Comment on Introducing smallcase — Invest in ideas

Sandhya commented on 25 Aug 2016, 08:44 PM

A Big Kudos to the Team Zerodha & Small case.. Great initiative.
Couple of questions..

1. As you said a flat Rs. 100 is one time fee. Does it mean if for e.g i subscribed Magic Formula today and after 6 month i squared off and again i purchase the same theme.. shall i have to bear Rs 100/- again??

2. Will i be notified regarding re balancing of theme??

3. Suppose if 1 or 2 scrips in a particular theme are started their journey towards south, in such case may i able to square off that 1 or 2 scrips?? or i have to exit from the entire theme?

4. Whatever themes which i have bought does that reflect in Pi or Kite. Its just to have an eye on the performance of the scrips. As i guess Pi, Kite and Small does not work simultaneously.

5. With respect to the point no 5, may i able to to exit from the scrip from Pi or Kite, if yes then will i able to calculate P&L from small case.

6. Does dividend amount will get credited in bank account. (i know its silly question but wanted to clarify :))

7. For any technical issues whom i should contact? [email protected] or something else??

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