Zerodha Trader – Installation

October 8, 2012

Installing Zerodha Trader – Software version. Step-by-step explanation on how to install the trading software onto your desktop.

Step 1: Visit the downloads section on our website and click on the link “Zerodha Trader” (shown in the picture below) or you can click on this link to download directly.

Step 2: This would initiate the download which will be shown at the bottom left of your browser as shown in picture below. This file is around 16 MB and can take up to 10 minutes (based on your internet speed) to download after which the link would show as in the picture:

ZT downloads screen shot - Final 3

Step 3: Once you click on the link after the download is complete, you will get a new window which says: “Do you want to allow the following program from an unknown publisher to make changes to this computer?” Click on the option Yes. This will prepare your system for the installation and the picture below is the next window you’ll see:

ZT Installation


Step 4: Once you click on Next, you will get the following window. Select “I accept the terms of the license agreement” and click Next.

ZT Installation


Step 5: You will get a customer information box. You have to mention the User Name and Company Name. Both the fields are mandatory. If you don’t have a company name, you can call it ABC or anything else you want and click on Next. See the image below:

ZT Installation


Step 6: You get to choose setup type to Install. Click on Complete and then click Next:

ZT Installation


Step 7: Click on the Install button:

ZT Installation


Step 8: Click on finish to complete the installation:

ZT Installation


Step 9: Installation complete! You can see the Zerodha Trader Icon on your desktop:

ZT Installation

Happy Trading,


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  1. Radhe Shyam says:

    How to install zerodha trader on ubuntu kindly describe

  2. Nithin Kamath says:

    Shyam, and under download trading utilities.

  3. Guest says:

    Please provide step by step instructions for installing Zerodha Trader on Ubuntu 12.10 just like what you have for windows. Many of the libssl and libcrypto files are not included in the downloaded file and is not available for installation, hence, many errors. It would be really helpful if you can provide an installation instruction instead of providing the link for the software. Thanks!

    • Bhavrsh says:

      Now UBUNTU becoming popular and for trading much safer platfoem than windows. Can u pls . Come out with upgrade so that Pi works on UBUNTU. Appreciate from safety and security perspective.

  4. Neeraj says:

    this software is not working in my windows 7. Its showing “OS error”

  5. Neeraj says:

    specifically the error is :
    NEST Initialization failed for Interactive Engine : >

  6. Guest says:

    No replies at all? It seems there is no support for Ubuntu!

  7. Vinay says:

    Kindly provide strep by step instructions for installing Zerodha Trader on Ubuntu/Linux. I’m sure, that there are many like me who are using Ubuntu. Linux users are groing day by day.. take account of it zerodha.

  8. KMJ says:

    Hi, I had trading software of another company installed on my computer before I started using Zerodha Trader. The other company’s software was also based on NEST3. Now, when I start Zerodha Trader. I can see that my software is still trying to connect to earlier company’s server hence I am not able to connect to my Zerodha account. Please let me know how I can make my client connect to Zerodha servers.

    I uninstalled the other software before installing Zerodha trader.

  9. Gopal says:

    Dear Zerodha Team

    help me on this error:
    NEST Initialization failed for Interactive Engine : >

    what is the solution to it.

    • Hanan says:

      This could be for a few reasons:
      1. It’s quite possible that your antivirus is blocking it.
      2. It could be that your date and time settings are wrong – they have to reflect the user’s location and actual time.
      3. Firewall could be blocked.
      4. Broadband connection could be faulty – this has to be a private (home) one… It usually will not work in your office or college/hostel settings until and unless you ask your administrator to unblock a few ports.
      5. Last but not the least, there is a possibility that you’re using a USB dongle for internet. In such cases, whenever it is in a 3G range, it works. Whenever it’s using 2G, it won’t work.

      • ramakrishnan says:

        @Hanan what are the ports need to be opened for ZT

        • Hanan says:

          Here is the list of ports to be enabled:


          • Manpreet says:

            The image of port number is not loading here.. Can you please mail the pic or reply in text the port number that need to be free.

            • Hanan says:

              Destination IP/URL Destination Port / Protocol Device
     56000,65000,64104,35001 – 35080, 37001 -37030 For ZT
     443,80,5001 For WEB
     9500 Mobile App

              Maybe this looks better:
              For Zerodha Trader, the destination IP/URL is and the ports are 56000,65000,64104,35001 – 35080, 37001 -37030
              For the web app, the ports are 443,80,5001
              For the mobile app, the port is 9500

    • Moses says:

      Gopal if you are still facing the same issue I would suggest you call the Zerodha customer care. They will help you with this. Even I was facing the same issues before.

  10. Amit says:

    How should i configure NSE NOW android platform means broker id /user id etc.?

    • Nithin Kamath says:


      If you have opened an account with us recently you would be enabled on Zerodha trader, much more advanced version of NOW and with an ability to trade all exchanges. Zerodha trader has a mobile app, but what is even more interesting is Z5 our html5 platform launched recently. This adapts to any mobile browser or web browser, has a very advanced interface compared to your mobile apps.

      [Click here for the 2 blogs we have put up on Z5](

  11. Amit says:

    THANKS FOR YOUR PROMPT REPLY, and i had just look Z5 , and initial first impression is Wow!!!!!!! looking superb n useful ,good work zerodha team.keep it up.

  12. param says:

    I’ve installed ZT. But the log says “Broadcast Channel closed from the NEST System”. What should I do?

    • Hanan says:

      It’s possible that the broadcast server was shutdown during the time of your login. I’d presume that you logged in when the markets were closed, so the broadcast channel could be closed. We’d like you to try logging in now to see if you’re facing the same issue.
      If you’re facing the same problem today feel free to call our office on 080-40402020 for support. If you’re using a home broadband connection and are using it on your personal computer with the right date and time settings, ZT should work without any issues.

  13. chetan says:

    I have formatted my PC and than again installed now setup 1.8 version..
    while opening it is showing application failed to intialize..error 0xc0150002 click ok to terminate the application..
    please help me out soon…

    • Hanan says:

      Chetan, sometimes if you’re using both ZT and NOW, there could be a conflict due to Nest Plus settings. My suggestion is you uninstall the program again, then reinstall it. Once reinstalled, please go to the installation folder (usually C://Program Files/Omnesys/Nest3) and rename the folder which says Nest Plugins. Call it Nest1.
      NOW should work after this is done… If it still fails, just call our office and we’ll be happy to help. 🙂

  14. DN0438 says:


    I am a MAC user. I installed the Mac version of the ZT software from your website successfully. But the issue is (as I came to know from your helpdesk) that if I use the Mac version of ZT I cannot use the web version. Whereas web version is enabled for users using Windows version. Why is this parity created for mac users. We should be able to use both mac and web versions simultaneously. Any solutions/ turnaround for this available for this?? Please note more and more users are using non-windows platform and also non-IE browsers. Your technology should be updated to accomodate such high end users also…


  15. Tharun says:

    I have downloaded NOW software installed it.
    But when i;m trying to open it is showing message” failed to open mpic config file”
    please slove this problem

  16. Anilkumarvg says:

    Hi Zerodha,

    Zerodha Trader working in Windows Vista?My Friend facing an issue Of “Nest Initialization error<<os error>>,
    Pls Give me a solution


  17. Pranshu says:

    I’m unable to find the ZT mac installer. Have you taken it down?

    Thanks in advance

    • Hanan says:

      Yes, Pranshu. We’ve taken down the Mac version of ZT since it had a lot of bugs. The number of users for Mac are very limited and the developers are focusing on improving what’s available for Windows and the browser based app.
      If you use the browser based app on your Mac, you’ll be very impressed with the features and stability. Check out Z5.

  18. Vinayak says:

    I too have a mac. request you to kindly have a stable version for mac out sometime soon..

  19. kishan says:

    is there any way to install zerodha trader in ubuntu

    • Kishan, we have an ubuntu version but is not stable, so I’d advise to not use it until we put up something that works well.

      • Padmahas says:

        Hello Nithin kamath, I appreciate you would like to warn your users, but since linux is the only OS I have (and some of us have) and virtual box is not the solution I’m looking for right now, I would like to know from which link I can download and install linux version at my own risk.

        This link ( says it does have linux version, but I don’t find one in download section ( And that link also says Zerodha have online trader tool. But I neither can find that.

        So can you kindly provide both online trader version link and also linux version link?

        • Hanan says:

          Well, the Linux version is not recommended. You may not even be able to run it, let alone trade with it.

          Get VM Ware onto your Linux device and install Zerodha Trader on it.

          For the web version you just have to login to with your username and password. Once logged in, click on the Z5 option. Read more about Z5 here.

  20. Ganesh says:

    I just installed ZT software on windows 8 but as i start the programme i get message that NEST system has stopped working and then it closes the programme.

    How do i resolve this ? Does it even work on win 8?

  21. Ganesh says:

    Never mind.
    I did run as administrator and it opened fine.
    Then i did troubleshoot compatability then it started opening fine on double click as well.
    May be this will be helpful for others.

  22. Bharat says:

    I am using Windows 8 64 bit operating System…! Installed Zerodha Trader Succesfully but When Click on the Icon to open the Trader it’s not opening and showing me Runtime Error(x86)…..please guide me..

    • Venu Madhav says:

      Zerodha Trader should work without any issues on Windows 8 64 Bit. Please ensure the Date and Time settings on your computer are accurate.
      Here are a few steps which can help you resolve your issues:
      * Right click on Zerodha Trader Icon –> Properties –> Compatibility Tab –> Please tick “Run this program as an administrator”.
      * Right click on Zerodha Trader Icon –> Properties –> Compatibility Tab –> Under Compatibility mode tick “Run this program in compatibility mode for: Windows 7”.
      * Click on Apply
      * Click on OK

      • Bharat says:

        Dear Venu,

        Thank you very much….Yahoo now it’s working on my Windows 8 platform….Thank you for the Good Reply….



  23. Anilkumarvg says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Actually i want to know, how many Zerodha traders (Terminal) working in XP loaded machine?
    because my friend has maintain three accounts at a time , holding the same positions ,Square off is the main problem ,Provide me a solution !!!!


    • Hanan says:

      Anil, we believe that you can run 2 or 3 instances of ZT on one computer if you wish to. Running more than 3 ZTs will use up a lot of your system resources and it won’t be easy to multitask. My advice is to get a very powerful computer if you wish to run more than 2 instances of ZT. We do have a blog on how to install multiple versions of ZT here.

  24. Ankur says:

    What is the roadmap to have a portable version of ZT? Something that we can run from a USB pen / thumb drive. No installation needed.

  25. hari says:

    i had been trading with ZT and it was working fine. Today I read about the bracket order facility and downloaded the new version . but once i installed the same the program was not loading with the message ( NEST Initialization failed for Interactive Engine : >) . i then uninstalled the new version and reinstalled the old with the same result. I do not have any issue with my internet connection/ nor is the time date on my system offset. i also disabled the antivirus and changed the compatibility to windows 7 . nothing seems to be working.

    please help


    • agsuresh says:

      Back-end servers seems to be shutdown, probably for maintenance or to save on electricity bill

      try this : on the “Run” type the following


      a new window shall open up. today I am also getting “request timed out” which mostly means the requested path cannot be reached. It is the address of their server(authentication?)

      probably shall be up tomorrow morning before the markets start.

    • Hari, it would have been down for maintenance on the weekends. Will be up much before markets on a monday.

      • Neeraj says:


        Is Zerodha trader still an active app. I am getting an error NEST Initialization failed for Interactive Engine : >

        Actually i want to use scripts in Zerodha. I am new user of Zerodha.

        Please help.


  26. DR1733 says:

    Got bracket order request enabled from zerodha) …uninstalled old version and Installed new zerodha(zt) version now i am unable to login error cmg as “The application failed to intialize properly(0xc0150002).click ok to terminate the application.plz help

  27. Shammi Theodore says:

    I’ve installed the beta version of ZT. Everything is fine except the RMS limits dialog (Ctrl+Shft+V). It doesnt display anything when i select ‘Show All Clients’ and click on refresh. I’ve uninstalled the older version of ZT and have also restarted my laptop. I am running Windows 7 Home 64-bit. Please help. Thanks.

  28. Saty says:

    I am having a hard time with Zerodha Trader since I upgraded to the new version on Nov 3, 2014. I was so happy with the previous version.. but the new version is killing me.. Here are the problems..

    1. Zerodha Trader crashes every 30 min or so

    2. The charts flicker with every incoming ticks. I use index charts.

    3. The older version had Fractal band indicator.. the new version does not.

    4. The older version had an option to save the chart with indicators.. this saves us setup time the next time we start zerodha trader. New version does not have it.. and its a pain to set all the indicators again.

    Man, when things were working fine.. why need an upgrade.. and break it.. Is anyone else facing similar problems.

    Appreciate quick fixes.


    • Hanan says:

      The new version of Zerodha Trader is miles ahead of the older version. The new version is much more stable, is lighter, and also has bracket orders as an additional way to place highly leveraged orders. My answers to your questions are:

      1. If ZT crashes every 30 minutes, you need to check if you’re using any other program on your computer which is resource hungry. Note that ZT uses a lot of resources and it’s best to have a clean system to work fast and efficiently.

      2. If your charts are flickering, it means that you do not have the right version of Nest Plus. Check out this bulletin to learn how to update.

      3. If you still haven’t gotten fractal bands, the issue is quite simple: You don’t have the latest version of Nest Plus or you’re not registered as a Zerodha client. Again, to find out if you’re registered as a Zerodha client, do the following:
      a. Go to Nest Plus* > My Nest Plus Account > Plus Dashboard on Zerodha Trader
      b. On Plus Dashboard, check if the ID on the top status bar is your client ID… If yes, quickly send us an email to get you enabled on Pulse. If no, then choose the Logout/Login option on My Nest Plus Account.
      c. Login with CLIENTID and password CLIENTID or you can try ZERODHA_CLIENTID and ZERODHA_CLIENTID
      d. If this is difficult, call us for help.

      4. Once you’re enabled the right way, everything will work as it used to. 🙂

      • Ramesh Ramachandran says:

        No it wont the same issue is visible in NOW after Nov 3, 2014 and when the NEST Plus charts do not load NOW has no issue.
        Understand the problem correctly
        1) You load NOW and the banner for NEST PLUS is displayed now irrespective whether you open the NEST PLUS chart within 30 mins NOW will crash
        2) You load NOW and the banner for NEST Plus does not appear. When you click on Plus Charts it gives a message “Configuration error Please restart NEST Plus”. At this point of time NOW will work for the entire day without any issues.
        3) I am using 16 GB RAM and i7 processor still this issue persist. Please ask the NEST PLUS team to tackle this problem.

        • Hanan says:

          Tackling Nest Plus as a problem is something we’re doing constantly. We’re working on developing an in-house solution for charts and hope to have it out at the earliest.

    • Ramesh Ramachandran says:

      The same issue is there with NOW after Nov 3 2014. When i had updated files for the new charts of NEST PLUS. These charts by the way is fantastic but it has the same set of issues of Zerodha Trader
      1) The charts are flickering at every tick
      2) After 30 minutes NOW crashes
      3) When trying to open the chart for 10 mins it gives a message “Configuration error restart NEST Plus”

      The funny thing is when the NEST Plus charts do not load then NOW works absolutely fine.

      • Hanan says:

        I think the user base for Nest Plus has gone up drastically recently and they’re having a tough time coping with the demand. If you can use some other charting tool temporarily, we’ll be out with Pi at the earliest.

        • Ramesh Ramachandran says:

          They have provided a Nest Plus version which takes care of
          1) Flickering issue
          2) Zoom in cursor issue

          But the crashing of the terminal remains unresolved. This could possibly be due to the high definition of new charts hogging too many resources.
          Awaiting next version of NEST PLUS

  29. sharad says:

    Got bracket order request enabled from zerodha) …uninstalled old version and Installed new zerodha(zt) version now i am unable to login error cmg as “The application failed to intialize properly(0xc0150002).click ok to terminate the application.plz help

  30. Indu says:

    After upgrading to the new version of ZT, Intraday chart is not getting, which used to available by pressing ctrl+C for any script. Now it is not getting.. There is no option in the menu to take the intraday chart . How to get it in new version.

    • Hanan says:

      Here’s your answer, Indu.

      Kindly follow the below procedure in order to upgrade your Nest Plus plugin:
      Download the Nest Plus (zip) file from our Downloads page. The file can be seen at the bottom of the page. Ensure you’re using Version 3.11.2 of Zerodha Trader. Do NOT use the older version.

      Once downloaded, you will have to unzip the folder, then open the folder Nest Plus and copy all the contents.
      Go to C://Program Files/Omnesys/NEST3 or C://Program Files(x86)/Omnesys/NEST3 and paste all the copied contents into it.
      While pasting the copied files, you will get a prompt “Confirm Folder Replace” for which you have to choose “Do this for all current items” and click on Yes. Once you’ve clicked on Yes, another prompt to Copy File would pop up for which you have to tick “Do this for all conflicts” and then select the Copy and Replace option.

      Once the above procedure is followed, your Nest Plus plugin would be upgraded and you should see black charts.

      Note that all of Zerodha’s clients are automatically registered on Plus to get additional features. To check if you’re registered on Plus as a Zerodha Client, do this:

      1. Go to Nest Plus* > My Nest Plus Account > Plus Dashboard on Zerodha Trader
      2. On Plus Dashboard check if your client ID shows up on top. If it does, great.
      3. If your client ID doesn’t show up, choose “Logout/Login with new Plus ID” and key in either of the following:
      a. username: CLIENTID or ZERODHA_CLIENTID
      b. password: CLIENTID or ZERODHA_CLIENTID
      *Note: This works only on your Zerodha account. If this still doesn’t work, please feel free to write back our call our support number.

  31. harsha33 says:

    in the latest software 3.112.1 i am not able to open it reson is log file open error,failed to open mpic config file,did not detect usersetting.ini pls try to solve the problem

    • Nishant Jain says:

      Hello Harsha33
      I was facing the same problem Yesterday with ZT 3.11 installation and I got the following solution on Z-connect under different discussion stream. Well my problem was resolved.
      ***This same solution is provided by Venu Madhav above but for some different problem.***

      Well, try this.. it should resolve your problem.

      Zerodha Trader should work without any issues on Windows 8 64 Bit. Please ensure the Date and Time settings on your computer are accurate.
      Here are a few steps which can help you resolve your issues:
      * Right click on Zerodha Trader Icon –> Properties –> Compatibility Tab –> Please tick “Run this program as an administrator”.
      * Right click on Zerodha Trader Icon –> Properties –> Compatibility Tab –> Under Compatibility mode tick “Run this program in compatibility mode for: Windows 7″.
      * Click on Apply
      * Click on OK

  32. Sandeep says:

    Can’t run ZTrader at all. Always getting os error. Tried reinstall/compatibility settings everything but still not working. Not sure what changed recently. It used to work fine last month or so.. Any ideas? Is it possible to run it in debug mode to analyze the problem?? RS0108

    OS server 2012 R2 (I understand it might not be supported but I believe it used to work fine so what is causing the problem now)

  33. Abhishek says:

    ZT 3.11.2 not working even after critical update.Keeps giving error (User cannot login.Reason:Disconnected from the NEST system)

  34. Dhanasekar Chittibabu says:

    followed as documented in the video, still not working, any other fixes u can think of?

    • These three fixes as well.

      1. Date & Time should match his location.
      2. Antivirus and Firewall should be disabled.
      3. Client should be using a fast internet connection at home. Or ports should be unblocked.

      • Dhanasekar Chittibabu says:

        I have disabled Windows Firewall and Anti Virus software as well. Date and Time is reflecting correct timezone and time. Same broadband used before, hence the same speed.

      • Ramesh Ramachandran says:

        Better to stop experimenting with NEST PLUS and revert back to NSE NOW. I hope the same issues do not start with Pi Terminal.

  35. chanchal ghosh says:

    when i open zt showing the message”user can not logging:reason disconnected from nest system” how can i solve the problem??????????

    • Dhanasekar Chittibabu says:

      The solution that was given by the support was create a new shortcut icon from the executable from the nest folder and delete the previous desktop icon.

    • Hanan says:

      You should check the following if you’re getting an error as you’ve mentioned.
      1. Date & Time should match your location. If you’re in India, ensure you’ve set up the time as per IST.
      2. Antivirus and Firewall should be disabled while running or installing ZT.
      3. You should be using a fast internet connection at home. If you’re using ZT in your office, ports should be unblocked as per the list provided.

      Ip/Domain Name
      Ports to be Opened
      For ZT
      For Web
      For Z5
      For Mobile

  36. GHANSHYAM says:

    FIX THIS Configuration error Please RESTART NESTTRADER.

  37. Meghanath says:

    I am not able to download the application. When I click on Zerodha trader in download page, it is getting redirected to a github page. Please help. Thanks!

  38. murtuza says:

    from where can i download pi………………….

  39. Nagashree says:

    I have installed Z trader and followed all procedures to rectify the problem but still I am getting errors. Pls someone help me.

  40. Prakash says:

    Nithin, I am not able to open two instances of NOW and ZT, is it possible to open two instance of same broker or different brokers on the same machine. If yes, then how.

  41. Nishchal says:

    I have been running Zerodha Trader (NEST ) under ubuntu 14.04 without any problem using Virtual Box.
    1. Install virtual box from Software center
    2. create a virtual machine
    3. install Windows Xp on this virtual machine
    4. Install Zerodha trader inside this virtual machine.
    Ubuntu running windows Xp running zerodha trader 🙂

  42. Anil says:

    Is there anyway I can DISABLE the auto logging with NestPlus when I login into ZT Nest Trader terminal. Most of the time I login just to place or square off an order and I see no reason to need or to be bombarded with the Nest Plus or its messages. Besides when logging out from ZT, the NEST Plus logout takes so much time that it sometimes hangs…real headache.

    • Hanan says:

      Nest Plus is bundled in with Zerodha Trader and it’s not going to be possible for us to disable it as there is no other charting facility available on ZT. We suggest you follow instructions on how to enable and use Nest Plus through this blog. Or you can speak to one of our Support executives. We believe that Nest Plus has been stable recently and it has a lot of additional features which I’m sure can be useful to traders. You can also check out our knowledge base.

  43. Mithun says:

    I am getting the following while trying to run Zerodha Trader software after installation. Kindly help me to resolve this issue.

  44. sharath says:

    Dear Nitin

    What is the minimum system requirements for Zerodha trader including the harddisk space required. Also give the same for PI. Is your new mobile app working? I want to install it on a small netbook which is easy to carry.


    • Sharath, should work well on all modern machines, make sure that internet speeds are over 512kbps. The new mobile app Kite will take time, but you can until then use the current HTML5 platform on your netbook.

  45. ASHOK DODIA says:

    I have installed but following error is : 1. login fle open error. 2 failed to open mcip file. 3. didnot detect tusersetting.ini. 4. directory could not be created.
    pl guide

    • Hanan says:

      Ashok, it seems to us that your entire installation has failed. Why don’t you uninstall it and delete the entire folder and then go ahead with the installation process again. Ensure you right click the installer and choose “Run as Administrator.”

      This was take care of your issue. If it still persists, you know who to call. 🙂

  46. sudhansu says:

    When ever I login there displays a message ”failed to open mpic config file”
    And I am un able to login
    Plz advise me.

  47. nirmal k arya says:

    unable to login via mobile on mobile app

    error :- failed to aquire lisence , contact adinistrator

    id – RN1490

  48. pramod says:

    getting errors on windows 10

  49. Ramesh kannan G says:

    I’m using windows 8.1, installed Zerodha Trader and run as administrator.
    I have disabled Firewall, Antivirus. My internet speed is 1 – 2 Mbps. But
    still I couldn’t login and error message says “Disconnected from Nest system”
    Pls advise, how to fix it.

  50. Rahul Gupta says:

    shouid I be using Kite or Pi? I have started trading now.

  51. Rahul Gupta says:

    Thanks a lot!

  52. RS7364 - BSRao says:

    Pay-in is not working hence I could not trade today.
    The Pay-in at Weblinks as well as at Secure URLs both didn’t work.

    Please reply urgently.

  53. RS7364 - BSRao says:

    Problem Solved after talking to Zerodha’s Customer Support at 080-40402020.
    The Bank Account Number entered wrongly was corrected by them.

  54. Gautam says:

    Is ZT compatible with Win10 OS. I am unable to login or run the software as a whole!

  55. bharath says:

    dear, sir
    how to download a zerodha nest software in windows 7

  56. ashis_bej says:

    Hi Nitin,

    Today I got a mail from Zerodha, that my trading a/c is opened. I got several mails for different purposes. Thats good. I have a demat a/c with Kotak securities.

    1. I want to trade only in FnO in Zerodha, so as per your mail, why should it take 7 days to start trading ?
    2. I need some help before I start trading on your platform, but inspite of several mails, I am not getting any call from your support team. Need to put queries about software installation, funds transfer and some more queries.
    3. Shall I get one more mail with the new User Id and password for trading ?

    Pls ask some one from your support team to call me.

    • Venu Madhav says:

      1) F&O account would take a maximum of 48 hours if all the documents are in place.
      2) We’ll get your Sales manager to give you a call and give you a demo of the trading platform.
      3) Yes, you’ll receive an email giving you details of your account information to login.

  57. Alok Gupta says:

    Hi Nitin

    Pi and zerodha mobile app has separate watchlists. is there way to sync two watchlists?
    Please suggest.

  58. Absolutely written subject matter, regards for selective information .

  59. Rajat says:


    Lately I have been facing issues while using Pi. It tends to stop responding now and then in my laptop. I have no other option but to force close and restart Pi. So I am thinking to try out Zerodha’s other trading platform ZT. I have downloaded the ZT version from the link which was mailed to me recently. I have few queries. If possible please help me out.

    i) Am I allowed to try ZT for a week or so and then revert back to Pi?

    ii) In this page a lot of discussion about NEST Plus with ZT. Is NEST Plus free? What are the extra tools NEST Plus provides? If not free how can I continue using ZT without NEST plus?

    iii) If possible please add line chart to Pi.

    iv) Is there any tutorial how to use the screener provided by Pi? I have searched the internet, could not find anything.

    I am also using the Latest Kite android app. It is awesome. Can you please add the facility to place BO from the app?

    Thank you

  60. Rajat says:


    I am getting “nest login failure” message after login. When I press Ctrl+Shift+P and click on register, I am being forwarded to their website to register. Should I register? I thought my ID is automatically mapped to Plus by zerodha after reading your link.

  61. Sushilendra says:

    Is Zerodha working on Windows 10 App for mobiles. I see that there are good apps for IOS and Android, however for windows 10 there is no quality app.

  62. sanil pange says:

    does zerodha trader run on windows xp 2002 version,

  63. tarak says:

    Have a question:

    Which tool do most of the star performers use for trading? Is it ZT, PI,Kite or NSE now online?


  64. kanglei says:

    how to download the zerodha pi ,

  65. harshal says:

    I am new in trading but all understand the keys of trading .
    but i am intersting in zerodha to open my 1st trading account with zerodha so please help me all process of open a account and after open account to all detail of platorm how to trade please explaing link suggest me
    (sir after all this i am real trading use that time any help that time which sorce of zerodha to help)

  66. harshal says:

    please tell me the which are zerodha demat account and trading account .
    then sir please tell me the which type of laptop function are imporatant to use zerodha demat and trading account.

  67. harshal says:

    pleasee help sir

  68. Pratik Bhavsar says:

    can u please provide me pc requirement for this zerodha..
    does it supports in windows xp …

  69. harshal says:

    which timing zerodha will be on live how can watch the live work so then which time can watch but how can watch the live streming then how can send by email of timing watch live streming

  70. Kamal Sharma says:

    Hi Nitin,

    I am facing two issues.
    1. Unable to export data from Pi to excel. When I use “Link to Excel” option an excel file opens with N.A. in all the cells.
    2. After market hours, the net change and %percentage change columns in Pi are showing “0” for all the scrips. Values were visible in these columns until two days back even after market hours.

    I have reninstalled Pi but both the issues remain. Please help.


    • siva says:

      1. NA will come in either of two cases
      a) When ms excel is of 64 bit as pi support only 32 bit excel.
      b) During off market hours.
      2. For equities it will show zero only for all after market hours, logic is % change = previous close – ltp( last traded price), for eq after completion of trading hours the new close will be updated and during post closing session all trades will happen at closing price hence last traded price will also be same thus net change will show as zero.

      • Kamal Sharma says:

        Thanks Siva.

        So if one is not able to participate during market hours and wants to export data in excel in the evening (off market hours), what is the way out?

        • siva says:

          If you want to export candle data you can do it anytime, but if you are asking about link to excel it would work only during market hours and that’s how it should be.

          • siva says:

            If you want to export data then open any chart, goto chart menu and select export chart to excel option.

            • Kamal Sharma says:

              Ok. Got it, Siva.

              But, say one has 30 scrips in market watch and in the evening wants to export data for those 30 scrips to excel, is there any option in Pi, Kite or any other platform?

  71. harshal says:

    I am new in trading so i can understand the full online classes then starting to basic use of kit.pi.etc so then our educational class will be in month by month or yearly classes or wekkly.
    starting use if kite or pi so then wich time are classess will be started in new for basic use how to use

  72. harshal says:

    margin will be used in some stocks.
    but that margin used suppose 10,000 in my cash and 10,000will be marging and buy and make profit wiil be then sum charges are used to cut marging price and some extra charges means like interest

  73. harshal says:

    sir my question simple all stocks are marging available and i am use then after such types of charges like interest like loan can

  74. harshal says:

    income tax for filling Chartant account going is very pain full so sir please suggest me for all tantion of CA can avoided for filling income tax.
    that hole information if tax filling can easy way to file avoided by CA

  75. harshal says:

    means this is webisite for tax or any other so please send me link to all thinks understand and how to complete filling tax paying

  76. Shadab Khan says:

    How do i create basket orders in PI trading system or kite?

  77. harshal says:

    zerodha provide a account charges or etc.
    But sir in trading 1)equity
    2) f&o
    3) mcx
    they are so all acvounts charges are same or different so i open a account only equity trading but my trade in only equity cash that i dont use 2)3) but should i open then that charges are different

  78. harshal says:

    custmer service number for any quirey please send sir

  79. harshal says:

    Suppose i am open a equity and then the use web login and pi so any can use the suppose some time web and some time pi oky

  80. harshal says:

    sir iam open account with zerodha and please give me all information how to i open acount with zerodha
    I have no any trading account please teell me all processs
    And any example like video or web that open how account

  81. harshal says:

    whuich type of specification is imporatnt to use and trade with zerodha web or pi
    In new pc or laptop

  82. bala says:

    Recently I updated the kite Android app. After that all new problems came.
    1. The chart I like darker theme. Couldn’t use it this newer version
    2. The function like moving average or any other style or study grah can’t be enabled. It is very sluggish. Utter waste plz give me the old version
    3. Even in the website kite.zerodha also same problem. Plz reply or call me in my no my customer ID is 5630

  83. Mayank says:

    The latest updates on the charts are bad. They keep getting set to default settings and don’t remember my studies applied and aren’t providing any usefulness . Pls revert to the old charting system only which was one of the best in the market.
    Also sometimes i am not able to view the charts on my laptop and desktop simultaneously.

  84. RPY says:

    Is it to be used in market hours only?
    I am unable to login off-market hours.

  85. harshal says:

    sir can i apply for IPO through zerodha sir
    Not so which place through I apply
    are apply through zerodha to how apply

  86. harshal says:

    sir what ASBA i am new so please explain or video that related how buy ipo

    • Akshay.A says:

      Hi Harshal,
      ASBA (Application Supported by Blocked Amount): When an investor applies for an IPO through ASBA, the funds shall be debited from the bank account only in case his application is selected for allotment.

      SEBI has made it mandatory for all non-retail clients to apply for IPO’s through ASBA and is in the process of making it compulsory for retail clients too.

      An investor can apply for any public/rights issues using his bank account, he’s to submit the ASBA form (available at the Syndicate Bank) after filling the necessary details like his name, PAN number, Demat account number, bid quantity, bid price to his bank giving instructions to block the amount in his account. In turn, the bank will upload the details of this application on the bidding platform. However, the Investor shall ensure that the details are filled accurately in the ASBA form else failing which the form is liable to get rejected.

      More on ASBA from NSE here

      Check to apply for the HUDCO IPO.

  87. harshal says:

    sir kite and pi same and i suppose buy a stock on kite like suzalon i buy and that i sell the suzalon in pi on both are same

  88. dhanendra says:

    i am using pi since one year. now i came to know that if i want to take 2L or 3L position, exchange charge less margin. span margin calculator is available in zeroda trader only. but, i dont find any calculator in plugin. how could i down load it?
    today i asked support team three times during and after market hours. the person told me that technical person would contact me within 15 minutes. but, nobody helped me. guide me how can i download it?

  89. harshal says:

    i am using kite but i am new so much problem face using kite , not thrugh zerodha
    But my understading sir please tell me any video or full theorey descripition of kite that which side see balance.marign.holding.balance transfer all types of specification see aobplease tell me
    i am very canfuse sir please tell me
    and all about marigin and its charges of maring and how many charge of use margin

  90. Hasmukh Shah says:

    there is neither nest available or now or zerodha trader available. the support from zerodha is not coming what to do ? does nay body have solution.

  91. Prakash Sharma says:

    I see a lot more feature in Nest software like alerts. Will I be charged extra if I use this feature?
    This software completely free to use.
    I am using NEST and not NESTPLUS.
    Please clarify?

  92. […] Zerodha Trader – Installation « Z-Connect by Zerodha – Please provide step by step instructions for installing Zerodha Trader on Ubuntu 12.10 just like what you have for windows. Many of the libssl and libcrypto files are … […]

    • algogeek says:

      Zerodha Trader is windows application and Linux version is not available for now and Nest trader does not support through WINE setup also in Ubuntu.
      you can use the advanced web version of KITE on ubuntu Linux, login to

  93. harshal says:

    what you say sir margin is providr by zerodha but stilll not anybplace information of margin funding

  94. harshal says:

    sir my question 1)please explain the any stock in intraday margin use and buy and sell use of margin in that exmple like writen
    But may fund is only 15000 but so i pruchase in my decision to buy 10 shate but is margin can i purchase 20 share like
    10 share to own money -15000
    10 share buy by in margin i used 15000

    so like related question example

    margin only in intrady thatt used can interset on that margin

  95. harshal says:

    please guide me on topoc
    1) Dividend
    2) Bonas
    that means sir suppose i am buy stick TCS yhen but i dont know the which basically invester or trader thar can br applicable to gaing Bonas and Dividend that please guide me on thet


    today TCS anuse Dividend on
    7rs on dividend that can find which basic investor can allot

  96. harshal says:

    Toady reliance announce the Bonus is 1:1 so i am also buy a reliance share
    75 – share
    in 1 month
    mean sir i am eligable the bounus share of relincae

    sir please guide me how find the date of bouns whose invester

  97. harshal says:

    how find the ex-date of bonus please which please i chek the date how find

  98. harshal says:

    my first Bonus so please sir you can provide me the reliance ex-date of Bonus of

    i am serching monecontrol. but not find

    please help us

  99. harshal says:

    my question are simple but
    my 2 questions

    my turnover of year is 50lk and but that camparision
    my profit only 2lk so that time can pay tax and audit

    my turnover of yaer is 50 lk and bug that camparision
    my profit only 5 lk so taht time pay tax in taxlibilty and can audit

    and sir profit in trading yearly willl applicable so much but turnover can pay extra charges

  100. harshal says:

    suppose i am not pay tax in previous yera that compare my inceom 1)preivioua year 5lk

    that any thrates to be income tax officer to me or any thing

  101. harshal says:

    sir without CA can i filll IT

    then how

  102. harshal says:

    sir please help us
    i am buying a new laptop for trading in zerodha but my old laptop to decide the selllll

    that problem i have stilll canfuae in buying a laptop please help me
    please send me which are specification are important
    1) RAM
    2)Hard disk
    3) processer
    4) size of screen

    and but
    5)ios, and so many things

  103. harshal says:

    iam purchasing the laptop
    so please this ia right specification in that zerodha all type software will aupported
    like Pi.kite

    specification are below

    CPU- core i3 7100U (7th gen)
    GPU- HD 620
    Diaplay-14 inch 1366×768 pixel
    RAM-4GB DDR4
    Storage space -1TB
    os- windows 10
    7th generation

    oky sir its good to alll applications are used by zerodha

  104. vaibhav tripathi says:

    Do you have any software for Mac(apple) system ?

  105. harshal says:

    please help i am buying a laptop to do trading so please help me which basic specification are important
    2)Internal space
    3)Which generation
    and sir our software are work on all windows like7,8, etc….
    our openion for buying laptop

    • siva says:

      2GB RAM or more, with Intel Dual core or higher processor with windows 7 or higher versions of windows.
      If one want to run multiple applications at same time then little higher configuration than mentioned is preferred.

  106. harshal says:

    suppose i am using maximum apllication in one time so which specfication is imporatnat in that trading time so pc not be hang in time of work
    your use the pc in trading so please sugggeat your advic
    and give me specifiation of pc to buy

  107. harshal says:

    sir my question is related to margin fund
    i have in my account 10,000 money
    share price:-100

    withou margin
    1) buy :- 100 share in my own cash

    use margin
    1) that time margin is suppose 10* time of amount that time
    buy :- 1000 share is applicable
    in 1,00,000
    of margin amount i use

    sir that use of margin any type of interest or charge will be detuct by zerodha or that margin will be freee use for intrady

    2) margin can use in 2 or 3 days holding share are possible

    • Matti says:

      Hey Harshal.

      The trades you take with us using extra margins are all of the MIS (Margin Intraday Squareoff) type. This means that the trades will be squared off 10 minutes before the end of the trading session if you don’t square off by yourself. No additional interest charges for this.

  108. harshal says:

    sir please can you explain a margin please
    let us take example i am write or please tell me or advice me
    1)margin using MIS is only buying in after pre opening seasson
    2)not before 9.15 only after 9.15
    3)suppose Yesbank -312 rs
    cas available – 3000
    quintity- 10
    in cash oky sir i am write

    In MIS
    1) Yesbank -levarage-suppose -10 *
    sor buy using margin upto 30,000 thousand oky
    3) margin using profit is my own profit or only my cas avioable using margin is my profit
    4) margin using are not trade in pre-open season

    can please send me link video that how buy and sell using margin and get profit trade
    any theory explanation

  109. Srinivas says:

    Sir This software is downloaded but not work, error is (Log file open error) coming.

  110. harshal says:

    sir my a account cash is 50,000 then can i buy any share like *14 margin 14 times the buy 7,00,000 lk Rupees share then that trading in intrady can i gain profit inly 50,000and 7,00,000lk profit can traansfer whose 50,000 & 7,00,000 lk so please tell me and lots of time margin used in intraday or one timw in day any exmple suggest me

  111. harshal says:

    using margin take 1,00,00 lk or 20,00,000 lk MIS are my profit pure or any other charges in that or only my CNC cash profit is my or MIS using cash is on profit
    right please telll me or telll me equity margin example only equity equity

  112. harshal says:

    using MIS means levarage using can take buy and sell in intraday that all benfit or profit of that using margin is my account in demat or only my cash profit is my

    • Matti says:

      For leveraged trades, all the profit you make is yours. That is why leverage is offered, so you can trade bigger quantities. Remeber though, always use leverage prudently.

  113. harshal says:

    sir using margin in intraday make using cash 30,000 but using margin 14 time means trade 4,60,000 lk trade and make profit 50,000 thousand that is m y profit oky using margin
    1)using margin make huge profit so all profit is my
    2) uaing margin make profit is benfit is my
    3) any cahrges

    • Matti says:

      The only correction here is that the total margin you get will be 4,20,000 (30k*14), But yes, any profits you make belong to you. No additional charges for utilizing intraday margins.

  114. Avanish Prajapati says:

    Facing error as — User cannot login.Reason: Disconnected from NEST system.
    Please resolve.

  115. Jilesh bhavsar says:

    after installation as according to above steps its showing me log file open error.
    what should i do next?

  116. harshal says:

    please ans me one by one
    1) Suppose how many account of trading on stock market will apllicable
    2)Any restrication on sebi to invester only one account or many account
    3) Sir zerodha is India biggest brokerage house so please in early month zerodha will network down or softwear down.

    • Matti says:

      1 &2) You can have any number of trading and demat accounts. No restriction as such.
      3) Being one of the biggest in the field makes it all the more important for us to have top-notch platforms and we’re always upgrading our systems to accommodate more clients.

  117. harshal says:

    please ans one by one
    1) zeroha can provide whats group
    2) Any other social meadia through advice
    3) so any social medai then which type media
    4) in youtube i have senn so many video that advice me to please reffer our than open a/c in zerodha that is real
    5) can i open account through referrel
    6) please

    • Matti says:

      Harshal, we do not provide any investment advice, only an execution platform for your trades and educational resources (Varsity, TradingQ&A, etc.,). You can indeed open an account via referrals, but we don’t vouch for any investment advice. Best make your own decisions when it comes to trading the markets.

  118. harshal says:

    sir how to find a hole market valuvation
    like market hole valuvation mens market captilization of market

  119. Ankit saini says:

    Hello sir
    Currently I am using Pi and nest trader provided at zerodha website but I feels there is a loop hole when comes to the option Greeks value
    You should provide live Greek values on market watch with live data it will be a must must taken step to improve trading experience with you.
    So trader can form strategies on Excel with live Greeks values
    By the way I wrote this to your team before but they told me that they don’t provides Greeks with market watch on Pi or on other software . You should do…

  120. Manju says:


    I am trying to link to excel through zerodha trader.# NA data is coming in excel when i export.

    any add in need to install in excel or anything need to enable in zerodha trader.. kindly give suggestion

    • Sachin pathare says:

      I am trying to link to excel through zerodha trader.# NA data is coming in excel when i export.

      any add in need to install in excel or anything need to enable in zerodha trader.. kindly give suggestion

  121. Babai says:

    1) If i use Zerodha trader instead of Pi, is there any charges or its free ?
    2) In Zerodha trader if i an using a price alert with an option to send the alert to my registered mobile through sms and email Id, is there any charge for that also or its free?

  122. Swamy says:

    HI Zerodha trader and PI are these 2 different softwares

  123. SD says:

    I am unable to download the trader software in macbook air. Kindly guide me at the earliest.

  124. Rajesh says:

    hi guys, earlier zerodha nest trader interface was nice and one cld see stocks which are positive in green, now the facility has been taken back….and its showing any random colours for the stock…… present form the software is useless….

    • Matti says:

      Hey Rajesh, while we offer NEST, it is completely maintained by Omnesys (now Thomson Reuters). I suggest you check out our in-house platform, Kite.

  125. harshal says:

    sir can you tell me all of documents to open a account in online mode so which document and what are the size of that doucemnt in scan to upload time of open a account

  126. Arup Nag says:

    Hi Matti

    In case you are checking this blog…..

    There are two versions available now namely ZT 3.11 and NEST 3.14. For some reasons my userID RA8678 is not been accepted by ZT 3.11 and the support team is unable to solve the issue after repeated communications. The NEST 3.14 works fine and I have no issues. But the NEST PLUS option is not there. There is a link there taking me to Omnesysindia website (probably for registration) but that link is down nowadays.

    The support team had sent me some files needed to be placed inside the NEST3 folder to get the NEST PLUS thing but that didn’t work. Do you have a solution or can guide me how to get charts on NEST 3.14 version.


  127. Vijay says:

    Hi Team,

    Can you help me with the link to use NEST application as the PI hangs a lot and sometime KITE also do not show the volumes, so we have to refresh that again and again. I want to check this NEST system. Please help.

  128. eshwar says:

    I do not see charts in Nest trader 3.14.4 version now

  129. Jignesh Shah says:

    Hi I have installed the Zerodha Nest Trader Application on my desktop but I am unable to login and the reason says disconnected from Zerodha. Please Help.

  130. Nidhil says:

    I am confused between zerodha trader and Pi software. which one should i use? which one is more better?

  131. praveen says:

    try to runn ZT
    but cannt
    error show
    :User cannt login disconnected for nest system”
    now what can i do


    Can any one help i am also getting same error “USER cannot login.Reson:Disconnected from nest system”

  133. sanjay says:

    can not download zerodha trading software for windows.
    link pl.

    also there is no lock option in zerodha kite web.

  134. Ashish says:

    I can’t run Zerodha Trader software on my windows 7 laptop..please help

  135. Arun says:

    Is this extra cost included?. I have an account in zerodha.

  136. Sachin pathare says:

    I am trying to link to excel through zerodha trader.# NA data is coming in excel when i export.

    any add in need to install in excel or anything need to enable in zerodha trader.. kindly give suggestion please help

  137. nangibhai says:

    zerodha windos 10 apps not spoted my pc pleace help me

  138. mohit says:

    i cannot install the nest trader from your website please help me

  139. Altaf says:

    Does Zerodha Trader work on an XP Machine?
    I get the error about Kernel32.dll
    Please advise

  140. Tesettür Giyim says:

    I cannot install it. It has an error.

  141. mahesh Laxman Bhosale says:

    i m installing nest trader but currenly i am getting a message while installing
    asscess denied omnesys and the installing setup stops. Please help

    • Matti says:

      Best create a ticket on our Support Portal and someone will get in touch with you to help.

      • Soundaravalli says:

        No one is actually helping to make it work. The only answer you get in different tone is, “it is deactivated”.

        Neither PI nor the browser is helping in executing the trades faster. Give the options to user, let them choose the best tools to make use of it. Please dont restrict users to bound to some tool which is not helping all the time.

  142. sandeep says:

    My zerodha nest trader forgot password link is not coming to my email id.

  143. Soundaravalli says:

    Nest trader stopped working for me. while login in, it says “API access denied”. it was working all along and suddenly stopped working in last month. Any one else is facing this issue ? how to solve the problem.

    When i checked with Support team, they are asking me to use Pi/Kite instead. This i am not comfortable with and not scaling to the speed of order execution.

    Can someone help. Thanks

  144. Lohit says:

    Is zerodha trader still supported? It always says disconnected from nest system on login.
    Can someone post the solution to it?

  145. Sudhir says:

    Nitin Sir,

    1. In Kite please show MA line in volume chart.
    2. The stock watch on the left side can be hide or unhide

    Thank you,

  146. rajkumar selvam says:

    login failed reason disconnected from nest system……what next?…..

  147. bhaskar says:

    where to download zerodha (kite) app. for windows 7 64 bit.
    please share the link and instalation guide line

    • Matti says:

      Hey Bhaskar, Kite is a web-platform that you can access at on your browser. No installation required.

  148. vipin says:

    zerodha pi charts not opening up in 64 bit windows 10 .Throwing up 0x80040154 class not reg pl help

  149. Rajendra Patil says:

    how to use NEST Trader please help how to login

  150. ANAND DWIVEDI says:

    I am unable to login in to my account through zerodha trader. The error message displays that “User can not login. REASON—Disconnected from the Nest System. Please help

  151. sagar says:

    sir i want to take zerodha online but my system is 32 bits ram 2gb core2duo processer hd is 1tb so is possible to install zerodha software online

  152. milind says:

    pi is not as good as nest

  153. Sushant says:

    showing “Log file open error” after installation completion and starting the application. What to do ?

  154. HARI says:

    User Cannot Login.Reason: Disconnected from NEST system Please help

  155. Sanjay B C says:

    Kite isn’t good as Nest…

  156. Arun Nair says:

    Is this App working properly?

  157. Shrey says:

    Dear Sir,

    While I am linking my market watch with Excel it showing error as “Excel Application not found , Please install Excel again!”
    However when I save chart to Excel it is working properly. and my MS Excel 2016 is also of 32 Bits . with windows 10 Operating System.

  158. Dhiraj patil says:

    for login request to nest

  159. Satish Mishra says:

    customer care no is not responding

  160. pradeep says:

    Pi desktop says Error connecting to remote server and Zerodha Trader says log file open error – failed to open mpic config file – User can not login – User disconnected from NEST system – Kindly assist to login in desktop application for live trades

  161. Shobha Phutane says:

    Can I use above Nest platform for trading?

  162. SHAHIM says:


  163. sagar ugale rc5669 says:

    zerodha kite app is not upload my laptop

  164. nishikant says:

    Today I have had a problem in opening Zerodha Kite in my Desktop. Even after log in Zerodha Kite.

  165. Herril Porwal says:

    Does Zerodha Still Support Nest Trader??
    If yes then please guide for download link and installation process

  166. Vishal Kumar says:

    sir meri koi help kro mujhe markit me los hi los ho raha ha abhi tak plearse help me my wtsp no 8279346297

  167. Ashu says:

    One more school project which looks more like a hobby project.
    They can not make simple app to launch, login, xxxx etc,
    wat a waste of time

  168. vinod says:

    fail open failed
    failed to open mpic config file

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