Comment on Tradetax for income tax returns when trading

V K Sood commented on 28 Jul 2016, 08:32 AM

Thank you very much for taking immediate notice. It is this zeal and promptness that keeps the flock together. I ,however, do not agree with you that the deletion of “Options Trade turnover” is a ‘technical Issue’ . See what has happened, whereas the Turnover figures for Futures trade remain unaltered , those for ‘Options’ have been deleted, both appaering on the same page. The technology that does it , I daresay, ios very selective. Let us not blame technology for the goof ups by humans. Let us not make ‘Technology’ an escape goat for our mistakes.

Adoption of ‘Beta Versions’ in prepration of Finanacial statements is bound to give rise to such situations.
I am sure, you appreciate that sanctity of ‘Finanacial Statement’ is sacrosant and cannot be sacrificed for any reason, least of all for expediency.

I hope Zerodha will live up to it’s commitment to put in place a sound and robust Back Office sysyem in place by September, which is just 2 months ahead.
V K sood

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