Comment on Taxation for Traders - Introduction

Yacoob commented on 16 Jul 2016, 11:40 PM

I need some clarification on carrying forward losses for various assessment years.
I had incurred equity delivery losses in 2010 (Rs 10000), 2011 (Rs 15000), 2012 (Rs 7000) which I was filing in ITR2 under the respective assessment year. In 2015, I made a profit of Rs 12000 and the losses of 2010 were fully offset while 2011 were partially offset. Now, the remaining losses ( 2011 – Rs 13000, 2012 – Rs 7000) is Rs 20,000. This is the total carry forward loss for AY 2015-16.
To file ITR2 for the current year, I am confused about filling in “CFL” sheet. Should I be filling in the rows for AY 2011-12 (Rs 13000), AY 2012-13 (Rs 7000)? OR the total carry forward losses in one row AY 2015-16 (Rs 20,000)? pls clarify

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