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Prabhanshu commented on 15 Jun 2014, 01:19 PM

Hi, I am facing quite few issues with Zerodha Mobile from last 2-3 months and the same lead to losses. For example, on 13th June, ZM was not showling any prices under Market watch or for any indices for say 30-45 mins (this is huge considering if you are in trading business). And during this time market fell from 7660 to 7600 and then lower. Due to this I was not able to change my positions.
As and when I faces this issue, I called up Support, they asked me to delete my Market Watch, create new one OR restart my phone OR Uninstall and install ZM OR try using Web based trade.
You believe it or not I did all above (except web) in 30 mins but again no help. Again I called up and then they said that its issue from Zerodha side that MW is not displaying and development team has given 15mins SLA. If that was the issue, then why support guys didn’t inform customer at the very 1st time.

I was having great views for Zerodha but from last couple of times, now I am thinking its better to be with broker who charge more brokerage but provides stable platform rather then with cheaper ones having unstable platform.

Highly disaapointed

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