Comment on Bracket Orders & Trailing Stoploss (SL)

[email protected] commented on 17 Jun 2014, 12:17 AM

With #agsuresh example, I am looking for further explanation. As Nifty reach 7545, SL or trailing SL reach 7525.
1. What will happen if the SL is modifed to 7540, to lock profit near high price if Nifty reverse.
2. Market moving in up direction and reach 7555. The new SL will 7550 or it consider old system price 7525 and increased to 7535.
3. Then its required again to modify the SL to keep order SL near MP ?.
4. Is there any way to modify SL and trail price at any stage once order get executed one side.

I know there is Sqoff price, but I want to keep SL near to MP once trade is in profit till its reach SqOff price.

What are the possible way to performed point 2, if possible apart from modify manua


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