Basket Orders – ZT

November 19, 2012

Note: Basket Orders have been disabled on Zerodha Trader. Alternately, you can use Sentinel to place Basket orders


Basket orders are a utility available on Zerodha Trader, where you can place multiple orders at one time. You can also export the basket orders to an excel sheet, make changes to them and use the same to place an order.

Please note that even if you use the basket order facility with multiple scrips and place it all at one time, different order numbers will be generated for different contracts and hence the brokerage will be Rs. 20 for every contract on the basket order and not for all of them together.

To access the basket order window, either use the short cut key Ctrl+B or look at the image below:

ZT Basket Order

Once the basket order window is open, choose the drop-down box to select the contract and click on the Add button as shown below. Use the same process to add multiple contracts. Once all the contracts/stocks are added, you can either place the order by clicking on the Place button or you can export the same order to an Excel and save it on the computer. Whenever you wish to place the order, you can use the browse button and upload the Excel and place the order.

Orders can be either placed as limit order or market order; if a market order is placed it will get executed immediately, if it is a limit order it will remain pending till it gets executed.

You will see a reset button in the basket order window, this button basically resets the basket order window, so if you have added 2 contracts and click reset, it will remove both the contracts. Please note that this won’t reset if the basket order is already placed.

You can save different baskets on your computer and place it whenever you wish. See the image below:

ZT Basket Order

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  1. Pawan says:

    What is the feature of this “slice” option?

  2. Nithin Kamath says:

    Slice is basically where one order can be broken down into smaller parts and sent to the exchange. This feature is not enabled on retail terminals, so that button is disabled for all our clients..

    • RK1481 says:

      I need to know about basket orders —

      1) basket orders pre market hours —
      2) format to be used —
      3) Since i will do all orders in cash segment …. is the brokarage same as applicable in normal orders / different
      4) Will be grate if you can help me on this …..
      5) I will able to increase my transactions by double if you could help me on this

      • Hanan says:

        Our answers:
        1. We do not allow basket orders in premarket or AMO. Only live market basket orders are allowed with each line of the basket order being a minimum of 25k.
        2. To know the format of the .csv file, first save a few basket orders on ZT. Export this file. Once exported, you can open in Excel and edit/view.
        3. Brokerage applicable is standard across all order types. Delivery trades for EQ are free.

        • Paul says:

          Any plan to include basket orders as AMO. I find this useful because I experience frequent power failures and internet disconnect, especially when I want to place an order. Moreover, this would also free more time to actually review the open positions/ opportunities.

      • BK says:

        Once the order is placed in basket and we see this in positions but later when we want to sell we cant sell directly going to basket .any idea on it

    • Kiran Kumar says:

      Lousy experience today. 9.15.07am Orders did not get executed even after 9.29am; Felt as if full-service brokers are conspiring to block orders at exchange to bring bad name to Zerodha. Whole night effort wasted. Please investigate why this happened (exact root-cause) and please ensure this does not happen again. Very frustrating.

      Kiran Kumar

      • A few of our clients who were on a leased line had issues, both primary and backup for those clients went down completely. Took us more than usual to move clients to another setup completely. Unfortunately leased line infra in India is not great, we are working on ensuring that moving from one setup to another happens faster if an issue like this happens in the future.

    • Dharmesh says:

      Hi Nithin,

      Why Zerodha disabled basket order to Z trader, and also zerodha stopped migration to NOW.

      In terms of Senitial have no option to upload excel, please allow migration to NOW or Basket order place to Z Trader.

  3. kinjhoh says:

    how do i modify the basket orders?? It means once i click on place button all my orders will be placed but what will happen to my limit order??? It can be viewed in F3(order book) or is there is any seperate window to see about it???

  4. sibaprasaddash says:

    I can use this feature for posting my orders in pre market sessions.

  5. Taha says:

    Once one creates a particular basket order, does the basket remain saved in the terminal’s setting so as to be able place the same basket again the next day?

    Also, in your explanation above, you have not detailed how one can modify the various individual constituents of the basket itself (stocks, prices, quantities etc.) for placing a modified basket order again in another session of the market. Could you explain how to do this?

    So for example, if one places a certain basket order, and certain stocks/partial quantities of certain stocks get executed and the rest remain unexecuted, how does place the same basket order again in the next session with only those orders that remained uexecuted at the end of the previous session?

    • Nithin Kamath says:


      Once you have created the basket using the ctrl+B window, you can click on export list and this gets saved as an excel on your computer.

      You can change the price, quantity etc on the excel sheet itself.

      So assume you created a basket and saved it as an excel. The next time you login to the trading platform, you can go to excel, make changes on it and then use the browse option in the CTRL+B window and place the basket.

      Hopefully this clarifies.

    • Taha says:

      So there is no automated way of placing again in the next session the same basket order only to the extent of the stocks/quantities that remained unexecuted in the previous session?

    • Nithin Kamath says:

      oh! no, no automated way to do this.

  6. adeepvalueinvestor says:

    Is it possible to use this feature (basket order or the excel import) in the web trader?

    Also, if I want to buy all the stocks in a market watch & then modify the quantities in one shot, how can I do this?

    • Nithin Kamath says:

      Basket order is not possible on web version presently.

      If you want to buy all stocks in a marketwatch, you can use the basket orders for this. You can’t really modify quantities in one shot, you could probably cancel all the pending and upload a fresh basket order which you have already saved as an excel with different quantities.

  7. MaDhavan says:

    Dear sir,

    basket order is not showing in my trading platform for last 2 days….

    Please activate again for my client ID DM0537

    • Hi,

      We have put a cap on basket orders with less value as this could be a liability for the system, a client could have 1 k in his account but place 1000 orders using basket with price of Rs 1 each…..
      This could adversely impact the system……

      So Basket orders will work only for orders with a value of 1 lakh and higher

      Please contact 080 40402020 ext 106(Rms team ) for further assistance

  8. Hi,
    Each order in the basket will need to have a value of 1 lakh………….

  9. botany02 says:

    Hi Nikhil,

    If each order in basket should have a value of one lakh means, this facility may not be useful for an average trader, who’s tot cap is 1 or 2 lakhs.Bcoz basket order is mainly used to place bulk order at a time,. say 20 or above,.. means the investor should have twenty lakhs. The limit may be reduced to 10K, so that most client can use it.Otherwise, Basket orders is meaningless for average investor.

  10. Sreedhara Murthy says:

    What are balanced basket order? I have a position of nifty put and calls. Can I place a square up order for both keeping a profit margin of Rs.1000/- under balanced order at once.

  11. Sreedhara Murthy says:

    Please let me know how to place a single order to square of to contra positions with a stipulated profit margin under Option Trading.

    • Hanan says:

      If you’d like to square off all your option positions in one order you can try either of the two:
      1. If you have less than 3 options to square off, you could try the Spread Order window and use the 2L or 3L option. Note that your orders have to be IOC at market price.
      2. If you have more than 3 options to square off, you should definitely use the basket order window. I would advise you to use market orders so that you can exit all your positions at once.

  12. Rajesh says:

    can’t we place SL-M in basket?

  13. Kiran says:

    I am not able to see Basket Order option in AMO , can you guide?
    My ZT Version is

    • Hanan says:

      Kiran, I think you placed your AM order on Saturday. The server was restarted on Sunday which may have made all your basket orders disappear. The best time to place basket orders would be Sunday evening or early Monday morning because the weekend is very important for our servers to relax and unwind. 🙂

      • Jit says:

        It would be a simple thing for your tech support to write a script to take backup of pending AMO orders before “relaxing” your servers on weekends, then and then copying back the orders when the server gets restarted.

  14. Bhanu Arora says:

    Hello Nithin Sir,

    My questions is on Basket order.
    It’s been mentioned that market and limit type order can be placed in Basket trade. Can we place Bracket & Trailing stop loss orders on each trade in the basket ?


  15. Das says:

    for what i understand, ‘Add’ SAVES the order in the basket and ‘Place’ SENDS the order to the exchange. Please confirm if my thoughts are right?

  16. amit_bestus says:

    I am new to Zeroda community. Have tried to install ZT v3.11.2.1. But there were a host of errors. Though ZT has been installed. I am not able to log in. PLz help.

    Even in Z5 i am getting logged off every 2 min. Unable to trade
    Plz help immediately.

  17. GAUR says:

    can basket order be saved after market, say at 7 pm and ‘placed'(i.e. sent to exchange) at 9:20 am, 5 mins after open for market volatility to settle?

  18. RAJESHKANNAN says:

    Sir iam diong F7O trading only on intraday basis & iam not carring any overnight positions with limited amount(say 1 lakh). i want to use this same amount for commodity trading after 7.30pm on intraday basis. In icicidirect fund transfer intraday basis is very easy. But in zerodh it takes one fullday(Nextday afternoon). Traders like with limited funds feels it difficult in this part.I you rectify this problem traders like me it will me very useful to trade in commodity.If you & your team took it very seriously & rectify this problem as soon as posssible.This is the only problem i hate it in zerodha.


    In balanced basket order, I am seeing that I can add only constituents of some predefined index.
    But If I want to add a company which is not in the given index, how can I add those?

  20. vinayak says:

    Dear Nithin

    the Basket Order functionality in my wife’s account is not functional. I asked your support team and after trying for two days (very hard working guys and very helpful ones; I am not complaining about the days they had to spend; I commend their tenacity) they figured out this is because she has only FnO access.

    My basket order functionality works (I have NSE/BSE also).

    We do all the “trading” related things from her account and all “investments” from mine to keep things clean.

    Can you do something about enabling the basket order functionality from accounts that have only NFO/BFO access?

  21. Sukesh says:


    If i place a basket order for a straddle of say 10 lots and if it gets executed in phases, then also the brokerage charges will be Rs:40/- only rite? (Rs:20/- for each CE & PE in the straddle)


  22. Waman says:

    Can I place a AMO Basket Order?
    I cannot see Basket order in the menu under AMO…

  23. karthik says:

    Question 1. Do we get margin benefits in basket order,let’s say I want to place a condor or a butterfly, will I get the same margin benefits as shown in span calculator ?
    Questions 2. Why there is no 4L option spread order type,?
    4Leg spreads are market neutral and they are popular, where as 3L is directional!

    • 1. The Margin benefit in SPAN, you get after entering all the positions. While entering the position using basket order, you will need individual margins.
      2. Yep, we have bounced this to our tech vendors. For now, the only way to place this at one time would be through the basket order.

  24. Ankur Kumar says:

    Kindly activate AMO Basket order on my trading terminal. Client ID DA2071

  25. D.omprakash says:

    Hi nitin I very sorry to say that i have selected a wrong brokerage firm zerodha. From day one facing lots of tension and stress. The reason behind is funds pay out. U guys giving all such kind of false promises. On 09/12/14 i have amt of Rs.24039.08. I am trying to request fund pay out on friday ie 12/12/2014 but your backoffice as well as zerodha q showing with drawable balance is 3046.48. Calr u r rep on friday they totally confused me saying it was correct. Then i cald today ie 12/15/2014 saying still showing with drawable balance is 3046.48 they accepted the same and told me will put ticket on this. Check on to this please. If this issue not going to resolve by today will take all the screen shots of my ledger and mail to sebi. After getting best brokerage award its really waste…..

    • What is your client ID? Let me check on this immediately.

      • omprakash says:


        • Om, I will find out why our executive didn’t educate you on this. The account balance that you are seeing in that image is from the shares that you have sold on Thursday and friday. All equity settlement in India happens on T+2 day basis, what this means is that if you buy shares on Monday you get the shares credited to your demat on Wednesday evening (T+2 days) and similarly when you sell shares the money gets credited to your account on T+ 2 days from when you sold. So the shares you sold on Thursday, the money will get credited on Monday evening and the ones sold on Friday, will be credited on Tuesday evening. So that money you see is not actually in your account yet, most brokers won’t even show you the credit in your account until after T+2 days. We allow you to trade using the funds, but we can allow you to withdraw only once the credit happens from the exchanges. Hopefully this clarifies.

          • omprakash says:

            Nitin even I know abt t+ 2 day. My argument is I have already have credit of 24,000 on 9.12.14 is Tuesday but u r system does not allow. U know just now checked my back office shows withdrawable bal is 24,0000. How is this possible now. After I raise complaint u guys r updating the amount. Can u explain how this happens as u said amt will reflect tommrw only

            • Posting what our DP team just replied to me, this was the credit from your shares sold on Thursday.
              “We are doing deliveries for 2014230 settlement number. This settlement number belongs to trading date 11/12/2014 (Thursday).
              Client sold 300 shares of HDIL @ Rs.69.79 value Rs. 20,937 on Thursday. Since we debited these shares and delivered it to exchange today morning (T+2 day settlement), we received confirmation from IL&FS files at 1:30 p.m. we closed his sell position in B.O.. So the withdrawal balance gets automatically updated.”

  26. cyberfun says:

    Hello Zerodha,

    I am getting “Server not ready” for my BOs.. can’t modify/delete the orders, which show as pending even after the price has passed…??

    Phones are continuously busy.

    • cyberfun says:

      Logged out, re-logged in, as instructed, but no change… How can this happen and the customers not informed immediately ??

    • cyberfun says:

      Finally, the order was squared off by the admin at 15:29:03 through MIS, at a price detrimental to me..

      Tell me, if there was a problem with the servers, why couldn’t the orders be cancelled ?? Why couldn’t you have sent an SMS or something ?? At least broadcast it over email and the blog ??

      I guess now is the time for your post-facto justifications/explanations/ excuses.

  27. cyberfun says:

    Something happened at your end, my orders were executed but no corresponding sell orders are there, they are showing as “rejected” in the order book in “completed” orders.

  28. Shanmugasundaram says:

    When i use basket order in options spread orders, even if i select market order the window shows order type as ‘limit’. After placing the order, its excecuted as market order only.(I guess). Why that window shows as limit order instead of market order?

  29. Shanmugasundaram says:

    My question is if i select market order in dropdown menu of basket order, why it is shown as limit order in the lower box?

    • Hanan says:

      This could be because Market Protection (MktProt – on the second line) is enabled for this account. I presume it could be showing 12. Just hit backspace and leave this as blank. This will show all your market orders as Market.

  30. Shanmugasundaram says:

    In basket order window i am not able to remove the mktprot 12 box and make it blank. Is there any other alternate way?

  31. Chetan Agrawal DC0160 says:

    pls clarify on stop loss and target. can we set target and stop loss with buy/sell order and there is also any specific range for stop loss for equity cash segment.

  32. Chetan Agrwal DC0160 says:

    i am talking about basket order. pls clarify on stop loss and target. can we set target and stop loss in excel file with buy/sell order and there is also any specific range for stop loss for equity cash segment. there is minimum how many stocks for place order in a basket order. pls post a excel file photoshoot of balanced by fund basket order.
    thanks in advanced

    • Chetan, on your existing holdings you can’t place both SL and exit/target. You can place either one of them. Usually exchanges will have a trading range/circuit limit specified for every stock, and you can place orders within this range. It varies between 5% to 20%.

  33. Chetan Agrwal DC0160 says:

    can i trade with balanced (price) basket order in equity cash market. how can i get the option for balanced. for ex. a have a basket of 10 stock. i want to buy or sell at market price for 1000 per stock.

    • Chetan, by default there is no option bu in the basket order, you can export the basket to an excel sheet. Make whatever changes is required and upload the excel sheet back into the basket order window.

  34. Chetan Agrwal DC0160 says:

    Sir, i am very interested in Basket Trading and want to start trading with amount of Rs.5000 or Rs.500 per script for 10 script. So Pls reduce amount from 1 Lac to above mention Amount for my id DC0160. for starting purpose pls do it

  35. vinayak says:

    How do I place basket orders in Pi?

  36. […] Basket Order Zerodha Trader Nest Terminal […]

  37. chella says:

    Suppose if I intend to place an order as below:-
    “15 contracts of Nifty July futures to be bought at the price level of 8385.
    From the above 15 contracts bought, 5 contracts to be sold at 8400
    Another 5 contracts to be sold at 8420
    Balance 5 to be at 8440.
    Initially a Stop Loss of say Rs.8370
    If the first target of Rs.8420 is achieved, for rest of the positions the SL to be at buying level Rs.8385.”
    Please clarify whether it is possible to place an order as described above at one go in advance and which trading platform offered by you, is suitable to place an order such as the one above.

    Expecting that the price levels may quickly, whether ‘Algo trading’ with separate terminal help? And if so, what is the cost involved.

  38. chella says:

    Thank you, Sir, But please clarify whether alog trading is provided by Zerodha for retail customers

  39. chella says:

    One more question please. Suppose if I typically have a view that a decesive fall below 8550 (Nifty future) can pull the contract down to 8530 and 8500 and for example today NSE One Minute TAME Charts (Nifty August Futures) shows that at 0920 hrs, the price levels are Open:- 8552.85, High- 8552.85, Low-8526.1, Close- 8528.1, volume 262575. Please clarify which of the trading platforms offered by you is suitable to place an order so that the view gets executed in this short duration with 5 to 10 contracts of nifty bought and sold at the desired price levels.

  40. chandrashekar dixit says:

    hi nitin,

    I am not able to get the basket order option in my PI. earlier I was getting by using short cut key by using CTL B, but now its not happening.

    kindly advise.


  41. Amit Gupta says:

    Dear Nitin

    First, ,many congratulations from me on introducing some amazing products in the Indian Brokerage Market. From what I have seen in a short span of time, you have set some very high limits for yourself and your company. You can easily get the tag of a ‘Messiah’ for the retail customers of Indian stock market.
    My best wishes are with you. May you be successful in implementing your ideas and vision and in revolutionizing the Indian Brokerage Market.

    Now coming back to the trading software, I am very much impressed with the facility of Bracket Order and use it a lot. It takes away lot of tension from intraday trading and helps me focus on other things. It would be really great if
    a) no. of bracket orders can be placed like a basket order in one go….if its not posible then atleast, bracket orders should be allowed to be placed in AMO mode or in pre-session. At present, bracket orders can only placed one by one and that after 9.15 am which takes away lot of precious time.

    I hope you will do someting about it on priority basis.

    • Yes Amit, we have this on our list of things to do. It is a little tricky since bracket orders are algo’s and exchanges are really finicky about firstly giving approval for retail use, and once given on allowing to modify it.


      • Bhupendra Ghanghoriya says:

        Dear Mr. Nithin,


        My Zerodha Trading account open 3 days ago and now i am using the Pi software for trading, but i am facing problem to place the “Bracket order”. it is working for NSE but for BSE exchange it is showing following error massage.
        ” Bracket order not enabled for BSE”
        i would like to know if there is any solution to resolve this issue.

        G. Bhupendra

  42. zero123 says:


    I have ubuntu as OS. I trade mostly by Kite.
    Let me know is there a way for basket orders.
    Also if i place only less than 5 basket orders per day than also the limit of 1 lacs per order in basket will be eligible.

  43. DEBESH KUMAR says:

    can i place 20000 nifty in oneshot using basket order with slice 10000 each ,,,
    is it possible,,,
    as per sebi 10000 is the freezing quanty

  44. Amit says:

    Hi There, I do not have an option of basket orders under AMO at my terminal screen. I read in the thread that this facility is available. Can you please help with this? I am okay with minimum order size of INR 1,00,000 if that’s the pre-condition. Please suggest.

  45. naveen says:

    1) Minimum how many shares are required to place in basket orders ?
    2) Maximum how many scripts we can add in basket order ?
    3) is it fine to combine equity and f&o segment while placing basket orders ?
    4) at nifty open Pre-session , is it fine to add MCX scrips in basket order or we have place basket order separately for MCX scripts ?
    5) pi software is not having option to place basket order ?

    • Hanan says:

      1. The minimum order value per line on your basket order should be Rs. 25000.
      2. You can add up to 50 scrips in a basket, but each line should be worth at least 25000.
      3. Yes, you can combine EQ, FNO and CDS in one basket.
      4. Basket orders cannot be placed before the market opens, so you have to place separately. It’s better to keep MCX and NSE separate. You can combine NSE and BSE in one basket.
      5. No, Pi and Kite do not have basket orders. We’re going to launch them later.

  46. kumar says:

    for basket order while preparing the excel sheet for next trading , there is no option to create sl-m orders execution.

    eg: i have to buy the stock if crossed 51 and sell at 55. how to create excel sheet for this order for next day trading session to upload all the orders in zerodha trader software.

  47. Chetan agrawal says:

    what will happen if i place sale order of xyz co. shares in pre market open session e.i. 09:00 to 09:07
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    and share opening price 52.50
    shares sale on what price???

  48. Chetan agrawal says:

    very very thanks for quick response

  49. Sayan says:

    How can I place a Basket Order (or something similar, as in bulk orders) while using Kite?

  50. Vivek Prasad says:

    Sir ,

    require help file on basket order ,

  51. mahaveer says:

    what will be d mat charges ( buy and sell ) for basket order of rs. 100000/-having 50 different script( 1 to 10 shares ).

  52. sam says:

    Basket order is for Cash Market or F&O.

  53. Sree says:

    I am not able to find spread orders and basket orders in Pi, which I am using and which is supposed to be an advanced platform than NEST. Other brokers using NEST (and also zerodha traders who still use the older NEST) have this facility. Even I had this facility in zerodha before switching over to NEST. Please provide the same.

  54. Sankar says:

    Mr nitin good evening. could you guide me how to place basket orders and multi leg orders from from Pi or kite platform.

  55. Sanjay says:

    Sir, I am trying to place SL-M order (for exit on loss) in the basket but it always shows it as Limit order in the lower box. I have tried to change the value of Mkt Prot but no effect. Please tell me what is wrong?


    I want to trade 2 or 3 stocks at the very opening of the market using basket order. My capital is 20k. But the minimum requirement for basket order is 100k. So i am facing problem. Would you please solve this matter for retail trader?

  57. Kukreja Dolan says:

    Please inform :
    1) Basket Order is allowed in Commodities Trading ?
    2) Cover Order is allowed in Commodities Trading ?
    3) Bracket Order is allowed in Commodities Trading ?
    GTC Orders is allowed in Commodities Trading in all above 3 Systems, ?.

    Please Guide.

  58. Prince says:

    Dear Sir,
    Is it possible at one click
    1. buy / sell any script (predefined qty.) at market price
    2. buy / sell on predefined stop loss (eg: RS 2)
    3. buy / sell on predefined target (eg: RS 3)


  59. Asit Maurya says:

    I have downloaded Zerodha pi v1.0.0.6.There is No Basket Orders Option in it.

  60. Vikas N p says:

    Can I place multiple orders of same options contract using basket order? Suppose I want to buy nifty options 8500 calls around 50000 quantities. Can I place 9975 quantity in each line for 5 lines and place it under same strike price.

  61. VIKRAM says:

    Hi, I am currently using Pi, but to try basket order feature I wanted to use Zerodha Trader from following link
    The software was successfully installed but after running shows following error for login
    “User cannot login.Reason: Disconnected from NEST system”
    My user Id is RD2624

  62. Shweta says:

    I do not find this functionality in newer version of Pi. any work around?

  63. Joshua Nevis says:

    Hi Nitin,

    Can I be able to place a basket order say for example: nifty 8000CE option @4 Rs for 2000 quantity ….that would sum upto total value of 8,000 Rs..would the system allow me, as I have seen in the above discussion, you mentioned that each basket order line should be more than Rs 20,000……..kindly assist


    Dear Sir,

    Can you please explain what is basket order and how it can be used

  65. Nagendra says:


    How to place basket orders or cover orders from excel to pi, because we can manually edit place orders when trading with two symbols ? Can you provide A link to know the steps to do it ?

    • On Pi it is not possible.

      • zconsree says:

        Hi, The above article (like many other Zerodha articles) is based on NEST platform. This article doesn’t say how to place basket order using trading platforms currently supported by Zerodha … Lack of documentation is making causing lot of inconvenience.

        Nithin has clarified it is not supported by Pi …

        But, does Kite support basket orders?


        • No, both Pi and Kite currently don’t support basket.

          • Ramesh N says:

            Currently I can square one or all of my positions by ticking/clicking the appropriate boxes/tabs in the Admin Positions tab (Pi). How do I select multiple positions? Highlighting individual positions? Would it be possible to have an additional column with check boxes where one could select multiple boxes to do the same? Even if this could be done, to begin with only at market prices, it would be a great beginning though if you could make it possible at do so at the last traded price or limit prices it would be awesome. This would also be akin to having basket orders (currently not supported on Pi) at least on one leg of the transactions.

  66. Asit Maurya says:

    I Know that quantity freeze limit applied on buying But does Quantity Freeze Limit applies on Selling.

  67. Asit Maurya says:

    Please Add a smart system to kite so that if we buy using kite the order is Divided into Maximum Contracts (example-There is a stock with quantity freeze limit 2500 and lot size-40 if we put order of 3000[75 lots] then it automatically distributes the order in 2 orders:-
    1st Order-2480 Qty.
    2nd Order-520 Qty.
    So, Automatically two orders will be Placed.)

  68. Jay says:


    1. Can I place line orders in basket having premium value less than 25000 but having margin more than 25000, E.g. writing a call
    2. How can we monitor market value of combined basket?

    • 1. YOu will have to manually enter the contract, not possible to set conditions.
      2. Ah not possible, once the basket order is fired, you can’t track them all together.

  69. Naveen Jain says:

    In basket order if i am placing the order for single scrip , 100 as quantity and assume it divides them in 5 basket 20 each, will i charged 5 times for brokerage or only once.

  70. Indra says:

    is there any brokerage charge on Basket orders (BO)?

  71. Vipulkumar says:

    Hello Team Zerodha
    Thank you for providing a very good platform for trading.

    I have some questions-

    if i place a normal order (example quantity = 10000 with share price = 10 rupees). how the brokerage is calculated?

    if i place a basket order containing 10 orders containing quantity=1000 in each order then how is brokerage is calculated?

    is the brokerage flat 20 rupees or 0.01% or the lower of either of them?
    Please let me know how it works in the cases i have mentioned above.

    Thank you..!!

    • Akshay.A says:

      Hi Vipul,

      You can refer the charges in our charge list
      Please note that even if you use the basket order facility with multiple scrips and place it all at one time, different order numbers will be generated for different contracts and hence the brokerage will be Rs. 20 for every contract on the basket order and not for all of them together.

  72. Asit Maurya says:

    Suppose,The Zerodha Kite Server becomes busy and very unresponsive.Then ,If I login with pi will pi work perfectly or it will also be Down.

  73. Raj says:

    How much rate of interest do u charge if I use margin amt

    • Akshay.A says:

      Interest is applicable only if you don’t have at least 50% of total margin in cash. On the shortfall, the interest is 0.05% per day.”
      Check here

  74. PREM KUMAR says:

    hi sir,
    1. what is the maximum number of shares one can trade in intraday futures segment [ BO].
    2. can we trade more than the volume that is traded on a particular day? for example if the volume of trade of ABC is 500000 can i take a buy or sell position for 700000 shares in futures segment?

  75. prem kumar says:

    hi, i found out from Zerodha margin calculator under the BO&CO section that the maximum number of shares that can be traded is 999999. Does it mean Zerodha allows that many shares to be traded in a single trade or do they have to be split. what is the maximum volume Zerodha allows for a single trade in intraday trading?

  76. PREM KUMAR says:

    Thank you very much Mr. Nithin

  77. J V N Bhaskara Sarma, says:

    Dear Sir,

    I mostly trades in stock futures in NFO and I use Basket order form to place the orders. Now I want to change default entries of
    Exchg Seg to NFO
    Ord Type to MARKET
    P Type to MIS.
    Qty to say 3 lots
    Kindly advise me how to do the same?

    Thanking you,
    J V N Bhaskara Sarma,
    Client ID: DV0758

  78. J V N Bhaskara Sarma says:

    Dear Sir,

    At present whenever I open Bracket order form the default entries are as under.

    Exchg Seg – blank
    Ord Type – Limit
    P Type – blank
    Qty – 0 (Zero)

    Now whenever I open Bracket order form the default entries shall come as under, so that I need not change them every time I open a Bracket order form.

    Exchg Seg – NFO
    Ord Type – MARKET
    P Type – MIS.
    Qty – 3 lots

    Kindly advise me how to do the same?

    Thanking you,
    J V N Bhaskara Sarma,
    Client ID: DV0758

  79. J V N Bhaskara Sarma says:

    Sorry Sir,

    In the above, please read Basket order instead of Bracket order.

    Thanking you,

    J V N Bhaskara Sarma,
    Client ID: DV0758

    • siva says:

      For normal order one can set as per user requirement but for basket order nothing as such is allowed, also no need to create basket every-time, one can create one and import the same.

  80. arvind patil says:

    can i used the basket order facility or else required any request to use this faiclity

  81. Saikat says:

    Sir, i request you to incorporate BO/CO for basket orders mode in ZT, for placing orders for multiple scrips at one shot…….. this would be immense help for retail traders, in minimising time lag, and to obtain the advantage of higher leverage allowed in BO/CO .


  82. yoosuf says:

    Hi Nitin,

    Saw your story on youtube really impressive and I liked your journey. You really considered the pain point of traders community and deliver a great product ‘Zerodha’ here I have some query as well as some suggestions if you can take them seriously, it would be really helpful for your company.

    1. I want to place multiple bracket/cover orders as basket order but that feature is still not there in any of your software.
    2. I want to use charting in Nest Trader but unable to update Nest Plus so kindly let me know the issue and how can I use it properly?
    3. Why can’t you integrate target in cover orders and market order in bracket orders?
    4. Instead of putting the stop loss as price in cover order can you consider the stop loss in percentage or may be both to choose from so that a trader is no need to calculate the stop loss price instead he/she can put a fix SL % and system calculate and place the price automatically.
    5. Can you get integrate the ‘trigger/SL/target’ shifting feature in chart itself by just dragging the line or something instead of going to order window as this process takes time and miss the opportunities.
    6. Can you get integrated the buyers sellers volume movement in chart itself
    7. Can I expect tic based chart in near future?

    It would be a really helpful if you reply all my query properly and get me the solutions as early as possible.

    Anyway I am a creative director and can help you for your branding related things if needed any time.

    Regards and good luck

    • 1. No, multiple brackets at same time currently not possible.
      2. hmm.. charting on NEST isn’t great. Have you tried Kite?, 90% of our clients use this and has really good charting.
      3. Target in cover order is essentially a bracket order. If you place a limit order in bracket either above in case of buy or below in case of sell of market price, it acts as a market order.r
      4. hmm.. not possible for now. adding to my list
      5. We are working on this.
      6. I didn’t get what you are referring to.
      7. Every candle is formed by using ticks itself. So what you are seeing is a tick chart itself.If you are referring to custom sized candles, then not possible for us right now.

      • Saikat says:

        Dear Nitin Ji, since CO is a market order, the chance of its execution is much higher than BO since BO is a limit order and when placed after putting all details eg. stoploss, target, trailing stoploss etc., the price often crosses above (or below, in case of short) the market price, initially captured by the order entry screen and eventually the order gets rejected. The entire exercise becomes futile and the time wastage becomes more painful as every second counts in the market.

        Therefore, I request you to consider following options:
        1) to allow market order instead of limit order for BO, too.
        2) or to allow target order after execution of CO.
        3) or at least to change the market price dynamically in the order entry screen till the order is placed.

        • 1. Saikat, if you make the limit price much higher than the current market price when buying or much lesser than the market price when selling, it automatically becomes like a market order.

  83. sriram says:

    if i placed the basket order for 20 different scripts in cash segment. will the price strikes immediately @ 9.15am . for example
    suppose i put the basket order buy 50 shares in yes bank @ 361.5. the market opens 362 and reversed upto 359.5. will basket orders hits the exchange immediately as market opens. will this buy order is punched?

  84. Noush says:

    How to place Basket Orders from Kite?

  85. Harrt says:

    If i want to buy 50,000 share of Banknifty 26000 strike call in one go, will basket orders help, (else i have to place in intervals of 2580 as per nifty limit) caus that can be done on kite too.

  86. Vaibhav Vatkar says:

    Today Basket Order has given me a erroneous trade.
    These three order got placed by me, from Basket Order after loading file from excel sheet…
    Exchange: NSE. Scrip: BHEL. Order Type: Limit. Qty = 244. LIMIT Price = ₹ 0.00. Trigger Price = ₹ 0.00
    But after placing order ZT didn’t check the circuit limits and converted them to Market Orders.
    It has been happening with other scrips also…
    Why did Limit Orders got converted to Market Orders?
    Isn’t the system suppose to check circuit limits?
    If placing such orders manually through Pi or ZT, I get stopped and get displayed the circuit limits.
    What is your approach when customers suffer loss after such oversight or software bugs?
    The customer care also failed to understand that I didn’t place such market orders, rather than being helpful…

    • Vaibhav Vatkar says:

      3 Buy Limit Orders were placed for the same scrip
      Exchange: NSE. Scrip: BHEL. Order Type: Limit. Qty = 244. LIMIT Price = ₹ 0.00. Trigger Price = ₹ 0.00, P Type = MIS.
      But still Basket Order Facility passed it as Market Order, even though when it was showing Limit Order in the window.

      For Demo purpose I have emailed you video with a live real trade where the same error happens.

      Also I hope you are well aware of the halt in NSE trading that occurred on 05th Oct 2012 due to erroneous basket sell order from Emkay Global.
      This scenario where limit orders are converted to market order has all the potential to replicate it…

  87. Selvaraj says:

    Hi ,

    Today My BO Orders are splitted into multiple orders after buying, in this case, Is there any shortcut way available to modify the Target price in all splitted orders, currently I am doing manually open each order and modifying..

    Pls guide me how to do it bulk in single shot.

  88. Thiyagarajan says:

    Dear Sir I am a new client. I downloaded PI. This basket order feature is not available. Please let me know how to enable this option.

    • Matti says:

      The basket order feature is only available in Zerodha trader as of now. Will be adding it to Pi and Kite soon. In the meanwhile, you can download the Zerodha trader from

  89. Pandian says:

    Hi, How do I place Basket order AMO to be executed at a particular time. For example, I want to prepare basket order after market hours and place it as Basket order AMO to be executed at 09:30 hrs and not at 09:15 hrs.

  90. Lakshman says:

    Dear Mr Kamath,
    Pls help me answering these.
    1. Can we load Index & Stock options (Calls & Puts) in a Basket? or Is it that a basket allows just Stocks?
    2. Is there any minimum value for a Basket to get placed? If so, is such limit reckoned for the basket as a whole or minimum value is looked at for each line item (each individual Scrip or Option) in the basket
    3. I request that Minimum limit for placing a basket order should be fixed for the basket as a whole. I agree that if you allow like this, people may misuse by placing 1 shares or 2 shares but if you take the case of Options, I think you must consider allowing the minimum value as ONE lot per each line item subject to a MINIMUM amount of the TOTAL basket value as a whole.
    4. How many line items are allowed in a basket?

    Shall appreciate if you could copy paste my questions in your reply box and give your replies under each point. Cheers 🙂

  91. SK says:

    Is there any way we can have a customized basket order mimicking the popular indices (something on the lines of NIFTY ETF) on any of the Zerodha trading platforms, which can allocate the funds as per the weightage of stocks in the index ?

    • Matti says:

      Not right now. However, you can create your own custom smallcase on and use this as a basket.

  92. Mazahir says:

    Conceptually, can an investment firm place a basket order on multiple exchanges with multiple brokers?
    Or can basket orders be placed only with one broker on one exchange?

  93. ukhingne says:

    Is it possible to place a basket order for long butterfly trade with limit order for each leg?
    e g BNF 26500CE 100
    26400CE 200
    26300CE 300
    Will the order be executed only when all the legs can be executed at the respective limit orders?

  94. Patil prashant says:

    How to place a bracket order in basket form(i wanted to place 10 bracket order on a single click) is it possible with kite,nest or pi?

  95. Stallion says:

    Hey Nithin,

    I hope you are doing good.

    I was wondering when will be the functionality of “Bracket orders within a Basket Order” come into being?

    Thanks for your help.

  96. Vivek Vijay Nashine says:


    The maximum quantity (freeze limit) for Banknifty is 2500 that means 125 lots can be traded at one go. However, my query is that if a person wants to trade 25000 quantity (1250 lots) so can this be done by putting 10 separate orders with 125 lots for each order ? or this kind of trade is not possible ?

    Also, if this is possible, then my second question is, can 10 trades (125 lots of banknifty for each trade) be placed using the basket order facility of Zerodha ?

    Kind Regards,

  97. PL Subramanian says:

    Is this facility available in Kite?

  98. Prasad says:

    What is the format for basket orders in Nest, for each segment, like Futures, Options or Cash/Eq, through excel / text file, ? where can i find ?

  99. james says:

    dear sir
    are basket orders allowed in z-connect, what i mean if my program will give me multiple sells and buys signals for different stocks, can i group it and place it as a basket order
    thanks sir
    waiting for reply

  100. JASBIR SINGH says:

    When will the Basket order facility available in Pi or kite. Further there are several draw down in Pi as I could not set my trend lines again if it was put wrongly on any point, the only solution is to completely erase all the drawings which is very difficult in nature.

    • Billy says:

      Hi Jasbir,

      We’re working on having Basket orders on Kite. However, it will take some time. You can place basket orders via Sentinel baskets. Refer to this support article to know more.

  101. SMK says:

    Why does zerodha make multiple order for one single bracket Order? Just to get more transaction fee? This if fraud

    • Matti says:

      A BO order is an exchange approved algo, since it has trailing stoploss that mofidies order automatically with price. If the entry happens in multiple fills, each fill has it’s own SL and target. That is just how BO is built, nothing wrong there.

  102. ANSHUL CHAUHAN says:

    I am not able to get the basket order option in my Nest Trader Terminal. Kindly activate Basket order Facility on my trading terminal. Client ID EW4187.


  103. Aditya says:


    Just wanted to know when I can start placing order for quantities more than 20000….i believe there were some issues due to order matching and system overload….when will that get resolved? As its getting a little difficult to trade….

    • Matti says:

      Hey Aditya, we’re working with our OMS vendor, Refintiv, to find an alternative fix for this issue but I can’t give you a definite timeline for this. At the same time, we’re also working on enabling basket orders on Kite, which would help you place multiple orders in one go to make thins easier. This should be done sooner, in a few weeks time.

  104. Vicky says:

    When will the basket order be available on kite or pi. It’s been over an year now, still no updates.

  105. krishna says:

    Hi bro, I am an option trader with pre-built strategy. Normally its a combination of calendar spreads etc. with hedging orders and around 6 legs will be opened simultaneously. As explained in zerodha option calculator, if I apply all the legs- final margin required will be around 67000- 75000 .. but, to execute short ces and pes intially ask for huge margin. in this scenario , we have to keep more money to place an order initially… I recently heard that, Sentinal is providing basket order facility.. where I can place orders at one stroke with hedging margin benifit.

    Is it true or false and can I place all the orders by taking advantage of margin benefit by keeping 67000-75000 only to execute all the legs? please clarify

  106. Santosh says:

    Sir, is there anyway to put combine stop loss on the basket order.
    I understand that this was not available earlier but checking if this facility is now available?


  107. Manhar Gafoor says:


    Basically, basket orders are just like small cases?
    Am i understanding it correct?

  108. Narendran says:

    The Basket order margin calculator shows I have the margin collectively, But when executed, one or two orders are not executed, citing that more margin is required. What is this. Then what for is the basket order margin calculator

    kindly respond at the earliest

  109. Ravinder says:

    I want to add Banknifty 30000 (1200 Lots) quantity (35700PE) at the same @30 price…how to add with basket order…

  110. Ahilan S says:

    Hi, I need to place a market basket order with each order to be placed with 1% lower to the previous order.

    For eg.,
    1st Order Buy HDFCBank @ Market Price (While executing the transaction say 1452.45)
    2nd Order Buy HDFCBank @ Market Price – 1% (1452.45-1%)
    3rd Order Buy HDFCBank @ Market Price – 2% (1452.45-2%)
    4th Order Buy HDFCBank @ Market Price – 3% (1452.3%)

    Is the above possible ?

  111. Mani Krishnamachariar says:

    is the basket order facility available on currency trading (USD-INR) !!

    • Shubham says:

      Hey Mani, we do not offer Zerodha Trader trading software anymore. Basket Orders are available on Kite and can be used for trading USDINR as well. You can learn more about Basket Orders here.

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