Comment on Latest Pi update - 18th July 2016

Sriram commented on 28 Jul 2016, 11:22 AM

Appreciate inclusion of ATR& Limit Option for Cover order buy/sell!

Yeah, agree with Durai on some critical issues faced! Here are some of the issues that needs quick fix!

1) Charts don’t load at all, this is now happening very often after prior 2 updates! (Major issue-P1)

2) Also, can’t include 100EMAs or above, popup cribs pointing can’t do even though you have selected option 6 months on daily chart! Really cumbersome as we get the need to verify for bigger periods but not able to go beyond just 50. -> ((Major issue/P2 or P1 as this will have to bug or enhancement, will need some time to fix).

3) Freezes way often on clicking “Cash Position” option to know the margins available, before/after completed trades! – Only option is to restart the application or wait for too long, by when new good trade chances are lost. – (Critical-P1 issue,, show stopper)

4) Stochastic shows different values on tick (min) chart (same instance of it kept opened) but on zoom in /zoom out of charts for clarity since def is small, it will show different values (irrelevant massive wrong values too like %D = 19520 & %k=-70.59 BUT on putting it to default on same instance of chart opened the same moment will show %D=400 %K=46.98 – making it cumbersome for any decisions

5) OBV is not drawn on the Chart as in PSAR (P3 -Enhancement/bug as you want to classify)

6) Pls provide ISCHIMOKU cloud too in forthcoming releases! (P3/P4 – Enhancement)

7) Brokers (discount) of my friends are providing Bracket Order Option, pls check as MCX seems allowing it already as they are using it regularly (P3/P4 – Enhancement)

8) Sell volume showing up on buy and buy volume shown on Sell but at times ( i have snapshots of the same, can share over email if needed) -(P1 Show stopper)

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