Comment on Charting- Adding Multiple Indicators

Hanan commented on 23 Jun 2014, 02:43 PM

You can load Nifty Spot charts on ZT and compare them with the Futures charts as shown in the image below.
Fut and Spot side by side

If you wish to track even the Nifty Spot chart along with the Futures chart, follow these steps:
1. Right click on the Index box (Ctrl+I) on the index you wish to see the spot chart for. Right now this is available only for Nifty.
2. Once you right click, you’ll see an option called Plus Index Chart which you need to click on.
3. This will open the index chart. Right click on the chart and choose lock scrip.
4. Once that scrip is locked, you can open the Futures chart.
5. Once the Futures chart is also open, you can double click on the left side of the chart to undock it.
6. Once undocked you can resize the chart and place them next to each other.

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