ZT Installation (if already using NEST)

October 9, 2012


Zerodha Trader is a customized version of NEST which is a very popular trading platform among some of the most popular brokers in India. Ideally, we hope that once you open an account with us, you would not continue trading with your previous broker who was offering you NEST, but if you want to use both the platforms at the same time the installation procedure would be different. If the installation procedure explained below is not followed, the Zerodha Trader installation will override your previous installation and you will not be able to use the other broker’s software. Following are the steps:

Step 1: Right click on the existing NEST version which is on your desktop. Right clicking will display a bunch of options. Click on Properties, and this will launch a window “Launch NEST Trader Properties” as shown in Step 2.

Step 2: In the Launch NEST trader properties, click on open file location.

Step 3. In the window that opens after this, click on Omnesys as shown in the picture below.

ZT Installation

Step 4: Once you click on Omnesys, you will see a folder called NEST3 as shown below:

ZT Installation

Step 5: You will have to rename this folder, as an example I have renamed this as : NEST3_X

ZT Installation

Step 6: Once this is done, you will have to follow the same process as reinstallation. For this you will have to follow Step 1 through Step 6 in this link.

Step 7: You will now see Zerodha Trader on your desktop, but not the other broker’s NEST platform. Follow Step 1 through Step 3 as explained above. Now when you click on Omnesys, you will see 2 folders, NEST3 and NEST3_X (which we had renamed). See the pic below:

ZT Installation

Step 8: Double click on NEST3_X, this will open the folder with a lot of options. Search for a file called NestTrader.exe. An easy way to find this file is to search for the file which has the largest size. Once you find this file, right click on it. See the pic below:

Step9: After you right click on NestTrader.exe, click on the option which says “Send to Desktop.” This will create another application shortcut on your desktop.

ZT Installation

Step 10. You will now see Zerodha Trader and the other version of NEST you were previously using. However, we believe that you would not open your other broker’s application ever after starting to trade with us.

ZT Installation

The same steps as above can be followed if you want to have 2 installations of Zerodha Trader on your computer.

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  1. Moses says:

    If we have two accounts with Zerodha can we log into both at the same time by installing the software as shown above in the blog?

  2. Sachin says:

    Hi…. I want to know how can I open more than two instances of Nesttrader (ZT) one of them… at a time on a PC..

    All Nest Installations in a different folder…



    • Hanan says:

      Sachin, yes, you can open multiple instances of ZT on one PC as long as you copy the installed folder from the drive it is in and paste it in a new folder which you can name as per your convenience…
      Once pasted, you can open the folder and search for Nesttrader.exe and create a shortcut for it. Now you can run two instance of ZT…
      The process of running two instances of ZT and the process of running two NEST exes from different brokers should not be confused. 🙂

  3. Sachin says:

    Thanks for quick reply…

    I have made installations in different folders…..

    I know I can open two instances… but I want to know can we open more than two instances… as I have tried.. but nesttrader… has something inbuilt setting.. which makes only two instances.. can be logged in at a time..

    I just wanted to know can we login more than two instances??

    Thanks in advance for your reply.

    • Hanan says:

      We’ve checked with three IDs just now to see if anything has changed in the way NEST behaves when you run multiple instances. We were able to load three different IDs on three different installations on NEST and place orders. There was a small lag a couple of times with the streaming of quotes but overall it was a good experience.
      Try it and let us know. 🙂

  4. lakshminarayana says:

    Hi, I recently opened an account with u.Im bit confused between zeridha trader software and Now software. Could you please tell me difference between those two and how they are useful


    • Nithin Kamath says:


      NOW was the trading platform that we used to offer earlier, Zerodha Trader is our latest offering which is much more advanced and has option to trade on all exchanges. If you have opened an account recently then you will be automatically enabled on Zerodha Trader.

  5. Balraj says:


    Are you providing automatic BUY SELL signal software for your clients?

    • Nithin Kamath says:

      We will be launching a new product called PULSE within the next few days where you can automate/ semi-automate your technical analysis strategies. We will on Zconnect, also help you out with writing various strategies and how to backtest them. Keep following us on Zconnect.


  6. Tharun says:

    me and my brother opened a/c with you
    we cannot open both zerodha trader software.
    please find me a solution

  7. 82yogeshkhal says:

    when i am trying to login ZT with my trading id that i used with nse now earlier ZT is showing user dont exist
    even nse now is not opening on my laptop
    pls help

  8. manish kulkarni says:

    hello there,
    I am planning to open account,

    but when I installed ZT in my laptop… windows 7 platform… It shows error and ZT doesn’t open…

    I have uninstalled Antivirus software also, plus I have open all Firewalls… but still issue is the same…
    I have also tried to install ZT on my friend’s Laptop… Stilllllll…. Issue is same….

    Solve the issue,, so that I can open account in zerodha… otherwise I have to choose other broker…

    thank you sir…

    • Manish,

      Can you share your contact on [email protected], someone from our support will call and help you out. ZT works very well on windows 7.


      • S. NATARAJAN says:

        zaroda trader does not work in my computer too. at the suggestion of an IT expert, I now follow the procedure below:

        right click on the zerodha trader on the desktop
        there is an option “run as administrator”
        user account Counter asks for permission to permit the program
        say “yes”
        A bit slow but the nest trader log in appears
        enter the user name and click go
        enter password click the symbol and click login
        …and go ahead

  9. gopichand says:

    my id RB0441, i tried to login nestplus in zt, it shows this nestplus version is old, then i downloaded file from omnesys for nestplus, while installing some cabinet file is missing error is coming. how to install nestplus for zt

    • Hanan says:

      Just go to http://zerodha.com/download/misc to download the right version of Nest Plus for your account. Please make sure ZT is closed when you make the update.
      1. Close ZT and go to the above link to download the package for
      2. Extract the Package to C:\Program Files\Omnesys\Nest3 (or wherever Zerodha Trader is installed on your computer).
      3. Once replaced, run ZT again. Press Ctrl + Shift + P to check the version of Nest Plus. It should be

      Once you’ve updated to, the system will not ask you for the Nest Plus password again and you should be able to use charts and algoZ without any problems.

  10. hitesh says:

    my id is DH0288….problem is that algo is not activated even after 3 days….i found that….tradescrip.dll is not found in right path in cmd….so i have to import this dll file….is this problematic for not activating algo? where i found this dll file…? nestpus password is same as login…?or if forget this password how i reset this one..?

  11. DH0288 says:

    is there any difference in nest trader version and above 99….

    • We will have a new version next week out, will suggest you to install that as it will have a couple of very cool features, something which a lot of our clients have been waiting for a bit…

  12. DH0288 says:

    thanks a lot sir,

  13. Shivkumar says:


    I have been a Zerodha client for around a couple of years now. When I opened an account, I was told to install NOW and have been using only that till now.

    From your blogs, I am getting an impression that ZT is more powerful from multiple features like charting, order types, spread orders, etc – am i correct? If so, I would like to install that; please guide.


  14. MA says:

    I installed zt3.11. It was at location C:\Program Files\Omnesys\NEST3. I changed folder as nest3_X. Next I installed zt3.10. It went by default to C:\Program Files (x86)\Omnesys\NEST3 instead of C:\Program Files\Omnesys. Is it ok. CAn I just follow corresponding exe to make shortcut and continue? Pls advice.

    • Hanan says:

      Yes, you can use the corresponding exe and make a shortcut and use it. If both versions install in Program Files instead of one here and one in x86, only then you have to follow the process mentioned. You’re good to go. 🙂

  15. abkukadia says:


    I have NEST version which is downloaded from Zerodha website. I am unable to put bracket orders as post on that particular option states its available on version 3.11.2 and above. Request you to kindly let me know how to update NEST version. Also, I am unable to use spread entry option. Client code is DA1874.


  16. Hema says:


    I have opened 2 instances of ZT in my PC and both work well. But as far the second instance is concerned, I am unable to get the Intraday charts.I sent a mail to Zerodha and subsequently I was told that it will be sorted out by viewing my ZT through Team Viewer. No response after that.

    Can we sort it out?

  17. Anant says:

    Can I login to ZT from two different instances/ machines with the same client ID?
    Also, a follow up question – I have placed a BO. Is it possible to know when the trade gets executed while I am away from ZT?

  18. abhijit says:

    how to open multiple charts on nest ?

  19. Sujay says:

    how to download ZT

  20. abhishek says:

    i am getting an error for zerodha trader after following the above installation process.

  21. Arti says:

    Hello Team,
    As told by you that orders can not be modify/cancel by tradescript in Pi beta version.
    1. will it be possible to modify/cancel programming in regular version of Pi. ?
    2. if not in tradescript ,any other workaround ?

    • Arti, we are building a bridge on Pi, presently you can send instructions via the bridge to pi, we are also working on how we can give response back via the bridge. Once this is done, you can connect Pi to any programming language from AFL to Python, and program this the way you want.

  22. Jayani says:

    i transfered my trading facility from NOW to Zerodha trader today because i was not getting charts in plugin commands – plus charts in NOW and i was told that this facility is only available in Z trader. but in Z trader also i am not getting this charts. also i was charged for day margins for future index trades till the end of day and additional margins such as exposer margins are charged at the end of day in NOW but in Zerodha trader exposer marging is charged for full day. in NOW it was released in the morning.

    • Hanan says:

      I think you’ve kind of misunderstood how the margin system works on Zerodha Trader. We have various orders types on ZT which includes MIS, CO, and BO through which you get to pay very little margin for entering positions. You have to check out http://www.zerodha.com/margin-calculator to understand the kind of margins that are available for you. 🙂 I’m sure you won’t be disappointed as it is way above what was available for NOW.

      If you’re unable to install and use Nest Charts, please read on. If this doesn’t work, don’t hesitate to call our support number.

      Installation Instructions:
      1. Download Nest Charts ( from our Downloads page, unzip the folder, open the folder and copy all the contents of the folder.
      2. Go to C://Program Files/Omnesys/NEST3 or C://Program Files(x86)/Omnesys/NEST3 and paste all the copied contents into it.
      3. While pasting the copied files, you will get a prompt “Confirm Folder Replace” for which you have to choose “Do this for all current items” and click on Yes.
      4. Once you’ve clicked Yes, another prompt to Copy File would popup for which you have to tick “Do this for all conflicts” and then select the Copy and Replace option.

  23. Girija Peter says:

    Updates installed. But My tow favorite tools missing in chart namely Fractual choas oscillator and Darwas BOX. where is it?

  24. Girija Peter says:

    Updates installed. But My favorite tools missing in chart namely Fractual choas oscillator and Darwas BOX. where is it?

  25. BOOPATHI says:

    zaroda trader does not work in my computer too. Display following error

    error-1 = log file open error
    error-2 = file open failed
    error-3 = failed to open mpic confit file
    error-4 = did not detectusersetting.ini
    how to install….

  26. Ranvir says:


    1.) Can i login with Pi at one machine and ZT on other machine??

    2.) or for that matter on same machine?

  27. sankar says:

    one on next another on pi its ok for both logins?

  28. Kripal says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Does the latest version of Pi follow single sign-on policy? In other words, can I have it installed in more than one systems and use any one (and only one) of them at one point in time?

    • Kripal, from the first version Pi was single sign on. At a time, you can be logged in only once via single user ID. Yes, you can have it installed in multiple systems and use any one at a single point in time.

  29. Venkat says:

    As of above comments ,I can create multiple instances for multiple ids, for example I had 3 instances, can I place same order for all of them from single Id and can I place order for any two Ids of them .Is it compulsory to place same order in all or option to select ids.

  30. Ronen Waskar says:

    Hello Nitin,

    I want to uninstall NOW, its a old version, but the option to uninstall is to use NOW installer and within that there is a option to uninstall. Your website had removed NOW installer download and from external level there is no option to uninstall even private software uninstaller can’t do it.

    So my question is how to uninstall NOW without NOW installer, which you removed from your website.

  31. Krishnaveni says:

    can i trade from two accounts at a time by using Pi

  32. Bharat says:

    Hi – while I understand we cannot open ZT & Pi together, is there a work around. I like to link my market watch to excel which is only doable from ZT and I like to see charts in Pi (which is far better than ZT)


  33. devendra says:

    Zerodha is doing good work. they sort out issues. I had a problem with running multiple instances of NEST TRADER and my brokers’ support could not sort it out. But reading here on Zerodha website I was able to run the multiple instances SUCCESSFULLY. Thank you ZERODHA.

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