Comment on User Settings - Pi

Akhil commented on 26 Jul 2016, 12:25 PM

July 18, 2016 Update disabled the option to pop out active market watch (MW); pop out window is working fine for charts/order book/admin position, etc., that are open. Popped out MW helps you track how your MW stocks are reacting, considering you can move it to a different screen while using multiple screens, at the same time keeping a watch on your individual stock charts that are open side by side in Pi main window. Not allowing the option to pop out MW leaves you with a smaller MW view when you are viewing multiple open charts side by side and one has to constantly scroll up and down the MW watch to check the LTP of MW Stocks.

While using multiple screens, alternatively one can use pop outs for individual stock charts (just to get a full screen MW) but aligning them side by side on an external screen takes a lot of time and effort, which can otherwise be done effortlessly in Pi window by aligning top, left, right center, etc. So giving an option also to pop out an active MW makes sense when you are looking at multiple open charts side by side at the same time.

So, please add the option to pop out active MW.

Regards, Akhil.

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