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Abhishek Chouhan commented on 09 Aug 2016, 03:13 PM

Dear Nitin Kamath

You still not understand the problem of your terminal.
“Time” understand that….people don’t want reset their chart again and again…its too irritated !!
millions of people have millions of time mismatches….not all have same IST time… i do my trade with 2 pc.. but not same time… 1st pc started at 9:13 am and other 9:17 am……. and during whole day it has depend on that, all charts show wrong, 2 charts of same script but different. OK!! i will reset time of my pc as IST but how you convince million of people for reset and you know that no one have correct pc time as IST. its HUGE mistake….we r technical analyst we need correct chart…. tick value is second prefer, we inter and exit with chart .not YOUR TICK VALUE !! YOU UNDERSTAND ??????????????? …pls correct it…. and if you don’t understand…. take help with
its 5 min chart we open and during whole day its same chat however our time is not set according to iST..
your terminal is good ..but why we still depend on investing chart ?? ..sir we only trade zerodha cos your brokerage is low, your chart is great, awesome only one problem that is TIME !! ..
and one more thing …….this is my 2nd post. and still you not understated.
and be alert !! your competitor arrive soon… broker :- trade smart online…. brokerage 15 rs /order .and its terminal have nice idea… buy line and sell line.. just move your horizontal by line in chart and it buy and place sell horizontal line on target and it auto put sell order , and move line up down for change order… nice concept
25 people(my group) of zerodha waiting for trade smart online for there awesome concept and brokerage.
so i request you pls win before they entry and stop to cut your client…watch YouTube there terminal and concept for feedback..
resolve million people problem TIME

love Zerodha 🙂

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