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Lal commented on 22 Aug 2016, 10:11 PM

Hi Nithin,

I have been contacted by your team for the proposal that I have filled up for becoming a marketing partner. I have been provided banner for my small office sign board too. Everything was perfect and my two leads were also picked up immediately. But I have started getting tough questions from my clients asking where is your registration/ appointment from the company ( zerodha) you are dealing with ? You know, Just showing the registration mail is not a strong conviction to some extend. So my advise is if you could kindly provide us a simple certificate stating that He/She ( ZLM) is appointed as a marketing partner of Zerodha “the discount brokerage” bearing ZLM partner id ZLMxxx..with effect from such n such date. Decorum also matters sometimes, I hope you got what I mean.

Looking forward to you

With regards,

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