Comment on Latest Pi update - 18th July 2016

Anant Damani commented on 22 Jul 2016, 12:20 PM

Hi Siva, Nikhil,

Its great that you continue to add new features to Pi, which already is one of the best platforms out there. Just a few matters which I am unable to tackle:

1) I love to use multiple MWs, one for my portfolio stocks, the other for stocks on my watchlist. With the new update, while am able to create MWs, it does not get saved when I save the workspace, i.e. for a new session I have to create a MW (only the default MW is saved). Have wasted a lot of time with this.

2) News reader: I like to have it arranged in a way, where I can see MW as well as the News Reader, without having to change the tabs. However, having arranged the News Reader window this way, it is not getting saved to my Workspace.

3) Generally I would like to understand which customizations can be saved to the Workspace.

Thanks, keep it up.

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