar sakte or login hota he to aage nahi jata n.a. poa ke bare me info mili

  51. Shubhashri mollik says:

    I got my client id yesterday but still have not got my password

  52. Simang says:

    Sir I tried to log in my account but it says Gateway time out…What the reason sir….

  53. kunal says:

    How to user friendly login? it is too irritating.

  54. Prabhu Ram Mandawi says:

    I have open demat account on 20 March 2018, only client I’d sent in mail not password when login credentials


  55. Manjari D says:

    I hv my user id and login reset but I am not able to login to kite. I didn’t receive any transaction password. Pls help xs7357


    I am MURALI KRISHNA MINNAL having account,but I forgotten my account user id.so pls guide me on this issue.my cell number
    Thanking you sir.

  57. Pintesh says:

    Hi, I want to change answers of security questions. From where may I change that?

  58. Tamilarasu says:

    My Trading Account have been activated yesterday but not received user ID & password mail.why?

  59. chaudhari hilesh says:

    today i have try to logged in but message appear like”user block contact system administrator.” as this message appears when account blocked due to couple of wrong attempt.
    i have reset my password and 2f question five times. every time i had changed my password i was able to logged in only once and same message appears as above when login again.and account closed. pleas help how could manage to logged in.


  60. mohd shoaib khan says:

    sir i have creat an account of trading and commudity and i have paid 500 for account opening but not yet recieved any info. from zerodha. 2 attachment received on my mail id and i creat an account of digilocker but no info given by zerodha so i want to know full process of client id plz give me all info. in hindi.
    thank you!

  61. Ravi says:

    I getting below massage while login

    Request failed (kitetrade-xmlapi)

    How to resolve this error?


  62. Ashutosh tiwari says:

    I getting below message while login
    Request fail (kitetrade-xmlapi)

    Please resolve this problem.

    • Matti says:

      Hi Ashutosh, this happens when there are and maintenance processes being run (in off-market hours). This should have been resolved by 7:30 AM.

  63. Archit says:

    I sm login my account
    But error will be seen request fail (kitetrade-xmalapi)

    • Matti says:

      Hi Archit, we run daily maintenance on our systems between 1 AM and 5 AM. You should be able to log in during the day though.

  64. Akash Kalantri says:

    I had done my kyc on 26.6.2018.My demat account got opened on 2.11.2018(as per sms from NSE).But still i have not got my login credentials from zerodha to login into kite and start trading.Since last fifteen days i am calling to customer care of zerodha ,sending mail on support.But the only thing done is they raise my ticket and no action is taken yet.I just want to know after how many years i will get my login credentials.is there anyone at zerodha who can listen to my problem.I am now loosing confidence over zerodha

  65. PRAKASH R says:

    I forget my login id and password .
    Please tell me how to get it.

  66. Raman Yadav says:

    Sir mujhe blocked kar diya gaya hai support team se contact karne par re-pin manga jaa rha hai. Pleas help

  67. Gwmsa Basumatary says:

    I answered the 2fa questions even though it is showed me wrong, how can i solve the problem. Please give me some ways or advices.

  68. siddharth ubale says:

    Again same problem (kitetrade-xmlapi), better solve it fast before market starts.

  69. Suman says:


    I have a account with zerodha currently enabled for F&O and equities. I would like the same to be enabled for Commodity product as well, I read the entire zerodha procedure to enable it and did follow all the procedure like login account, password reset page and fill in the details requested like Pan number, account..etc.. But once filled and submitted I am getting a server 505 error.

    I have been chasing the customer support for the past few days.. but no help from it.

    Can you please help it

  70. Vikram V. Dalvi says:

    I am getting the error Request failed (kitetrade-xmlapi).
    This is a serious issue and causing us a loss if we want to exit the trade.
    Zerodha should ensure that such error are not caused every now and then.

    Zerodha platform has become very slow and is sluggish to response.
    Some times the system response is very good while most of the times it non responsive.

    • Faisal says:

      Vikram, when did you come across this issue while logging in?
      Can you share the time/date and the device you are using so that we can have it checked?

  71. Shree KAKADE says:

    Dear sir,
    My Question is
    1. How to use zt means where
    2 my pi software not working .error is the remote server returned an error. server unavailable


    I have login id and password in zerodha account. How to open account in laptop.

  73. Gurdev says:

    Hello sir
    I opened a demat account in zeodha but did not get I’d and password. I did all required procedure. How can I get my id and password.
    Please suggest me what to do.

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