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rakesh commented on 21 Aug 2016, 09:02 PM

i am new to zerodha and am not fully aware of the order placement in zerodha pi . i basically trade based on ORB system by taking the high and low of the first 15 minute candle . right now i am doing paper trade and i am bit confused about the order placement .

suppose mcx crude opening 15 min high is 2650 and low is 2640 . i want to buy at 2655 and there is an option in PI to buy and sell at a particular price by right clicking on the chart . Suppose i buy using SL-M @ 2655 . if once my buy trade is triggered and price goes in my favour like it goes to 2700 ,

1. does the original trigger price that is 2655 act as a stop loss for me now ?

2 . is it possible to modify it from 2655 to 2680 ?

3. if possible will the sell market order will be activated once price falls back to 2680 ?

3. what will be my profit in this case.?

Thank u..

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