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  1. Nihal patil says:

    Why i am not able set my profile picture on kite?

    • Shubham says:

      Hi Nihal, please create a ticket at with details of the issue, so that we can check and have this resolved at the earliest.

  2. Uma Gupta says:

    In my laptop camera not working what do I do then?

  3. Rahul Dhebri says:

    I have the issue that when updating new profile picture, it changes to new one after uploading and then after refreshing it changes back to old one, Kindly solve.

  4. S. Raja says:

    I want to added my profile picture, pls help me.

    • S. Raja says:

      I added to profile picture, but error parising from date on the screen. So picture not accepted to profile. Pls help me. Thank you.

  5. Shajikumar says:

    I want to change my profile picture