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Rajat commented on 31 Jul 2016, 10:42 PM

Hi Nitin,

I tried to use BO 3-4 times using Kite and every time I have faced this issue. Once I place the order, it automatically gets changed to some random price in the Kite. Luckily I noticed the issue and manually updated my orders. Below are the details of one of my orders. I have have the relevant screenshots also, but this portal does not allow me to paste SS. Let me know if I can send that to you somehow.

Would request you to please look into it and let me know if I this is system issue or I am doing something wrong.

Original Order Placed:
Buy @ 269.40
Stoploss: 262
Target: 275

Order Showing In System:
Buy @269.5
Sell @241.2
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