Comment on Start investing in mutual funds @ Zerodha

ch padma commented on 22 Aug 2016, 01:28 PM

Dear Mr.Nitin

i am very happy to invest in mutual funds through zerodha .. started investment.. i have few suggestions regarding
SMALL CASE . which you recommended recently … its very good platform . but there is small changes to be done..
i have purchased some shares directly through KITE .. And i am alos invested through Samall case .. where as Small case have bunch of Shares ..which is also showing in my same portfolio of Kite .. now its quite confusing what i bought through kite and what i bought through small case .. this is really creating confuse … if i wanna sell …
so i suggest please show it in seperate portfolio the shares which belongs to small case .. like how mutual funds and equities shows seperate .. in Back office portfolio … pleaseeeee this will really help … regards

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