Comment on Chrome extensions for Kite and pulse

Ananda Krishnan commented on 18 Aug 2016, 08:15 PM

Dear Nitin,
Today at 14:05 mkt fell sharply. I was trading in AUG 8800 CE. I had to exit in panic and suffer losses. Your system was completely frozen. Even in the morning I was facing similar issues. This is not the first time. Subsequently when I call you support, they do not acknowledge it and quietly fix and do not even bother to let the customers know. This is not professionalism.
If your system can’t let me square off when the need comes, what is the purpose and who is to take the losses?
In the evening I find another funny thing. Your PI shows 8800CE AUG at 28.35 and KITE shows 19.40. At 14.05 your PI shows, there was no fall and the prices went upto 35 while KITE do not show those levels. This is serious. Your system has denied me fair playing ground.
I am very upset and am taking it very seriously. I can send you my screen shot if you want it.


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