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Arka commented on 08 Aug 2016, 07:18 PM

Dear Team,

Firstly, highly impressed with how far Zerodha has come and wish you luck for the future.
Onto the query,

I tried the Bollinger Bands EA code from the Zerodha site:

I applied this to Spicejet stock with a periodicty of MINUTES , Bar Intervals 30 and Days 30. Following is the o/p without the ratios:

Total number of trades: 1
Average number of trades per month: 3
Number of profitable trades: 1
Number of losing trades: 0
Total profit: 4.2000
Total loss: -0.1500
Percent profit: 96.429%
Largest profit: 2.3500
Largest loss: -0.1500
18-07-2016 14:45:00,LONG,62.9500
27-07-2016 11:15:00,SHORT,64.8000
02-08-2016 14:45:00,LONG,62.4500

I am unable to completely understand this data.
1. It says total trades 1 but there are 3 trade points
2. How is 96% profit calculated?
3. Total number of losing trades is 0 yet there’s a loss amount
4. Does the algo consider squaring off at the EOD for respective trade?

Thanks and Regards,

P.S. Are there any online resources to learn TradeScript?

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