Comment on Tradetax for income tax returns when trading

chandru mehta commented on 09 Aug 2016, 08:59 PM

Nitin ,

My CA says this intraday transactions need to be formatted by an accountant . Can you please guide me the headings that i need to place for forwarding to my CA.

a) Gross Total Intraday speculative Profit for 2015-16
b) Gross Total Intraday speculative Loss for 2015-16
c) Total brokerage charged by Zerdodha for 2015-16
d) Total Taxes paid for 2015-16
e)Net Total payment to Zerdodha
f) Net Total payment recd from Zerdodha
g) Net Total Profit/Loss for 2015/16

My question is are there any other headings that i need to include . Do i need to add Turnover details also & which ?


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