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  1. Khan owais says:

    How to exit my BTST trade zerodha 300second later open to say and 300osbover now but not open and not send otp

  2. Dias says:

    I was not able to exit my position in options…whenever I tried to exit with a limit order …it showed high margin assuming it as sell order… and it was rejected 3 or 4 times…

  3. sivakumar says:

    after taking a position in currency trading if i want to book profits on only 50% and run the balance 50% where is this option and how to go about it

  4. Mitesh panjari says:

    Why i can’t exit feom my order

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Mitesh, could you please create a ticket at with details of the issue, so we can have this resolved at the earliest?

  5. Karan chouhan says:

    How I can exit from all stock when my total Target is hit

  6. Pavan Kumar says:

    If we buy more than freeze quantity In bank nifty options how can we exit positions all at once ?

  7. sudhakar says:

    I have a stock put sold
    how to exit the position next day

  8. Rohit N says:

    Unable to sell in equity. Unable to exit from the buying position. Very Frustrating. Pls Solve.

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Rohit, what seems to be the issue? Could you please create a ticket here with details of the issue, so we can have this resolved at the earliest?

  9. Archana says:


    I have been trying to exit Aartind feb 665PE for multiple days but I am not able to exit it. Its really frustrating

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Archana, what seems to be the issue? Could you please create a ticket here with details of the issue, so we can have this resolved at the earliest?

  10. Shubham says:

    I can’t able to exit order please try to slove this ASAP

  11. Azhar saeed alvi says:

    Respected sir/ma’am,
    I placed an option call trade today at around 2:30pm, but was unable to exit the trading as it stated that I had insufficient funds and required margin is aorund 2.7lakhs even though I was trading in thousands only , even though it was written on the bottom left portion – margin required (0) , since it was a call option and I wanted to exit.
    Please fix this before tomorrow’s market opens,
    Thanking you.
    A worried customer.

    (And NO, I don’t have any pending orders)

  12. Raj says:

    I have one doubt .
    I buy today one stock example – Tata rs 100 1 stocks and it’s showing my stock app under position suddenly stock decreases ok like 90 so I use to click long press and use option call EXIT POSITION it got exit so my doubt is that chargeable …? Same for sales stock it increases I used same option …? Chargeable using exit position long press option ..? Please advice – in zerodha App

    • Shubham says:

      Hi Raj, irrespective of the product type you use, buying and selling shares on the same day is considered as intraday trade and will be charged accordingly. You can easily calculate the charges here.

  13. Uday says:

    Hi … I am trading in crude options.. little confused about exiting the trades…. say i bought a crude call option premium at 200 rs by buying from the chart using the drag and buy option and the premium went up to 210 and i want to exit at market price , What do i do?

    Should i put in a sell thru a limit at a price lesser than the LTP, will it get triggered at the market price of 210 or will it get triggered at the price that i have entered ?

    • Shubham says:

      Hi Uday, if you place a sell limit order below the CMP it will execute at the best available price in the market. Limit order allow you to buy or sell at the price specified or a better ptice. You can learn more here.

  14. Akhil says:

    I placed a sell order and now the stock is rallying up very fast. What will happen if I EXIT the sell order now?

  15. Dhiraj singh says:

    Some of my penny stocks showing in Console how to exit from those holdings?

  16. Yuvraj says:

    I create GTT for sale 100 qty out of 300 qty but it’s execute all 300 qty sale. Why this happened?

  17. harsh says:

    How to close strangle (both options together) by combine profit percent or profit amount.

    • Shubham says:

      Hey Harsh, this is on our to-do list but there are regulatory complexities around this. Having said that, we are figuring out how to offer this.

  18. Prafful says:

    Executed partially option order. How can I exit the same?

  19. Aryan singh says:

    If i exit MIS trade at exact 3:15 will it be considered as auto square off?

    • Shruthi R says:

      Hey Aryan, if you exit the trade it will not be considered an auto square off. Only if the order is squared off by our system, it’ll be considered auto square-off, and charges of Rs 50(+GST) will be applicable for each order squared off.

  20. Vipin Vishwakarma says:

    I am trying to short sell a Usha Martin but it is always getting rejected and this message is displayed:

    “Insufficient stock holding or there are pending sell orders for this stock. Check the orderbook.”

    What does this mean. MIS and other type of order are blocked on that stock. Please help

    • Shruthi R says:

      Hey Vipin, MIS orders are currently blocked for USHAMART. You can place a CNC order instead, if you hold sufficient stock in your holding. Check out the list of stocks allowed for MIS/CO trades.
      More here.

  21. r.a.gautham07 says:

    How to remove stocks from holding .. Its showing holding 2 stocks in portfolio.. Plz tell to active the stocks, i already buyed that stocks

  22. K Haribabu says:

    i want to exit my position in index after market hours, is that possible? if so how it can be done?

  23. Thota says:

    10000 quantity options how to exit at a time

    • Shruthi R says:

      Hey, if you want to execute large orders, you have to place orders multiple times. This can be done easily, using the duplicate order function available on baskets

  24. enosh says:

    Dear Sir,
    My question i am creating one basket for bank nifty option buying the qty freeze size for bank nifty option is 1200 and multiple into 5 times and now to create basket for the same option to exist one because i am doing scalping so there is no time to exit immediately

    • Shruthi R says:

      Hey, this isn’t possible for scalpers, you can choose the GTT sell single/OCO checkbox while adding a buy scrip on the order window.

  25. Abrar says:

    How much brokerage cost in equity intraday if i exit from multiple positions, but entry is one

    • Shruthi R says:

      Hey Abrar, for equity intraday trades, you will be charged 0.03% of turnover or Rs. 20 whichever is lower per executed order.

  26. kesava says:

    how to sell with out zerodha listing shares

  27. viral patel says:

    sir if i sell the ipo on listing day but i want to exit the position can i exit the position and buy it again on same day.

  28. Gautam says:

    If i exit sell position of a share (had it as cnc) same day, so, will the DP charges be deducted?

  29. ABHINAV says:

    I bought a IPO stock listed today but while selling it getting this error “Insufficient stock holding or there are pending sell orders for this stock. Check the orderbook.” Why is it so ?

  30. Sidheeque says:

    I bought call option of nifty option trade before 2 days. Now its shows in portfolio f&o. How can i square off from that trade

  31. RAHUL says:

    Hello sir,

    In my account I tried to exit my Put option but its not executed. It is still in pending order.
    There is no Buyers. Its expiry Date is tomorrow. Will it automatically exit if there is no buyers ; after expiry?

  32. Kumar says:

    Today I brought bank nifty in nrml order which is negative 2100 rs to I hold it but when I check my available in my available balance this 2100 rs got debited why can any tell this please?

  33. Kumar says:

    Today I brought bank nifty in nrml order which is negative 2100 to I hold it but when I check my available mo eyes this 2100 got debited why can any tell this please?

  34. Mangesh says:

    Hi, could u please clarify if i have a stock with shares 50 each at price 400 and 380.. avg buying price shown is 390. What i sell only 50 of the shares ? How wil it affect my average price ?

  35. bharat says:

    today i bought ADANIENT for 9k but while market closing time i forgot to exit or sell the share..does my money wasted or what ?and i can only withdraw 800 from that ..what should i do

  36. Mahesh Solanke says:

    why Zerodha does not allow exit at the market for Stock Options

  37. Nikhil D Jonathan says:

    Hi Team

    Is it possible to exit an order when the markets are closed? i.e After market hours e.g Weekends

  38. Viyaan says:

    What if i buy shares and instantly I exit my position, and again buy them
    is there any penalty/ charges on that?

  39. Shantanu says:

    Everyday I try to place sell order at lower circuit itself at the open of market 9:15am itself. But my order does not get executed and the worse part is that the stock price at the end of day comes down to lower circuit price. Been doing this past 2 days; frustrated.

  40. Challawala Murtuza says:

    Dear Team

    Can you let me know how can i delete the stock from my demat account without selling them
    seems this stock going on lower circuit and i want to remove that from my main screen.

    anything which run backhand without showing on demat account.

  41. Ashish verma says:

    My holding share is not exit. insufficient stock holding etc. problem

  42. alex says:

    My future normal position squared off, Same stock future MIS order is converted into normal order, since i exit MIS order with in 30min while market time. ( i having long position in put option the same above said stocks).
    kindly explain.

  43. Seema says:

    I am not able to exit position. Error says “Insufficient holding, there are pending sell orders” though I dont have any order sell order

  44. Vaibhav Shripad Kulkarni says:

    I was not able to exit the postion from MIS order
    Both order was stuck

  45. Lagisetti Vinod Kumar says:

    When i am trying to exit it showing like. Insufficient stock holding or there are pending sell orders for this stock. How to overcome this

  46. Kaustubh says:

    I buyed put @41.90 and sold @65 but zerodha canceled the ordered. whereas SL Was at 36 and later zerodha sold @6 rs.

  47. faiz ibrahim says:

    Sir, can i hold a long and short position(with same expiry) in nifty futures simultaneously in kite?

  48. Om krishan Sharma says:

    What happened if after applying stop loss in intraday we forgot the square off the position.and stop loss not hit in this case it is automatically exit at 3:20.
    Or there is some kind of extra fees.

  49. Rupesh says:

    insufficient stock holding or there are pending sell orders for this stock

  50. vivek says:

    i am try to sell my rpower share 280 quantity, but its get error like””””SELL 280 x RPOWER is rejected.
    Insufficient stock holding or there are pending sell orders for this stock. Check the orderbook””””””” please help me

  51. Utkarsh says:

    if i buy stock option using limit then how to exit that order

  52. Tabish says:

    insufficient stock holding or there are pending sell orders for this stock ..but i have all my 500 stock are showing and j have ni pending orders??, I have to sell these stocks urgently

  53. Pradeep says:

    I have exited from holding.
    In my funds, I got less then invested amount.

    At the time of exit, the holding was in profit.

    Please help clarify this

  54. Sanjay Gupta says:

    I had purchased PNB Futures yesterday 04-01-2021, for that I created a GTT order , the same was triggered today morning, but it is still shown as active , please advice why it is show

  55. Kunhimohamed Pallimalil says:

    I buy a order cnc today but it going down more and more so i can cancel the order from position ? but its not allowed indraday order what i do in same day to sell how charges loses

  56. Amit maurya says:

    I recently unfolded my account, i have quary that in intraday my order will automatically square off or i have to do?
    Secondly if i use margin, will zerodha took charges for that??
    Hope I’ll got answer soon.

  57. DEEPAK LAVATE says:

    I ACCIDENTLY BOUGHT TRESCON SHARE (1 QNTY) IN DELIVERY, BUT NOW I AM NOT ABLE TO EXIT MY POSITION. IT SAYS–Intraday trading is not allowed in TRESCON by default due to illiquidity …Also I am not to convert it into MIS…Plz, suggest any solution.


    I have exit my
    position from my stock and I got my invested money In fund but profit is not included in it please help ….

  59. Mohammad Meraj alam says:

    Today I exit reliance share after profit but my full investment has no return what is the please let us know

  60. N V INGALE says:

    can we exit positions from popup window chart without going to main position/order page?

  61. Sameer says:

    I had bought bank nifty. But I am unable to exit the positions. It’s expiry today. Please help

  62. Ravi says:

    today morning 50 shares Rs. 155/- each buying, these shares are holding. after price rate is down afternoon Rs.135. now i am exit my stock from holding. when which price selling the stocks i mean Rs. 155 or Rs. 135. please clarify my doudt.

  63. divakar says:

    Today I bought 23400PE @420 after some time it goes below 420 the I’m going to exit this , it shows u r margin required is 29000 then I’m not able to exit from this it get squred off, I incurred huge loss whats happened ? I’m going to call zerodha they r not pick up for call

  64. ANIRUDH MEHTA says:

    If I buy at rs 200 and set SLM at 195 ..
    If my target is reached and I want to exit from the position so I directly exit or need to delete SLM order first and again put a sell order??

  65. Jaswant singh says:

    How to switch from sell to buy without going to exit position
    Plz explain with example
    Like I buy 5 shares when price going up
    Now immediately I want to put sell of 5 share , so I save time going to exit and than again putting new order for sell of 5 shares

  66. Yashwant says:

    How to exit position with stop loss order.
    When I am trying to exit it from position it is rejected.

  67. Mayuresh says:

    I am trying to square off my Nifty 11900 PE order but it’s not allowing citing reason of insufficient balance.

    Please guide.

  68. swapnil says:

    If my buy order not executed but by my mistake i am exit the order and sell on same day then what should i do

  69. gopal bodar says:

    If I sell equity by cover order then how to buy equity to profit/loss booking??

  70. Vivek says:

    Can we exit intraday long position via a cover order..?? i.e. to exit/sell a present intraday long position, can I place a cover order, so that, i can place a target and stoploss. Please, clarify. Thank you.
    (Since bracket orders are mostly blocked these days.)

  71. Yadvinder says:

    I tried to exit my mis position in icicibank. But even after exiting my position was still running and showing P/L. Can you please guide me.

  72. Kailash Chatnani says:

    How to exit from NFO order, in call option, as no counter order is being placed

  73. Swapnil Kavathekar says:

    SELL 25 x PANACEABIO is rejected.
    Insufficient holdings, or you are placing a short sell order using CNC. Try placing MIS/BO/CO.
    I want exit my order . this error will show
    how to exit my order?

    • Wasif khan says:

      SELL850 x PANACEABIO is rejected.
      Insufficient holdings or you are placing a short sell order using CNC. Try placing MIS/BO/CO.

      I am also facing the same issue kindly help me i want to exist with the above share.

      had you got any information yet

  74. Gaurav soni says:

    if i place one buy one sell order for low margin in options and exit my buy poistion margin is increased or not

  75. Narayan Choudhary says:

    How to book 50% m2m profit and modify stoplosss to cost in intraday in equity?
    Eg: I bought 100 qty of shares @ 130 and SL 120, When CMP is 140 I want to sell 50 shares to book 50% M2M profit and modify SL to cost i.e. 130.

    Please explain how to do it and from where to to it

  76. Aman says:

    I cannot sell my stock they are showing some insufficient holdings.

  77. Yash says:


    I have an open call (long) position which i would like to exit from. But the app is not working properly it seems, it is asking for margin requirements. I know the rules have changed but i have managed to buy and close long put positions within 10 minutes and another long call option.

    Kindly look into this.

  78. Nithesh says:

    Hi, Can i sell part of my shares in intraday in equity?
    Eg: I bought 1500 qty of shares, at one point, i want to sell 1000 from it and want to keep the balance 500 qty active in intraday position. (both in long and short sell)
    is this possible?

  79. Hitesh says:

    How can i sell my MIS order ?

  80. Aadi says:

    What is the difference between (cover order) and (stop loss market order)?

    How to square off stoploss market order?

  81. Reesham Prakash says:

    in banknifty option we are getting 2 option that is NRML and MIS, if we select MIS option I can exit at any time right..!!!

  82. Vivek Kulkarni says:

    Can I change my stop loss to higher than buy price in cover order (in buy position) when market is going up very well? Because I want to get maximum profit from that trade & when suddenly marker reverse my trade should be profitable when it reaches my increased SL price.

  83. Vivek Kulkarni says:

    How can I exit my Cover Order at my desired price & not at market price ?

  84. Rahul Jadhav says:

    Hi Team,

    I am facing below issue while i am trying to buy new cnc stock. could you please suggest me why this is happening.

    “insufficient stock holding or there are pending sell orders for this stock. check the orderbook”

  85. Krish says:

    When I place exit order with target price and SLM of a normal intraday purchased futures stock does my funds get blocked for exit order also.

  86. Sanjay kumar says:

    I’m not able to exit mis order .
    When I tried to exit it showed mis orders are blocked and now the instrument doesn’t have any buyers .
    It’s already 3:30 what to do
    Zerodha team plzzz help

  87. Jitendra singh says:

    I bought sunpharma stock option in NRML and when tried to exit my order got rejected saying insufficient margin for sell. It was asking 10 time more margin than it’s original amount. But some time later it executed after several try in market price. After that i stop trade in stock options. In previous comment another trader ask same question but you didn’t answer. So please confirm that ( Is MIS type mandatory for intraday in f&o or I can do intraday in NRML type order.) Please reply so i can resume trading in stock options.

    • Arun says:

      I faced the same situation today . Bought July 9th 10700 PE at 20INT and to avoid loss, I placed a stop-loss order at 17.9. When i tried to exit at 18-INR, error “Insufficiend margin came-up.” I had to cancel my stop-loss order and retry exiting my position. Then it got successful. My concern is can we buy and sell option on the same day using NRML ? , or should we use MIS ? . I entered this trade one day before expiry. So, i assume MIS and NRML dont have much difference here.

      • Matti says:

        You can use MIS or NRML, that is fine. However, if you already have an open order to exit the position, you should either modify that or cancel it and place a new order. If not, you’ll need additional margins because the other order also could execute and create a new position.

  88. Ram Singh says:

    Any update when basket order will return?? Any other option to square off all open positions by one click?

  89. Shubham Goyal says:

    Hi Team, I just incurred huge loss today in bull call spread due to price fluctuation at the time of exit.. is there any option by which I can square off my all position at same time ? Please help

  90. TRILOK says:


    In option spreads with combinations of Buy/Sell PE & CE orders.
    If I click on exit at MKT, will it exactly pick the MKT price & execute? I’m having a fear that it would get executed against cheaper bid’s by someone & may end up in losses?


  91. Ranveer says:

    If I sell a share of CNC type within same day of purchase,is it ok?
    Or will I be charged like mis ?

    • Matti says:

      You can buy and sell using CNC on the same day, but the orders will be charged as intraday (MIS) orders.

  92. Saurabh Halder says:

    Whenever I have an open long/short equity cash position ex: long at Rs.1000 and I place an exit SLM order at Rs.990 for the same. Also I set a target order for Rs.1010. Now,here starts the problem:- 1. The price reaches my stop loss trigger(990) and then my position gets closed. That’s good. 2. But after sometime the price reaches my target which was set earlier (1010) my sell order gets triggered and I am left with another loss position. I searched through your website for possible solutions, I tried placing trades through BO, but due to volatility it didn’t allow me to place order. GTT is also available for holding positions only, GTT can’t be used for MIS. Can u please provide me a solution for the above problem

  93. Krishna Zaveri says:

    kite.exit_order(order_id=oid, variety = ‘co’, parent_order_id = poid)

    I have an algorithm that generates signals per minute. According to the signals generated I placed a buy CE cover order. After some minutes I need to exit that order. i am using the syntax above to exit the order.
    It show the error saying
    “Order cannot be cancelled as it is processed. Try Later”

  94. tuhin says:

    i am tradding in CNC , how much charge zerodha charges for 1share for buying and selling

  95. amit says:

    I am amit, i want to know can i exit my all position 3 pm automatically by zerodha…not manually

  96. Swarup says:

    I bought nifty call option in NRML and when tried to exit my order got rejected saying insufficient margin for sell. It was treating the order as fresh short sell. But some time later it executed in limit price. When I called zerodha executive she said that I should have buyed in MIS and since I bought it in NRML I can’t exit intraday. I asked her I tread in NRML and it was working to which she said that sometimes it happens that NRML order gets squaredoff same day but I have to convert my position to MIS then I can square off my position. My question is is MIS type mandatory for intraday in f&o or I can do intraday in NRML type order. Please help

  97. Madhumita says:

    What will happen if I don’t cancel my CNC order before 3 pm?

  98. rahul says:

    I am getting “market order are blocked for stock option due to illiquidity” error for my MIS order. I was to exit and sell

  99. Amitabh Chawda says:

    How can I put trailing stop loss in CNC positions I already have. Please help. I am unable to find it. I want to put trailing stop loss in CNC positions. Thanks

  100. Shivani says:

    If i exit cnc order from position then it goes back to holdings then what will happen?

    • Mayur says:

      I have the same question. It is considered as intraday trade but at what price does it come back to holdings? for example, i bought a share at 177, sold it at 180. now at 182 i exit its position under ‘Positions’, what is the buyback price really because in holdings it showed buy price as 177

  101. HIG says:

    I buy with CNC in a day and can I sell the same within the day

  102. Mrugesh says:

    I have bought a call option of 9800 and it came in the money after 3 so till what time can I exit my position at last. And would I be easily able to get out of my call option after 3.10?

  103. Ben Ryngksai says:

    Hi I bought short stock of Tata Chem yesterday and the stock is still showing on my Holdings after I bought it back post selling at lower cost. I only wanted to practice short selling and sold and bought 1 share of Tata Chem. How does the stock go back to broker or does it stay with me on my holdings?

  104. RAJESH KUMAR says:

    i want to exit from all standing position in a single click
    pls reply

  105. Saravanan says:

    HI There ,

    Need help in exiting my share bought in option trading .. I tried to sell it yesterday(friday) but failed to do so . as the stock got struck in postions and a penalty was also charged to my Zerodha account. Today in the morning still the option trading stock was seen in my positions in the tool . Kindly help me in exiting the option trading stock .


  106. Goutham BG says:

    I placed order to sell 7000 shares @1.03 which was bought at 1. When price hit 1.03 all shares were not sold. Only 100 out of 7000 were sold. (Cybermat) Can you tell me what the reason?

  107. vikas says:

    Can one Buy position (MIS) which is executed be used to square off another Sell position (MIS) also executed.

    • Jagtap Akash says:

      Dear sir/madam,i have question about how to delete/cancel Stock in portfolio/Holding/Position after getting profit.if I buy 1 share and sell to get profit(Intraday),After that how to eliminate stock from order book/Portfolio.Please reply

  108. Karthik says:

    I have placed CNC buy order few weeks back. Today when I Sell those stocks it is reflecting in executed and also in Portfolio Position. My P&L is still active? After i have exit. Can u tell me is this Buy and Sell activity complete?

  109. vikas says:

    Can one Buy position (MIS) which is executed be used to square off one Sell position (MIS) not executed.

  110. Arun says:

    One question in placing order, suppose I placed a buy CO and if I want to exit , can we place a sell CO instead of clicking the exit it or square off option?

  111. Naitik says:

    I created a GTT to sell stocks from my holding. Now it shows -(number of sold stocks) in my holding.
    Does that mean I sold 11 stocks that were not mine (shorted) or I sold my stocks that I meant to.

    I don’t see the suitcase logo next to the Ticker on the watchlist.
    Does that mean I sold my owned stocks or Shorted borrowed stocks?

    • Matti says:

      I think you’re seeing the negative number in positions, not holdings. This is normal and means you sold your stocks. Explained in detail here.

  112. Ashok says:

    How to sell stocks I am plz help me.

    • Matti says:

      Hi Ashok, you simply go to the holdings section on Kite and exit your holdings. Or, you can also place a sell order for the stocks you want to sell. What is the difficulty you’re facing when selling stocks?

  113. Shashikant Pathak says:

    Why my cnc order is not excuting. After selling it shows same qty sell order (cnc) and runs in position from holding. Again when I want to excited it shift back in holding positions. Is there any active customer support no, so that I can make c call to help. Above mentioned mobile numbers are not working for long period.

  114. Abhishek says:

    How to square off long options positions?

    Clicking on ‘exit’ from existing long options positions won’t create fresh short options position, right?

  115. uttam mandal says:

    I have 25% stocks of yes bank which i am trying to exit from my holdings, everytime i exit it shows a negative -299 stocks in my positions tab, i tried buying and once i buy it again goes back to my holdings please help

  116. Akash says:

    i have exit cnc order from holding immediately its showing in my positions with P /L should I leave till end of day to update or need to buy this stock

  117. Vijay says:

    I have an x stock 100 shares at different price levels for example x stock 50@20 ,25 @25 and 25 @50. My aim is to exit x stock which i bought at 25@50. Can i perform this on zerodha, if yes how.

    • Matti says:

      No. Stocks are debited from the demat account in a FIFO (First-In-First-Out) fashion. This is how the depositiories work and you cannot choose to alter this.

  118. nitin says:

    unable to exit NFO order which is Holding from last 3 days

  119. Siva says:

    when execute Sell Order for Unitech which i bought yesterday, it prompts a message “Insufficient holdings, or you are placing a short sell order using CNC. Try placing MIS/BO/CO”. How can i sell ?

    • Matti says:

      Unitech is in the BE category, which means it’s a trade-to-trade stock. This stock cannot be sold until it’s in your holdings.

  120. Gaurav says:

    I took a stock of relianceinfra 3 day before…but today when I wanted to sell…it shows the error msg that… insufficient holding or you are placing short sell order using CNC…what does it means?
    Please tell me….I am confused

    • Matti says:

      Hey Gaurav, you’d have bought the stock on Thursday. It’ll have been credited to your account today, owing to Friday being a holiday.

  121. ESAKKIRAJ says:

    How to close holding order? Because today I have close (Sell) my holding order but it has shown in position. I need to close again in position or not? Kindly confirm it.

  122. ramesh says:

    exit from position will i loose

  123. Vinayak says:

    I bought PANTH shares..

    But unable to sell.. Anybody can suggest on this.

  124. Santosh Das says:

    I have bought some shares of BIOFILCHEM few days ago, and now the price is falling at a tremendous rate, so i would like to exit from the share. But whenever i am placing an exit it is not allowing me to do so. It is showing “insufficient holdings or you are placing a short sell order using CNC. Try placing MIS/BO/CO”. (these are blocked for this share).
    Please help me out.

  125. G. D. Hruthik says:

    I have bought my shares of 4 stocks on 20/12/19 but still it is not appearing on my holdings and portfolio.It has been 10 day’s.what could be the reason

  126. mahesh says:

    i have purchased a share from abans last week so now i need to sell the share completely but i am not able to do so and i am getting the message its cancelled ?

    so now what am i supposed to do to square off it completely

  127. Gaurav says:

    To exit my options position, I sold off my call but now I’ve a trade of sell options and my margin money is used for sell trade , couldn’t understand what are my positions, how do I clear out everything , just want to book profits and move out , how can I do it ?

  128. Raheem says:

    I’m beginner in zerodha..
    I have two doubts hope you will clarify..

    1) i have exit cnc order from holding immediately its showing in my positions with P/L should I leave till end of day to update or need to do sell again from position?

    2) after selling the stock my margin increased and has reflected in account immediately bcoz of sold the shares.. can i buy other company shares with that ? Or should wait for t2 settlement in this… (SBI bank shares)

  129. Vinay says:

    Is it compulsary to square off CNC //?

    • Matti says:

      If you have a CNC position, you can only square it off in CNC. If you try squaring off using MIS, it’ll only create a new position.

  130. Suma h r says:

    Not able to exit from holding in kite app. If i press exit and I sold my buyed share ,it showing in position list as like I selled a share and when I exit from it showing loss… What is it I wanted to exit my holding share

  131. Veera says:

    how to exit cnc holdings ? not able to exit form kite app

  132. Akash says:

    My stock is hold but not show Kite app in holding cart…. This show hold stock consule statement… But how to exit holding

    • Matti says:

      This would be because you haven’t sent your PoA yet. Please check your email for the PoA document, sign and courier it to our Bangalore office. Once we receive and process it, you’ll be able to sell stocks from your holdings.

  133. Prabhtej says:

    Can you please tell me everything about exiting stock in zerodha ? I am new to this and I am a bit confused .

  134. Siva says:

    I have bought 10 shares in CNC past two days back and today I sell those stock on market price. My holding shows 0, but in my position same stock shows as -10. Why is it so? How to exit from it.. pls help me before it hits some loss to me

  135. Supriya says:

    I have traded in USDINRSEPT19 FUTURE on 01.08.2019 now I want to take exit how I can do it?
    kindly guide me

  136. MOHIT DIXIT says:

    When you exit a position while short selling will it do so on market rate

    • Gaurav says:

      Hey Mohit,
      When you click on exit a position, order window opens up where you can select if you want to exit as a market order or limit order.

  137. Ume says:

    I m not able to exit from holdings I tried to exit but it comes again under holdings…

  138. Dhiraj Chandra says:

    Why sometimes exit option does not come on some position while on some another position exit option comes.
    both position are mis product type .

  139. Nikhil Nainta says:

    How much brokerage cost in OPTIONS if i exit from 5 positions Rs 20 or Rs 100

  140. Gwmsa Basumatary says:

    I could not exit my cnc holding, it gets cancelled again and again by the end of the marker. I have no idea what shall i do.

  141. Nishant Yadav says:

    Sir I want to sell my shares but can’t exit from my holding. how to exit.please help

    • Billy says:

      Hey Nishant,

      Please get in touch with our Support team on 080-40402020 or you can create a ticket here. Our support rep will help you exit your holdings.

  142. Rahul shinde says:

    when i am trying to exit shares from holding it shows 0 qty but in position page it shows short trade and proffit and loss value also changing pls help me.

  143. Karthik nagaraj says:

    How to Exit normal MIS sell order

    • Matti says:

      You can go to the positions page and click on exit or you can place a counter MIS order for the same stock and quantity.

  144. Yash says:

    I’m unable to exit my holdings. I exited it from the position but everyday it again add up in my holdings options

  145. PSL says:

    How and when to use cover order?

  146. amit kasturi says:

    I have placed cover order using limit option. Can I sell this cover order using the limit option ? or I have to exit based on the market price only ?

  147. Palash says:

    Exit all intraday position in singel click. have any option in zerodha

  148. PRAVIN bhokare says:

    How to exit bo order in future treading?

  149. Amit says:

    How to exit hold positions ?

    • Matti says:

      Can you please be clearer Amit?

      • Prasad Roge says:

        Hello, I’m trying to exit my shares of BIRLA TYRES but when I’m doing it, I can see insufficient holding displayed on the screen. Can you please help me out with this?

        • Nakul says:

          Hey, Birla Tyres is currently trading under stage 4 ASM category which is a trade for trade segment. This means that you can’t sell your holdings before it is settled in your demat account. You can go through this support article for more.

          • Janani srinivasan says:

            I had 531 shares of BIRLATYRE in my holdings till yesterday

            Today it disappeared

            Upon checking Console I found it with a T as follows “BIRLATYRE-T ”

            Please clarify


  150. debojyoti says:

    can any one suggest how to exit fast from an intraday position to maximize profit.
    let me illustrate the situation during exit-
    1. find desired profit in position, and execute exit.
    2. brought me to order page,
    3. again execute exit
    4. asked to confirm exit in popup page, again confirm exit
    5. by this time stock falls and profit reduced to 50% or more,
    when reversed situation happened i am happy but most of the time i missed to book good profit.

    pls. guide

  151. Ashish says:

    Hi i have bought 300 shares of GSS infotech @106 , yesterday the news was there that the stock is now under ASM category and is in Lower circuit of 5 % , today i want to exit but the order is not getting complete .
    Please can you explain why is order not getting complete . is it because of ASM

    • Matti says:

      If the stock has hit the lower circuit, it means that it isn’t trading anymore for the trading session.

  152. Prashant Ghag says:


    For exit cover orders , there should be provision of limit order till 3 pm OR till square off time.
    This will be great . Please think positively.

  153. MOHAMMED says:


    i have a question i bought 450 stock of PCJeweller on friday may-11 as CNC, when ever i am trying to sell it it is going as short , i just wanna to get out completely from it. if the values decrease i am in green side and if values increase i am on red side so please help me ASAP I JUST WANNA GET OUT WITH MY CAPITAL TODAY IT SELF.


  154. siva says:

    I have placed cover order using limit option. Can we sell this cover order using the limit option ? or we have to exit based on the market price only ? please clarify

  155. Anirban says:

    i am unable to sell mt holdings.. please someone help me. i bought a stock of SKP and it is falling everyday. i am trying to sell it on market price but order is not completed. please help

    • Matti says:

      Since there are no buyers available, there really is nothing much you can do but try placing an order every day when it comes to such stocks.

  156. Sukhen paul says:

    When I sell order from market watch how to exit from portfolio section

    • Bhuvanesh says:

      Hey Sukhen, to exit a stock in your portfolio you can either place a sell order by adding the scrip to your marketwatch or go to portfolio>click on options and click on exit. Check the user manual for more.

  157. Ashok Talreja says:

    i have done short selling in acis bank now how to square off position

    • Matti says:

      Just go to positions and click on exit.

      • Pavan says:

        Is exit possition and selling the same ?

        • Pranav says:

          I bought a Reliance CE 2400 Oct using AMO, Qty -250 at 62 Rs and I’m not able to square off the position as it says I require a margin of around Rs. 135000/-

          • Shubham says:

            Hey Pranav, please check whether you’ve any pending orders. If you have a pending order, new order placed will be considered a new position and you’ll need margin. You can modify the pending order or cancel and place a new one.

    • Rams says:

      Yes good ques. Selecting multiple holdings and exit in one click is useful. Any answer?



  159. mukhtar Ahmed says:

    Dear Respected,

    Can you please tell me how to place exit order or take profit in MCX commodity. with margin detail also,
    and can I place exit order in cover order?
    Please do the needful.
    Thank you..

    • Zerodha Social says:

      1) You can use SL/SL-M orders. Check this post for more. You check out the margin requirements using the margin calculator tool.
      2) To exit a cover order, just go to your positions and click on exit.
      I would suggest you check out the Kite user manual and the videos.

      • Rajesh says:

        Sir if I exit a order of CNC on the same day when I bought , does it considered intraday trade , and will be charged 20rs .
        Explain me sir

        • Matti says:


          • hardik mungekar says:

            hello trades,
            In zerodha the two way brokerage of buy & sell for an MIS order is 0.07% , whereas for CNC is 0.23% almost. what if i exit the CNC order same day- will it cost 0.23% or should i convert the order to MIS and then exit.
            People please shed some light based don your experience.

            Thanks & regards,

      • Jignesh Parmar says:


        I am always trying to exit through select on call in exit position. When i tick below button that is “Exit 1 position” app asking me “do you want to exit 1 position?” i select yest.. but still app could not exited to me from any call. Why?