Comment on Introducing smallcase — Invest in ideas

143721 commented on 18 Jul 2016, 09:06 PM

well the basic idea is to move from private space to public space , pull government tenders as API scrips with tax waivers ( A PLC or LLP should be able to get e-tender APIs ) thus eliminating cost escalation –
1. Lets name it travelcase – we get to invest in NHAI . The investor get to move seamless without toll-booth restrictions, park and stay in the service chain as part of dividend. Further it with RTO compliance , metro passes, suburbs , uber promos etc.
2. Helathcase – similar to above in healthcare , can be linked to insurance or better hospital chains themselves. helpful for non-salaried and seniors who are not covered in most companies who only cover spouses and children.
3. Move to a bigger scene – municipalcase – investors get to invest in technology aggregation . scrip here will be circle pegged to Engineering research institutes for pilot kickstarter projects . Developer API will showcase the investment. so both go hand in hand and best lobby can be selected with discussion on a forum with comparisons with latest technology. Eg: design of a modern garbage collection and recycling vehicle, design of a all-weather road etc – dividends may be cleaner lakes , parks , roads , sewerage and households confirming to latest technology when moving out in social space and not just inside homes and offices.
4. If 1 and 2 are successful move onto megacase – technology for bullets and talgos . If a lakh investors in zerodha are investing for a technology from IIT there is no reason why we should not be able to produce a bullet train without a lakh crore loan from Japan which would save everyone’s time from airport distance and traffic.
5. 4 can be extended to ruralcase trains too by a scrip involving non-profit activists and lobbyists.
These proposals provide dividends in the form of moving into future(earning time) by upgrading local public space which if not reformed will consume all the dividends earned from market titans. It also achieves pegging and lobbying the local technology to capital than the usual outsourced arbitrage labor pegged to forex, which will go a long way in appreciating currency.

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