Comment on Zerodha - Plan of Action - FY 2014/15

Gautam commented on 16 Jun 2014, 04:32 PM

Hi Mr.Kamath,

Have u started with the bracket order system in the trading platform yet. If yes, could you tell me if orders are prone to slippage. I am currently trading with another broker and experiencing slippage issues. One of my strategies requires me to get the perfect fill for trade execution/stop loss/targets in order to work.

for eg: In the pre market open, If I place a bracket order – buy @ 200/- with stop loss @198 and target of 204/- it should execute at these exact prices as mentioned in the bracket order otherwise if there is a lag it won’t work out. That is, if my buy order is triggered and price happens to move in my anticipated direction for eg: upto 204.25, the profit should be booked. Currently with my broker, the price goes past the 204, yet the profit never gets booked until it travels quite a bit in the same direction, however stop losses get triggered very easily.

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