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  1. SELVAKUMAR M says:

    Hi Sir,

    2800 stocks of LEEL-Z is shown in Holding and P&L statement in my consloe. But it is not shown in my holdings of kite. 1100 stocks of HDIL-Z is shown in P&L statement in my consloe.But it is not shown in my holdings of kite. What i have to do?

  2. Krrishna says:

    Hi Sir,
    I bought FININD shares on 05/19 and settled in my DMAT with NSE. Yesterday(05/22), I sold them. When I check my trade book, it is showing as the shares sold at BSE.
    Will there be any issue here since I bought shares from NSE and sold at BSE? Is there any penality?
    Please let me know. Thanks.

  3. Gaurav says:

    Is it possible to buy cash in one exchange in MIS and sell cash in other exchange using MIS order. Because near 3:19 my position will be squared off and that can happen at any price. How can I gain when prices will be volatile and automatically squared off?

  4. RAHUL says:


    I have bought shares from NSE. But By mistake sold in BSE. Is it possible? If yes, Any problem have to face?

  5. akanksha says:


    What will happen if i purchase few shares from NSE and few shares from BSE for the same company?
    will the share price average out?

  6. Pradeep keshri says:

    my question about arbitrage ,
    how much margin reqd. ,if I sell one lot stock future and buy cash share equal lot size for nrml position.
    NMDC 6700 =1LOT
    BUY IN CASH 6700
    TOTAL COST 12lac approx

  7. sunil says:

    I would Like to know about,
    example: I buy X company N shares in BSE, after long time can i sell N shares either in BSE or NSE!!
    X–>any company
    N–>no of shares.

  8. Jaswanth Reddy says:

    In a hurry, I bought shares in BSE ,But I wanted to buy-in NSE. Either NSE or BSE it’s not a big deal. But Is it possible to transfer shares(CNC) from BSE to NSE and vice-versa?

    • Matti says:

      Once you buy stocks, you can sell them on either exchange. The concept of exchange doesn’t mean anything for your demat holdings.

  9. Milan Kumar Choudhary says:

    I have purchased different companies share in NSE and i hold it for the long term. But now at the time of sell i’m finding most of my share(Company) as showing BSE why? Can anybody answer me how automatically it get converted ? As we all know in BSE we get less profit as compare to NSE. At the time of purchase from my marketplace, all shares are in NSE.

  10. Mohan Krishna says:

    I purchased some shares in NSE and in watch list, for that particular stock its showing me a BSE logo beside that stock. What has gone wrong? Let me know it causes me a trouble. Any help would be deeply appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    • Matti says:

      There is nothing wrong with this. Once you buy a stock and it hits your demat account, you can sell it on either exchange. On the holdings page on Kite, you will see the exchange that had the higher close price the previous day. Explained here.

  11. Satyendra says:

    I have stocks of some companies and i want to deploy an algo-based strategy for arbitraging between stocks in similar sectors in NSE (e.g. selling Tata Motors that i hold when it goes above a certain calculated price point and buying another auto stock which is undervalued below a certain calculated price point). Is it possible to deploy such an algo-trading strategy using Zerodha?

  12. Mohammed says:

    In my demate account Unknown BSE Share was bought automatically. Is it possible. THE share name is SNTCL 10000 qty In zerodha account. There is no buyer how to exit from this

  13. Gourav diwakar says:

    I have purchased shares on nse want to sell on bse is it possible in case of delivery shares and is it possible on kite mobile app? Kindly guide me

    • Matti says:

      It is possible if you have the shares in your demat account. Simply add the BSE stock to your marketwatch and place a sell order.

  14. Von Krieger says:

    Where can I see the live basis %.
    Moneycontrol shows basis but EOD.
    And suppose yesterday XYZ stock have basis of 2% and today I want to buy stock+short future. The basis % will be different. How to avoid this?

  15. Saheer k kuttikkunnath says:

    I bought some stock from NSE but i can not sell this stock on BSE, Why

    • Matti says:

      You can only sell a stock you buy on one exchange on the other after you get delivery. This can’t be done intraday.

  16. rahul says:

    can i get leverage for Arbitrage,
    Suppose i bought 1000 share of Reliance in CASH so can i sell Rel Fut without any additional money required, can i sell fut of any stock on behalf of CASH stock with same qty.

  17. Tushar says:

    Can i availed arbitrage profit of Rs.38 (48-10) on “Electrosteel steels Ltd”???

  18. Kiran says:

    This is for intraday .If we buy few shares on nse .Again we sell same shares on bse exchange.Both should be square off separately .Right?
    Means I can long share on nse and can short on bse at the same time or any time during the day

  19. Priyancy says:

    How to buy in NSE and sell in BSE intraday???

    • Matti says:

      You can’t buy on one exchange and sell on the other intraday. You can, however, but on NSE and sell on BSE and then cover both positions before the end of the day.

  20. Swamy says:

    This is regards to my equity holdings,

    Initially i ordered some quantity of equity shares from BSE and it got delivered but currently my equity holdings are showing under NSE instead of BSE.
    Please advise how can chose BSE/NSE option while selling this holdings I’m not finding this option any where I have a huge quantity of shares Currently NSE prices are to much lesser than the BSE

    But in the main Zerodha site qbackoffice my holdings are showing currently as per BSE.

    Please confirm is this the kite app issue or else ??????..

    • Matti says:

      Hey Swamy, once the shares are in your demat account, there is no concept of exchange. These can now be sold on any exchange.

  21. ROHAN MEHTA says:

    Do Zerodha has any software like Greek Easy Trading System for doing Arbitrage? We only have to put the difference limit on the both side NSE,BSE & NSEFO.?

  22. Prashant badgujar says:

    How to Sell BE type shares? yesterday I bought shares of BE type in Zerodha not able to sell the same in next day, Please share the procedure for same.

  23. Vaishak K says:

    I need to know

    Can I trade spot + future calendar spread as multi margin as intraday squre off ?

    I couldn’t catch and trade different prices nse bse for earn. How can I trade earn for buy nse and sell bse as easy ?

  24. laxman says:

    I have a doubt.Is it possible to do arbitrage in equity shares using zerodha trading platform?
    For ex.- I have 150,000 in my account.If i bought it in 800 on NSE and want to sell it in 1000 in BSE, then can I sell 50 shares (using CNC) from NSE to sell BSE?
    If yes do we need to go through some special process or we can do it simply by buying from NSE and selling in BSE.

    Please kindly tell me the steps also.


  25. Santhosh says:

    Hi Team

    I have shares in nse – demat acoount ( kgl – trading 1.55 in nse ) and bse trading 1.70 so can I sell in BSE if I sell what is process and charges applicable.

    this is not intraday.

    • Kishore says:

      Hi Zerodha,

      I didn’t noticed a response for Santosh query but i has same situation today in my trading.

      I’ve shares of JPA @ 1.8 since 6 months and i bought it from NSE but all of sudden today my holding are displaying in BSE exchange, and there was a price difference so sold it on BSE, could you please tell me the charges ?

      Also, i have BHEL shares which i bought yesterday from NSE exchange but BHEL also displaying in holding bucket BSE but basically i bought it from NSE exchange.

      One more, if i bought share today from NSE can i sell same share in BSE exchange next day ? if yes any additional charges ?


      • Matti says:

        Once you buy a share on one exchange, you can sell it on another on the very next day with no additional charges. The reason you’re seeing some of your holdings with the BSE price now is that Kite now shows you the price on the exchange that has a higher closing price on the holdings page. Explained here.

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  27. krishna. says:

    Good Morning Sir/medam how much margin require to nifty or stock options positional selling suppose if i want to sell nifty both call option at 100 rupees and put option at 100 rupees lot size 75 both side sell positional selling { not intraaday } positional seeling how much margin for both call option and put option positional selling.

  28. KRISHNA says:

    In Same Account buying in cash and selling in futures of same stock allowed in NSE merket? example hdfcbank buy in cash and sell in futures in same quantity allowed in nse market for positional trade?

  29. Ghanshyam says:

    Suppose I have shares in dp
    I sell in nse and buy them in bse
    What will be my position in dp
    Will I have to same stock buy in nse and sell them in bse in future or not

    • If you sell in NSE, it will go from your demat after two days, but what you bought on BSE, you will receive it after two days. So your holding remains the same, but there will be a debit/credit of shares in your demat.

  30. Angelo says:

    Generally I do not learn article on blogs, but I would like to say that
    this write-up very forced me to try and do so! Your writing taste
    has been amazed me. Thank you, very great post.
    Magliette Ronaldo

  31. krishna says:

    selling in cash and buying in futures of same stock allowed in NSE merket? example hdfcbank sell in cash and buy in futures in same quantity allowed in nse market for positional trade?

  32. krishna says:

    buying in cash and selling in futures of same stock allowed in NSE merket? example hdfcbank buy in cash and sell in futures in same quantity allowed in nse market for positional trade?

  33. Parth says:

    I wanted to ask is this an opportunity in arbitrage trading !
    Ceat Futures june month trading @ 1883
    ceat stock trading @ 1926

    • I don’t know if there is any dividend declared by ceat, but if it isn’t, yes arbitrage opportunity.

      • Parth says:

        But how is this possible ? in case if these are the conditions ! how would be the trade setup for the same !

        • You will have to borrow ceat stock from the SLB mechanism on exchange(provided someone is lending), sell it on market. Buy futures at 1883. When this difference between spot and futures reduces from the current level, you can exit futures and buy back the stock and give it back to the lender.

      • priyank says:

        What is the impact of dividend when we do cash and carry arbitrage?

  34. V. Venkateswara Rao says:

    Hello Nithin Kamath

    I am using Kite platform, and I have purchased some shares using CNC and from BSE.

    I am able to see the shares which I have purchased from BSE in the “Holdings area of the Kite platform”.

    Now if I move the mouse pointer over the listed shares, I can see three buttons “ADD”, “EXIT” and there is one small button but I do not know what it is.

    Now if I select “EXIT” I can sell shares. However the sell order is getting placed at NSE, but I want to place sell order at BSE.

    How can I place sell order at BSE by selecting “EXIT” button in the “Holdings area” on Kite platform?

    On Kite platform, if I select “Holdings” then I can see the list of shares which I have purchased using CNC, however it does not show from which exchange I had purchased from.

    Thank you

    • The third button is a stock widget, gives some fundamental info and recent price trend. By default NSE picks up, to sell on BSE, you will need to first add the BSE scrip on marketwatch, and then click on this and place sell.

      • V. Venkateswara Rao says:

        Nithin Kamath

        As you said “By default NSE picks up, to sell on BSE, you will need to first add the BSE scrip on marketwatch, and then click on this and place sell.”

        I added product code or BSE scrip code in the Marketwatch and then I was able to see the company name in the “Marketwatch”. I then purchased some shares of that company by using CNC on 05/05/2017. I can see these shares in “Holdings area” when I select “Holdings” button on “Kite platform”.

        After nearly one month after I purchased the shares and on today (05/06/2017), I wanted to place a sell order at BSE and so I again added the same product code or BSE scrip code in the Marketwatch and then I was able to see the same company name in the “Marketwatch” area. I then selected sell order and tried to place sell order.

        However the sell order is getting rejected and I have noticed following message.

        “RMS: Margin Exceeds,Required:1628.90, Available:705.15 for entity account-XXXXXX (account number not shown here) across exchange across segment across product.”

        I would like to know why sell order is getting rejected although I am holding the shares and I have purchased these shares using CNC. It should be noted that the product code or BSE scrip code and the name of the company is same.

        Thank you.

        • Akshay.A says:

          You would have placed the order in MIS instead of CNC. You need to select the product code CNC (Cash & Carry) while selling from holdings.
          Check for the different product codes.

          • V. Venkateswara Rao says:

            Hello Akshay.A

            Thanks for the reply and you are correct and also as mentioned by Nithin Kamath, it is not possible to place a sell order at BSE by selecting “EXIT” button on any shares listed in “Holdings” area because by default the sell order will be placed at NSE only and the procedure to place a sell order at BSE is different and I can only place a sell order at BSE from “Marketwatch” area. Here I am able to see a list of shares in “Holdings” area, however if I want to sell those shares at BSE then I have to place the product code or company name or BSE scrip code in the “Marketwatch” area and then select “SELL” button to sell at BSE.

            Overall the Kite platform is excellent, however if possible it would be better if you can give an option of selecting BSE or NSE in the sell order window when I select “EXIT” button in “Holdings” area of the Kite platform to sell shares which I had purchased using CNC.

            Thank you

            • Malay K Barik says:

              I had also same problem, I brought share of BSE and now it’s showing on NSE. I mailed to ZERODHA support centre twice but there is no respond, nobody is replying to the mails. This is 2nd time occurred with me in this month.

              • Manideep says:

                I also have the same problem, it better if we can get the exchange option in exit button and also some time its confusing than your portfolio shows different valuation , because u bought in BSE but price has taken from NSE.

  35. Rajubhai says:

    Are you provide an education about algo trading…? And another question is may I use ichi moku cloud pattern….. ?

  36. Amit says:

    Hi Team,

    What’s the margin required for same stock cash & future arbitrage ? Eg buy reliance in cash (equal to size of 1 lot) and sell 1 reliance lot in Future. what margin will be required for this ?


  37. Saurav says:

    Some share have offer price in bse but not in nse,,,, where as bid price in nse not in bse.. .. For example:- In bse transwarranty share have offer price(qty) – 21.03(1000) where as in nse it has offer price(qty) – 00(0). It means we can only buy it from bse????

    • Akshay.A says:

      You can see it for TFL (NSE) as well. You can add TFL and check under the market depth. Also you can check the circuit limits here

  38. Asish says:

    When I am making a new investment in new demat account, how will I trade the share in RGESS scheme in the app or I need to intimate it to the broker…Plz guide

  39. Aravind says:

    Dear sir
    pls clarify, I hav 500 shares of ICICI in demat, can i sell it at BSE and give delivery. I dont want to buy it back.
    Is it possible ?

  40. Subhayan Chakraborty says:

    Does arbritage can make steady and secured money.

  41. Ram Jeth says:

    Can you trade between spot and futures using kite

  42. shivam says:


    Why there is difference between trading volume at PI and Moneycontrol.

    Is it like PI shows only trading volume of Zerodha?

  43. Sourav Bhattacharjee says:

    How I will sell my CNC NSE item from Zerodah platform??
    Suppose I bought 100 shares . After 1month I want to sell it. Now How it will happen?

  44. Manowar says:

    Suppose I have purchase 1000 CNC shares (from NSE) @ rs 10 and I will keep it for 5 days. If all the 1000 shares purchased from NSE are sold in BSE @Rs10.10 and again 1000 shares are purchased @Rs10 from NSE then what will the brokerage and stt charges..??? Please clarify if the above trading will be charges as per intraday(MIS) charges…??

  45. maha vishnu says:

    sbi 250/100sh(bse)
    buy bse
    sbi 251(nse)
    sell nse possible?

      • Dharmesh Patel says:

        Hi Nithin

        I have about 1000 shares of a script that is currently trading around 1300 Rs range. I spot the difference in BSE & NSE prices of about 10-12 Rs quite regularly. How can I carry out this trade? I don’t think I can do this manually. How to setup an auto/algo trade? Can Zerodha Streak be useful in this?

        Any help is much appreciated.
        Best Regards

  46. Vijesh says:

    Which software do I need to buy in BSE? Does zerodha mobile app allow me to buy/sell on BSE? In PC, should I trade in Pi or NEST for BSE? Is there any advantage/disadvantage of Pi over NEST or vice versa?

    • Yep currently the mobile, Pi and NEST all support BSE. Pi much more advanced then NEST, so advice u to use Pi.

      • Richi Kumar Sandil says:

        NITIN i am looking forward to arbitrage trading .

        Today On 9th august , basis in LUPIN IS 20 RS (moneycontrol data ) next month .
        I can trade using bracket order and order type IOC , i want exactly same time to execute both the trades .

        Right ??

        what are the pro and cons please tell .

  47. borris says:

    Can i Buy a intraday share on BSE and Sell the same Lot on NSE on the same day.!!!!


      • Prince says:

        sir jese m koi share kafi days s hold kr rha hu.. or sell ka try kr ra hu.. bt kou buyer na hone ki wajah s nse be sell ni ho rha h.. can i try in bse? m kite use kr rha hu.. to kese sell hoga.. bse m 20 paisa or gira h nse se… to kya sell ho jayega?

        • Faisal says:

          Yes, you can try selling in BSE too by adding it to the marketwatch. Just type the scrip name and type ‘bse’ along with it.
          But as you mentioned, if the stock is in lower circuit, it will be difficult to sell in either of the exchange as both will hit the circuit quite quickly.

  48. gopal chakerborty says:

    sir aabhi kya koi aasha software hai jo arbitrage ke leya hai

  49. Hello,
    I have a doubt.Is it possible to do intraday arbitrage in equity shares using zerodha trading platform?
    For ex.- I have 150,000 in my account.If i see SBI quoting at 2800 on NSE and 2805 in BSE, then can I buy 50 shares if SBI (using MIS..leverage) from NSE and sell the same at BSE on the same day?
    If yes do we need to go through some special process or we can do it simply by buying from NSE and selling in BSE..

    • Yes you can use the intraday product code MIS and buy on NSE and sell on BSE, but the catch here is that you have to cover both the positions before close of day and if the price difference has not reduced from Rs 5(2805-2800) to lesser before 3.20pm, you will end up losing money on the trade.

      But can you do it for delivery based? You cannot unless you already held SBI stocks in your demat account. If you held the stocks, you could sell it on BSE and buy it back again on NSE, this way your cost of holding would reduce by Rs5. Also check this on TradingQ&A.

      • Darshan Ravanang says:

        Hi Nithin,

        I did not understand this part ” if the price difference has not reduced from Rs 5(2805-2800) to lesser before 3.20pm, you will end up losing money on the trade.” from your answer. If my understanding is correct, then if SBI is purchased at 2800 (BSE) and sold at 2805 (NSE) then there is a straight 5/- profit per share?

        Kindly correct me if my understanding is wrong, and if right, please explain me what you have tried to tell in the statement mentioned under quotes.

        Darshan Ravanang.

        • Venu says:

          The settlement of trades done on NSE & BSE happen independently which means if you buy shares on NSE & sell them on BSE, your position doesn’t neutralized. Instead it creates 2 different positions, long in BSE and short in NSE.

          An arbitrage opportunity allows you to cash in on the difference, if any in stock prices. So when you execute the trade on NSE & BSE with a Rs.5 difference, you want the difference to narrow down for you to be profitable because you’ll have to close your positions in NSE & BSE respectively.

          • raj says:

            hi venu / nithin,

            still did not get why the price to come down less than rs 5. if i bought at 2800 in nse and sold at 2805 bse then already we made 5 rs profit ? could you pls elaborate more ? arbitrage is not immediate profit? or should we wait till end of intraday ?

            • Raj, I have explained this in detail here. Check it out.

              • Dharmesh says:

                Hi Nithin

                I have 750 shares of a script trading around 1000 rupees and I spot difference many times of about 10-12 rupees in two exchanges. How to take benefit of this situation? I don’t think I can manually carry out this trade of buying in one exchange and selling in other. How to setup auto/algo trade? Can Zerodha Streak be used?

                Much appreciate any help.
                Best Regards

            • Rajat Saini says:


              For delivery based trading : it is simple.
              It is just buy in exchange with lower price and sell in exchange with higher price. Here delivery charges apply

              But for intraday trading: it is not just buying in exchange with lower price and selling in exchange with higher price or vice versa. Here prices difference must narrow down to book profit

              For instance: you bought XYZ share at Rs 6 in NSE as MIS order and also Sold XYZ share at Rs 7 in BSE as MIS order.
              But you will have to place opposite orders to exit positions

              Here price difference is Rs 1
              Any decrease in difference is profit and increase is loss

              These to trades are kind of hedging eachother.
              I.e. lets say if price in nse goes up 8 which means profit of 2 but at the same time price in bse goes up to 9 which means loss of 2

              So to be profitable difference in price must narrow down
              Then above example would be price in nse goes up to 8 which means profit of 2 and price in bse also goes up to 8 which means loss of 1.

        • Manoj says:

          Respected Sir,
          Sir i buy a share of tata consumer at 641/- at NSE MIS order.
          But you team sell my share at BSE at 564.45 Normal order
          I face losses an amount of 39175/-.
          Tata consumer CMP 624/- at the time of market close.
          Kindly help me sir…..
          Please Sir.

      • Priyank Saxena says:

        But in case if I’m having 100 share on NSE of ICICI in my demat account, and on some day I sold 100 share on NSE for 251 and purchased it back on BSE at 250 simultaneously. Then in this case will the brokerage and other charges will be according to intraday or delivery trade??

        • Venu says:

          The settlements are done Exchange wise, so when you buy 100 shares on NSE and sell 100 shares on BSE, they are not considered as an Intraday trade. You will receive 100 shares to your demat account for your purchase trade made on NSE and 100 shares will be debited from your demat account for the sale transaction affected on BSE.

          • RAJINDER says:

            Zerodha account shows my Holdings in particular exchange. Does it mean that I can sell the same only in that exchange. ?

            what if it is shown in NSE and i sell in BSE and immediately on same day I but from BSE again.

            • Zerodha Social says:

              Hey Rajinder,

              Unless the stock is not on NSE, the default in holdings is to dipslay NSE as the exchange. However, there is no restriction on sale in BSE. You can sell it in either BSE or NSE.

              • Nagaraj Hegde says:

                Hi – I am not able to see an option to sell my long term holding stock in BSE exchange since the stock was purchased in NSE. Can you please help me how to do it? Default option is to sell the stock in the same exchange from where it was bought. and I am not able to change that.

      • shakti kumar says:

        sir can you explain it in hindi

      • Akhil Anand K K says:

        If I holdin 30 Sbi Bought @ 350 from nse. I sell my holdings 30 sbi @355 on nse. And on the the same time buying 30 sbi @ 352 from bse. Then what will my profit ? And at what will be the price demat holding shares of sbi after this process

        If any one no please comment with brief explain

    • Shashank says:

      Price of one law : Even if the arbitrage opportunity exist you end losing money because of the transaction cost. Your position will get squared off at the end of the day. You may have profit also but it is not equal to what you expect (marginal profit).

      • Shashank says:

        Many do these practices but eventually it ends up in price correction of the stock. For example : expensive stock people wil l sell it(BSE/NSE) and cheaper stock people will buy(BSE/NSE) and it ends up at a price where there is no opportunity to arbitrage. Hence price of stock is the market price.

      • Shashank says:

        Same is applicable to Bonds.