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Akil commented on 17 Aug 2016, 11:34 AM

Dear Mr. Bharadwaj,

It’s been so long since u have been on this thread . so i dunno if u still read this thread or not.
But, i m assuming that u do and hence want to ask u some questions because u r exactly where i want to be.

First of all i want to congradulate u for devoloping and trading ur own intraday trading strategy with financial success. i know how deficcult it is because i have taken the same challenge but without much financial success.

i understand the financial side of ur strategy .
but i would like to ask the following questions regarding the analysis and execution side.

1. you said if nifty suddenly spurts up . what do u mean by that.
i would like to know what are your triggers on nifty chart specifically. i m assuming you use nifty chart of 1 min .
do u use breakouts of certain levels or some longer than usual candle.

2. U mentioned using market depth window . i am assuming that this will be ur final trigger regarding weather or not to enter in a trade. But what do u look for in market depth window specifically. like very high volume at best bid or offer. or volume getting thinner etc.

thank you for ur answers in advance.

finally if you ever feel like sharing some valuable insight, specifics of ur trading style, book u read , or anything like that mail me on [email protected] . Frankly i will even read ur shopping list if u mail me.

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