Comment on Charting - Pi

siva commented on 19 Aug 2016, 09:15 AM

1) Charts will be updated only if LTP( last traded price) is changing where as market watch update will happen even if best bid and best offer changes and this is how it works every where and it is no issue with charts on Pi.
2) There is no difference in functioning of BO order in Pi to Nest trader, would appreciate if you can write to [email protected] or call 080-40402020 and ask for me ( Siva) when it happens and show.
3) Can do cntl+R.
4) Make sure you are using latest version dated 29-07-2016 by going to about zerodhapi under help menu. Double click on any trend line or horizontal line to edit it or to delete it.
5) Point noted, but as of now it can be seen in databox and it can be moved to the desired place.
6) point noted.
7) Working on this.

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