Comment on Programming language: algoZ

Mj commented on 03 Sep 2016, 07:39 AM

Can you please help me code the following condition:

Chart type: intraday
Candle duration: 15 mins


That particular has made a high which is equal to the days high (double top) or the script has made a new high which is within the range 0.2% of the days high on the lower side and that particular candle hasn’t broken the days high in that 15 minute duration.

Like if days high is 100, the candle makes a high of 100 or somewhere between 99.80 to 100 that is 0.2% and the candle does not break the high in that 15 min duration.

I am basically looking for a code to detect double top pattern with 0.2% margin of error on the lower side while making the second top.

Hope I explained properly.

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