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October 30, 2012


We have introduced newer platforms since this post was published. Check out this user manual for Kite and Kite explainer videos here.

Trade book (shortcut key F8), displays a list of all trades executed on a particular day. You can either use the shortcut key F8 or go to the “Orders and Trades” Menu on ZT and click on Trade Book. See the picture below for better understanding:

Opening the Trade Book Window.


A Trade Book allows you to:

1. Monitor all trades done for the day.

Sometimes 1 order might be executed in multiple trades. For example, if you put an order to buy 10 lots of Nifty, it might get executed in 3 trades. Trade Book will show you the 3 trades separately, whereas the Order Book will show you only 1 order that you placed.

2. Position Conversion:

As you are aware for getting Intraday leverage, you need to buy/sell using the product type as MIS. All MIS positions get squared off around 3:20 PM for Equity and F&O. For Commodities all MIS positions will get squared off 25 minutes before close of markets. If you intend to carry forward the position to the next day you need to convert the position either to NRML (for F&O, Commodities) or CNC (equity). You can convert the product type either through the Admin Position window or through the Trade Book window as shown below:

Position Conversion Window


You can convert positions from

a) MIS to NRML: Intraday F&O to Positional F&O.

b) NRML to MIS : Positional F&O to Intraday F&O.

c) MIS to CNC : Intraday Equity position to Delivery [If you are converting a Sell ‘MIS’ to Sell ‘CNC’ you will need to have the Stock in your Demat Account]

d) CNC to MIS: Delivery Equity position to Intraday Equity position.

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  1. Abhay says:

    Suppose you execute a market order, which obviously gets executed at different prices. Order book shows zero in price. Trade book shows different qty and prices for a single market order. Admin position shows average of all previous and current orders (limit or market).

    So the question is how one can know the effective/average price of a market order executed?

    Why it matter to me?
    well because, one can put more efficient Stop Losses.

    I think you can implement it using nest plugins, just like SPAN calculator.


  2. Nithin Kamath says:

    @Abhay, The way to see your average buy price in this case would be to go to order book and double click on the completed order. You will see an average price. Your point taken and we will try to figure out a way for your query.

  3. Guru says:

    Hi Zerodha:

    Once the order is executed, I cant see anything in Trade book even after refreshing restarting etc. Its happening everytime.AO i am depending on F11 Admin position.PLease tell me what to do to correct that

    One more thing i want to ask:
    If i buy nifty option @45 under normal order can i put stoploss order to sell means,once the price goes to 50 i will put sell at 55 SL at 48.Is it possible??

    My ID DG0250

  4. SatishKumarAmara says:

    Today I did not see order entry in order book and after order is successful it not visible in trade book also. Where as all are appearing in Z5 interface.
    I tried to change the colors to highlight the entries that also did not help. Only today it happened like this.

    • Hanan says:

      Sometimes due to a small drop in internet connectivity, the system doesn’t refresh orders instantly. If this problem occurs, you have to do the following:
      1. Press Ctrl + P and go to Preferences on your terminal.
      2. In Preference, choose General on the left-hand side menu.
      3. In General, please select Reconcile in the middle of the screen.

      Cheers! This should refresh all your orders.

    • SatishKumarAmara says:

      Ok.. Thanks for the reply. After calling to customer care they asked to press ctrl+3. Which opened two windows and my order book is visible. The problem is only completed orders are visible to me previously. ctrl+3 shows both open and completed windows.

  5. Avinash says:

    In my NEST trader software, can i see the executed order which happened in the past for a period of time, lets say for the last one month.
    I know that I can see it in the back office software, but I wanted to know that whether it is possible in the NEST trader software or not.

    • Nithin Kamath says:


      Presently is not possible on NEST to see any historical orders, you will have to do it on the backoffice. But we are working on integrating backoffice and NEST, after which you should be able to.


  6. lokanth says:


    Let i am selling 1000 shares of reliance. So i put one order. But if it executed in 3 phase (200+500+300), then the brokerage will be charge for one order or its for 3 order.

    • Nithin Kamath says:

      You have placed only 1 order, so brokerage will still remain for 1 order irrespective of how many trades that 1 order is executed in.


  7. CHIRANJEEV says:

    My user name is DC0246. In my NEST software NSE-EQ is not activated till now due to which i’m unable to trade in the cash market. Only CDS and NFO is activated. Kindly look in to the matter and activate the trading in cash market also as soon as possible.

    • Hanan says:

      Hi, Chiranjeev. We’ve observed that there have been some discrepancies in your DP application form. Our staff has tried to get in touch with you and inform you about this, but since you weren’t available on phone an email was sent to your mail ID.

      Please call our account opening office on 08049132020 and ask for Parwez so you can be helped with your form. Or you can write to us on [email protected] or contact IL&FS directly on 080-43464006.

      Once your demat form is fixed we will have your account opened at the earliest and then you can trade in Equity also on an intraday or positional basis.

  8. maandim says:


    Let me know how to see the portfolio in Nest or Backoffice ? I made few purchases by calling customer care but I am unable to see my holdings anywhere

  9. MA says:

    Is it possible to send sms on executed trades (you may charge/make it optional if not everyone wants) .
    I found this facility very useful with my previous broker.
    The biggest advantage here would be to avoid visiting back office portal every now and then to see trade price as it is handy then to track all trades.
    If for some reason we are not near terminal we would know the status of placed orders
    Also it makes sure that trade is executed. Sometime I see that trade is executed and reflected in admin position(F11) but still open in order book.
    Just a wish…………

  10. REHAN KHAN says:

    Bottom of the trade book there is option called bust……. please explain what it is.

  11. balaji says:

    how can i see & probably download all executed trades including charges for a certain period.(say last week)

  12. Sukesh says:


    I’m using Nest Trader Version

    Sometimes when the internet goes off in between the platform does not start working even after the network resumes. I have to close the application and restart to get it working again.

    I see in one of the posts above that we have to ‘Reconcile’ to get it working again however i am not able to find Reconcile Option anywhere in the platform. Could you please help?


    • Ctrl +P opens preference settings, on the left you can see General and in that reconcile.

      • Sukesh says:

        Thanks!! Could you also let me know what is the difference between ‘Reconcile’ & ‘Refresh Broadcast’ icon at the top?

        I tried several times to refresh broadcast but didnt seem to work.

        • Reconcile, will re-fetch order, tradebook and admin position from the server. Best to use it, if you were disconnected from internet at any point of time. Refresh broadcast is of no real use actually.

  13. Sarvesh says:

    Dear sir how to see previous tradebook

  14. Lakshmi Narayanan K says:


    I saw in your page we can convert MIS to CNC and vice versa. I have placed a CNC order and it got complete. Can i change the same day to Intraday and sell to book profit? I was trying to convert this CNC order to Intraday but i dont find the option. Plz let me know how can i do it in Mobile App.

  15. Rk Venkatesan says:

    whether zerodha will provide mobile sms when the trade is confirmed.

  16. Saksham says:

    Can intraday trades be converted to delivery on the Android app?

  17. Jyoti Prakash says:

    Didn’t get this “Tradebook can take upto 5 mins to load. Do check this page after sometime”.
    I have used many trading platforms and this type of msg I only saw here at zerodha. Since yesterday I am trying to see my old trades and what I am getting is this msg. This is a age of instant information. Imagine you type something on google and it says wait for 5 mins. Its a request please do something to upgrade the back office.

    • Jyoti, we are working on fixing this issue. THis happens when you are checking for dates between financial years. If you search from April 1st it is instant. The P&L requests are slowing down other requests. We are working on replacing the backend, which should fix this.

  18. Amit Singh says:

    Sir, want to know how to see my trades of more than one month older. In backoffice-reports-tradebook, i am able to see only one month old trades.

  19. Sunil says:

    Sir I m totally new customer , I invest approx 30000 Rs and I have less knowledge about share market so I couldn’t see about the shares I have hold or sold out and how many profit I get or loos so please help me in where I got hole information from starting to till date . Please write in detal information

  20. Sudhir Gopale says:

    I want to sale all my shares which i am holding. How can i book profit or how to place order to sale on particular price.

  21. Uday Singh says:

    I trade in Good petal and Gold gunia on 26 Oct 18. So now I am not able to see how much time, I had executed my orders. Is any option on kite app to see my trading history?

  22. Uday Singh says:

    On console zerodha, there is no details showing in trade book option. So how can I check my brokerage charges in particular day trading? Because as I calculated my brokerage charges by brokerage calculator is not matching with deducted charges. Please help me to understand.

    • Nakul says:

      You can find only the number of executed orders, traded quantity, and price on the tradebook. You can find the overall charges with the breakdown on any particular day using the P&L statement. You will have to generate the P&L statement for the date on which you need the charges.

  23. sameer says:

    I can’t see my stock booked in cnc mode…..wen I see that on next day….
    Help me

  24. sameer says:

    I can’t see my stock booked in cnc mode…..wen I see that on next day….
    Help me

  25. Abhay says:

    How can I see my trades having total quantity and price. For example I bought 100 BankNifty options at 70, It might got executed like 40 at 70 + 40 at 70.30 + 20 at 70.10, but I want to see an entry with quantity 100 and average price so that I can analyse my previous trades. We are able to see these details in executed orders but only for 1 day.

  26. Swapnil says:

    I cant see NRML (Normal F&O trades) category. Please suggest.

  27. Dr Gopal says:

    Dear Director zerodha,
    Mr. Nitin
    This mail was submitted on support platfrom with ticket no 20200619541653. but nobody resolved the issue raised or feedback submitted on19th Jjune 2020.
    1)What is hierarchy in your organization to escalate the issue by client if it does not get resolved within time frame allotted by your zerodha company.
    2) How client feedback mechanism work. How client can get status of feedback submitted without just answering like “We are forwarding the suggestions to our concerned department, Thanks once again for your valuable suggestions.” and closing the issue by this way. There shall be sufficient transparency to watch the status of grievance/ Support/ feedback raise by client since Zerodha is online digitally empowered platform
    3) Manger from zerodha sales, spoke me But unfortunately he must have forgotten to take the review of griveinces submitted and revert back to me as a client.
    4) Plz note following feedbacks
    (i) Customization of market watch screen background colour by client for his kite desktop version
    (ii) Renaming facility for market watch caption like fin, pharma, infra, auto, and so on instead of 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5
    (iii) In market watch we get quantity of holding in light gray color. However, if same information is provided
    with average buying/selling cost in bracket there itsllf, then it become more convenient to take decision for
    trade in respective script.
    (v) About report generated on of profit and loss (P & L) link ——-Client get % of P & L report based on the
    buying price only, which is irrespective of duration between selling and buying of any stock. Hence % of
    P&L information is not true realastic. Hence in addition to this if you can provide P&L report with
    considering duration of holding as additional column, it will be more realistic. If you provide this
    information, client get trigger to buy or sell as per this % P&L which is calculated and if presented by
    considering the duration of holding of the stock.
    (vi) There shall be breakup of margin utilized in three parts under the tab “Fund” (1) Margin utilized for
    unexecuted order and (2) Margin utilized for executed order (3) Margin available
    (vii) There shall be link to script for getting the break down of buy or sold in position tab.

    Except last two points, other points I have reported to support person on telephone also

    • Matti says:

      Hi Gopal. Answering sequentially:
      1) If you have a support request that isn’t answered, you can escalate to [email protected].
      2) Client feedback is quite straightforward. Whenever you offer us any suggestions or feedback, our support agents will internally forward it to the relevant team. Obviously, we don’t have a direct link between the development team and customers for all feedback because that simple isn’t feasible.
      3) Please write to [email protected] with details if this wasn’t a feature requests. Feature requests, as you may imagine, don’t have set timelines or TATs and may take time to be built.
      4) Noted.

  28. Hi,

    I want to know how do I find out order type from the trade book or contract types. For e.g. I trade in commodities and want to know how many trades were MIS & how many trades were NRML for the LAST MONTH or any historical period.

    I have checked and could not find trade type (MIS or NRML) either in “Trade Book” or “Contract Notes”. Please let me know the best source from which I can find this information.


  29. Sathwik Teja PUNNA says:

    I can see only the charges for the sale of shares in profit and loss report. Where can I see the charges for the purchase of shares.

    • Nakul says:

      Hey Sathwik! The P&L shows the charges collected during the specified period by you. You’ll be able to see the charges for the purchase leg of the trade as well if you include the purchase date in the period you specify.

      Also, we are adding trade wise charges in the tradebook in the upcoming version of Console. We’ll notify you once that’s live.

  30. Hari Ballabh Arora says:

    T and be is written behind some shares in tradebook…what is the meaning of that..plz explain. For example in tradebook it is mentioned adani power and adani power -T separately

    • Shubham says:

      Hey Hari, NSE & BSE categorize stocks based on what they represent, where each series/group represents a different category of stocks. More details here.

  31. Hari Ballabh Arora says:

    Thanks Sir for the information

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