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Raj commented on 14 Jul 2016, 01:07 PM

Hi Vasanth,

Good Good. Congrats to whole team.
looks Smallcase is a great one for Beginners like me.

My queries:
1. Assume I bought “Growth at a Fair Price” today, and I’m adding one more lot by tomorrow. Will your fee will be Rs 100 or 200. I’m asking this since it’s the same fund.
2. As a small investor I will not be buying bulk in quantity, as per your suggestions I can buy 1 set or Max 2 sets at a time.
(Please Answer this for small investors)
3. Obviously before adding any script in the basket you will be doing lots of research, but i feel any fund house will be re-balancing the portfolio quarterly once, which may replace 10-25% of funds, In a year it can be upto 60% switch. Will Demat charges this not eat up 2% every year for average size of Rs.8000 smallcase.
4. All the smallcase’s are ranging between 1k-55k. Will smaller smallcase’s can give return for demat charges and smallcase’s fee.

WR/ Raj.

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