Comment on ZT-Spread Orders

Tanmay commented on 19 Jul 2016, 12:51 PM

I tried to enter 2L order from spread order window.

1. Short 10 lot, 8100 PE Nifty 16 July, current price 4.40
2. Long 10 lot, 8000 PE Nifty 16 July, current price 3.00

but the order gets failed with the message, Margin required 385794, these are similar to what if I have shorted naked 8100 PE. Why I am not getting any margin benefits? The theoretical maximum possible loss in this spread is 7500/- only.
This way retail investor can never write options. What’s the use of around 1k return on 4L blocked for 15 days that also with risk. That’s around 0.25% only.

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