Comment on Get Hands-on with Zerodha Mobile

Prabhanshu commented on 16 Jun 2014, 07:14 PM

Hi Hanan, Thanks for your reply. Yes, I do follow SL and limit order for profit booking, but the point is when you have to change your position, say from Call to Put only if particular value is breached. In this case, nothing can work but to follow the price and take positions accordingly.
Believe it or not, I do understand the situation explained by you but is support would have told me initially that SLA is 15/30 Mins, then I would have logged in Web based terminal. they asked me to delete my MW and re-create it. In this case, whether I login in ZM or web based or ZT – nothing will help.
Another point, I also noticed today that ZT was having problem with live price changes for 2-5 mins continuously. And this was quite often today. I checked my internet connection and speed – but everything was perfect.

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