Comment on Start investing in mutual funds @ Zerodha

Arvind commented on 23 Aug 2016, 10:06 AM

Very Important request.

At outset I would like to share my sincere experience of thrill by looking at Zerodha. I work in a big product MNC and am immensely proud that Zerodha is matching my company’s own standards wrt design, quality and elegance. Ways to go guys!! I am also happy that you have opened up Mutual funds investment via Zerodha. Now the way Zerodha is I dont want you guys to just ordinary stock broker and MF agent. So here is what I think your tech team should do:

1. You have data for each and every trade, like buy, sell etc.
2. Use these numbers to on top of any of the 5-10 top Mutual funds.
3. Now show that what if instead of buying directly if one had bought in these MFs.
4. Compare the returns

This way people would get really motivated to check that whether they can beat MFs and if not than there is no need for extra burden and simply invest in MFs. Since you have buy and sell data it would be the correct information.

Hope to see this feature soon and check my own performance!


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