Comment on NRI trading on Indian Stock Exchanges

VK Iyer commented on 01 Aug 2016, 01:44 PM

I am a newbie to stocks and MFs.
I am an NRI living in Qatar. I hold NRE and NRO in HDFC and NRE in Yes bank.
Can you clarify the following:
1. If I open a Demat + trading account with you and link it to one of the above accounts. – Is it mandatory that i have to link it to NRO only or can we link it to NRE a/c ?
2. How long is the actual process ( from submitting the forms to actually start buying stocks online through the account)?
3. My intention is to buy equity (stocks) + mutual funds and retain it for long term ( say 5 years). After 5 years, if i wish to sell a portion in stocks – Will i get the money credited to my account after TDS or just because i have holded it for more than one year, i will get the full amount credited as on the date of sale?

Thanks in advance!

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