Comment on Latest Pi update - 18th July 2016

Rajan commented on 27 Jul 2016, 05:34 PM

Hi Siva,

As you guys start fixing the problems in Pi, kindly take a note of the following …nothing earth shattering but need to be fixed.

1) There is some inconsistency in the way multiple MW screens load –
a) the MW I have created always loads as “Default MW” …but the name I have given is ws1 (as it appears in the workspace folder. No issues on the the naming, but quite frequently it does not accept any any inputs, like addition/deletion of scrips, rearrange of columns and even placement of buy/sell orders. But screen is getting refreshed with the latest prices, volume etc. I think this happens when multiple MWs are open. But when I open a new MW and load the same “ws1” from the workspace folder, it behaves fine.

b) This Default MW, I am not able to close whereas all other MWs I can open / close as desired.

c) As I have indicated earlier, the layouts are not the same as what have stored in workspace. The columns get jumbled up needing to rearrange once again. Here again there is some inconsistency – when previously saved MWs – eg. 3 of them were open when I logged out of Pi, the same 3 open on next log in but the layouts are changed.

I think I can find some more issues like this…will continue later today as I have to go now. In the mean time if you want me clarify, give more inputs to substantiate the problems etc., pl let me know.

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