December 6, 2017

Financial analyst and researcher at Zerodha

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  1. Motilal Bhuyan says:

    in trading view chart if if i am saving all my drawing in one system i am unable to see the same analysis in another system. have to draw all the analysis again.Kindly correct it

    • Matti says:

      This is because all drawings are saved locally on your system and not on the cloud. We will change this but will need some time to do so.

  2. Franky Johnson says:

    Please add portfolio system. Someone like me would like to make a portfolio for longterm investments, and a seperate portfolio for trading or swing trading account. Watchlist only tells us current price. We need something that will give a good performance report about the portfolio that we have made according to our strategy. Require this in both app and desktop software.

  3. sanu samson says:

    try to add buy, sell and market depth in the chart

  4. syed mahatab hossain says:

    when i open multi chart then not found any option to setup chart [studies,display,view etc. ]

  5. ANIL says:

    I hv tried to login new kite 3.0 with my old user name and passward but unable to login with error message ERROR: Invalid username. Lost your password?
    Log in with
    please advice.

  6. Girijesh Singh says:

    On Kite -3 Android ,Mobile , On Last day and today both day I had a Bracket Order with limit price , but after Submit Its Executed on market price at-once… I had A Loss but it was little. but loss is loss. I did not understanded why it happen.

  7. SK Raman says:

    Currency Trading: Orderbook, Position, etc. show currency with only 2 decimals, instead of the full 4 decimals
    Please correct urgently

  8. Vinod Kulkarni says:

    May I also suggest that the time field can be mixed with BUY/SELL box? It can be in smaller font and placed just below BUY/SELL box. I feel this field is not really useful during trading.

  9. Vinod Kulkarni says:

    In orders table, you are no more showing the order’s price at which it was placed. You show average price, which is also useful. But do show the price at which order was placed at.

    Also, may be order status box is redundant? If it is cancelled/executed, it will anyway move to next table. It is useful very momentarily when order is just getting placed.

  10. Parag Chaukulkar says:

    good trading platform. please improve the order completed notification sound from the present barely audible blip to if not something like pi, at least clearly audible sound or a ringtone.

    please also give trigger price option (sl or slm orders) on cover orders. it is welcome for bracket orders and is woderful..


  11. Umesh says:

    Orders from chart required by right clicking at the price level like pi.also should be able to change order price just by draging the order up or down like trading view terminal.price alerts and scanning and coding facility required.Ltp should be seen on pop out chart.nifty and other index ltp should be seen floating on pop out chart.fib setting preference save should work for all charts.fib setting and its colour setting like trading view required.
    In simple words just copy trading view.

  12. Siddharth says:

    Tool icons are not visible in ‘Night’ mode.

  13. DM says:

    Also when zooming in or out and changing from one timeframe to another takes more time than the current Kite version. In fact the chart disappears for a few seconds before appearing again. This does not translate to a good experience.

  14. Mahesh kumar sharma says:

    I am using kite3 daily but one major issue i faced want that developer team may resolve that issue urgent:
    When we put more than one order in cover order and when these order executed. Then two relevant slop loss order generated in order window.
    Suppose generated order in sequence in order book as follows :
    1. Zinc
    2. Lead
    Therefore in mobile brouser if i want to exit first one order ( zinc). Then in mobile brouser as i press the button for modify or cancel order button it shift to lower sequence script( lead). Hence i cant able to exit correct order if i want to exit from mobile brouser.
    Kindly look seriously on it and solve the issue.

    Mahesh kumar sharma
    Mob. 9166101010

  15. Rajamohan says:

    I have few UI usage issues regarding kite3 that I need to submit as feedback, could you share the link to submit my feedbacks

  16. VISHAL PRABHU says:

    What is the live date of beta 3??

    • Matti says:

      We’re still taking in user feedback on this. Once the platform is ready to be moved out of the beta phase, we’ll replace the current Kite with this version. Since we’re still collecting feedback, giving you a date for this wouldn’t be possible right now.

  17. Aryandra says:

    Your news Kite update is good but in a few fields it has taken a back step. You changed the MIS/CNC order while buying stocks, and you didn’t even inform in the kite 3 tour, just now I ended up buying shares worth 1.4 lacks in intraday/MIS instead of CNC, just becaz of this swapping! Now I may suffer a loss due to this if it doesn’t go up to my buy price by market close! Plz HIGHLIGHT this to save other people from losses!

    Second is, while opening chart in new tab, it show the price of the stock in the tab itself. So one can work in other tabs while keeping an eye on those stock without even going to the tab. But in update, price is missing! This update is a must!

    ID: ZX4107

  18. Subrata Sarkar says:

    I sending a POA letter 15 days, but Zerodha received 7 day ago so why can’t generate my poa in my Demat?

  19. K Lakshmi Narayana says: