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RD1940 commented on 25 Jul 2016, 04:10 PM


Congratulations and thanks a pile for the new release of Pi with multiple Market watch panels.
Some issues with the new Pi version:
a) Looks a little unstable, like… On a Pentium Dual Core 2.6 GHz CPU with 2 GB Memory, running WIn 7 Ultimate (legal) version, when I open 3-4 Market watch panels (each having not more than 15 entries (Scrips and F&O data), when I move out of Pi to visit Moneycontrol, ET etc and come back, I get a Pi “not responding” message (on top of the screen) and many times it hangs and sometimes after 5 mins or so it responds with a refresh. This was not the case with the earlier version though I have simultaneously used Sharekhan & IIFL along with Pi.

b) When I have created multiple panels of Market Watch and stored then with different labels and have used, let me say, 3 out of 5 panels in a day, when I open it the next day those 3 panels stay, which is ok. But when I want to load a different panel (out of what I have already stored), I have to create a new panel (Ctrl+M) it is asking for name for the new panel, then it creates a panel on to which I can load the panel I have stored. Frankly I think you should change the implementation by providing a Drop Box of already saved will be less cumbersome.

c) The Indices displayed in Market Watch tend to Stay On…. When I move out of Pi then hang on to the screen which is quite irksome.

d) When format the Market Watch panels by re-arranging columns and even after saving them on exiting Pi, I don;t get them in the same order. It is so haphazard there seems to be no pattern there. Apart from fixing this, provision for a universal layout for multiple panels could be very useful,

Hope this is taken positively and attempts made to fix these ASAP.

Thanks & Regards……… Rajan

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