Comment on Trading Q&A

Sreedhara Murthy commented on 18 Jun 2014, 08:16 PM

On 17th June 2014 I had placed a bracket order for 500 Nifty 7550 June Call option which was executed at 78.70 (Order No.2014061701727271). I had placed Target for 10 points and Stop Loss 5 points. The trailing stop was placed at 20 ticks (1 point). The nifty went from 78.70 to 80 and beyond, came down and hit my stop loss trigger. My question is when trailing stop loss is there which is 20 ticks (1 point), my order should have triggered at 79.70 or higher as it moved higher from the entry and the trailing SL was 20 ticks (1 point).

Please clarify and if I am wrong, kindly let me know where I am wrong.

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