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Sikandar commented on 18 Aug 2016, 04:32 PM

Dear Sir,
Have started to trade on Pi for quite some months and have observed some serious issues with Pi Platform and a few suggestions in Pi Charting for implementation.
1. Pi Charts stops updating whereas MW keeps working. So unless we keep a continuous track, its a very awkward situation when we find after some time the chart was not updated and we keep on holding positions based on bad charting live.
2. Bracket Order: Stoploss and TSL is not getting updated in order window and inspite of +ve directional movement, initial applied SL and TSLs remains same in Order window. Thereby, SL applied only hits. The case is not with Zerodha trader terminal.
3. No option for MW refresh: If due to some reasons, Internet connection goes off, MW refresh needs to be invoked. The same to existing in Pi.
4. In Pi Charting, Trend lInes once drawn, can not be altered or deleted. There is only one option left. i.e. Delete all drawings. This way, the other study line also get deleted which which was not required.
5. Cross hair value @ price should be visible in Side & lower panels.
6. Day Seperator line is not aligned to the bottom panel of charts so creating confusion.
7. While Zooming in/ Out in Charts, In should be from left size. Last candle should always be visible during zooming.

Keep up the good work.


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