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ravi78 commented on 22 Jun 2014, 09:41 AM


Some more suggestions / observations

1) While having 2FA questions is a regulatory requirement, however pls see if you can put that in the same page that asks for Login password (like in icicidirect).. in that way atleast the login process can get over in 1 server call, rather than two calls (first screen asks password , then if successful, it asks for 2FA questions) as of now..which is slowing down the process..

2) is it possible to add multiple items in market watch in a single go in mobile app? (for .e.g if i want to add Nifty call 7500 and 7600 into my market watch, i need to do the entire market watch addition process twice and it takes quite a bit of time.. however if you could allow multiselect, then it would make it very easier)

3)Once you login, in the landing screen, is it possible to customize the indices that are getting shown in the market data section ? or perhaps customize this screen itself such that each user can decide what needs to be shown here. For e.g i might prefer positions section to be displayed instead of holding section..

Thanks, Ravi

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