Comment on Introducing smallcase — Invest in ideas

Sreenivas commented on 15 Jul 2016, 10:46 AM

Hi Nitin and smallcase,

This is the reason I appreciate myself for choosing Zerodha two years back. lol. Always new ideas and implementations. Great going keep it up.
I have few points you to consider.
1> Yesterday I bought a small case (magic formula), today its value has decreased but to invest in more in to the same small case I have to invest more amount(min price has changed). I think there is some adjustment in the weightage or stocks. I thought such adjustments will be made every quarter then why change in min price?
2> There is still lot of work needs to be done in kite where it shows open positions and days history. Some times it shows very ridiculous figures(in lakhs) during the market hours and in a minute it changes to correct figures.
3> Yesterday before buying smallcase I called zerodha support , I had to call thrice to get to the person who knows about smallcase. some people there doesnt even know what is smallcase.
4> Please have all valid questions and answers from comments to FAQ’s. Because info in About or FAQ section is not complete that is the reason more questions in comments.
5> Last time when I posted a comment with some queries , for some reason(i added some cons or negative points) it is not posted. At least send your responses in a mail. This adds lot of value.
6> Please have a toll free number for customer support(atleaset other than call and trade).
7> Please send me a mail if this is not posted in comment section.

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