Comment on Latest Pi update - 29th Feb 2016

Digvijay.Patil commented on 14 Jul 2016, 01:05 AM

“Of all the brokers I have worked with Zerodha is the best.”
I wrote so because I don’t want reader to think that I am showing faults only.

Zerodha Pi lacks in some key points
1) Snapping points on chart – there are no snapping points associated with candles on chart. It is very useful feature. Plotting trend lines & most of other tools need snap points.

2) Personalization on charts – We need to change colors & thicknesses of any line we plot on chart like trend line, horizontal, vertical lines. also we need to change colors and thicknesses of all different lines in bollinger bands.

3) Put Horizontal and Vertical line tools in toolbar. I don’t understand why these two have to be in right click options ?

4) Continuous Trend Line – Trend line should be an arrow which should start at first point but should not stop at second point, instead it should pass through second point & keep going.

5) Mouse button Zoom controls should be improved.

The reason I said whatever I said in first line is all these points are comparatively small against what Zerodha is offering in all other Trading experience.

I have used Zerodha Pi and Sharekhans Tradetiger. Tradetiger is very user friendly.
Right now If It takes me 2 minutes to study and take decision in TradeTiger, for zerodha Pi, sadly, it takes almost 10-12 minuts. Thats irritating & can cause loss of opportunity.

BTW AI & Backtesting are great functions which are not available in TradeTiger.

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