Comment on Trading Systems

sarala devi commented on 05 Aug 2016, 07:42 PM

very happy to say that your provided excellent service in updating software these are very useful in trading through pi software. i have observed that these things can be updated which can be more useful in trading

1) chart grid colors manually selected should be saved

2) pivot lines colors should be different
pivot – green
resistene – dark green
support – red
& line values to be displayed right side corner

3) like kite software, indicator lines must be allowed to change their colors manually (i.e., upper/middle/lower lines) & over sold (red),over bought (green) should be hi-lighted.

4) indicators over sold over bought lines to be adjusted plus or minus ( eg. 70 ,30 or 80 20)

4) darvas boxes to be displayed like kite software

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