Comment on Account Opening Documentation & Charges

Kid@Trading commented on 04 Jul 2014, 03:19 AM


Just small suggestion, also I don’t know whether its correct location to report this or not. Anyways main motive is to get thing correct.

It gives different understanding from charges section for Service tax “12% on Brokerage+Transaction Charge”

In simple words or math, I read this as (example brkg : 580 and TC : 740)
12/100 * 580 + 740 = 809.6
But this is not the actual calculation as told by customer care staff.

So, I would like to rectify on web page as “12% on (Brokerage+Transaction Charge) which means
12/100 * (580 + 740) = 158.4

I know its prospective to see the expression but by just placing () braces the information is more clear and accurate without any assistance.

Maybe you will laugh but still if you have done maths then you can understand the difference from silly mistake to perfect without any error.

Please take care when you update the website, its small thing but I will highly appreciate you if you consider this.


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