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arun10dec commented on 17 Jul 2016, 08:06 PM

I am using kite (web) from 3 months and find it very useful. It is very good experience as compared to my previous brocker..i have some issues…I could not find any stock screener in kite.
1. is it available in kite? if not then please provide it.
2. in pi, screener is progrmme may be good for professional traders but for rest.. there must be some type of stock screener which is user i can use screen criteria by selecting from a drop down window.. for eg.. moving average crossovers or MACD crossing signal line..
3. i m trying to learn tradescript in PI..but stock screener does not give any result in non market times…it means if somebody wants to learn tradescript then he has to do it only during market hours?
4. In PI when we make new screeener then we have to add symbols…does it mean if i want to screen among 300
stocks then i have to add 300 stock symbols in screener? is very irritating task.. inspite of this if we had to select kind of stocks (to screen) from drop down then it will be more F&O scripts (screen among F&O scripts only) or stocks above Rs 100 or Sectorwise selection…
i hope my queries will be answered.

arun kumar singh

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